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Romney Raised $101 Million in July, Tops Obama

Updated 9:51 am ET

Mitt Romney raised $101.3 million in July, his campaign announced today, beating President Obama again in the money race despite the president’s relentless efforts to generate cash.

Obama raised $75 million in July, his campaign Tweeted this morning.

It’s the second month in a row Romney has far outpaced the president. In June, Romney raised $106 million, compared to $71 million taken in by Obama.

The money, which goes not only to campaign but to the Republican National Committee and state-based GOP efforts, brings Romney’s total cash on hand to $185.9 million. Much of the money to be spent by the RNC will be used for Romney’s benefit.

Obama is believed to have somewhat lower cash reserves.

According to the Romney campaign, 94 percent of donations received in July were for $250 or less, resulting in $25.7 million of the July gross. According to the Obama campaign, 98 percent of its donations were in the same category.

The huge cash pile accumulated by Romney helps explain the mad dash for funds by President Obama, who has been traveling the country nonstop seeking donations.


14 Responses to Romney Raised $101 Million in July, Tops Obama

  1. Well, for sure we know the Obama coffers has $5,000 – money he donated to his own cause. Let’s see how much he rakes in today in Westport.

    The NYT had an article yesterday about Obama and fundraising and it was a pleasant surprise to see how many commenters said “if he can’t run the country’s money, no surprise his campaign is hurting.” Now, if we can just take those commenters and turn them into votes three months from now……

  2. I bet Biden is called into service today to attend both fund raisers. “Joe, you’ll be out at valet parking. Don’t scratch any cars and grab the tip jar!”

    Anyone care to wager how many decimal places the Obama campaign will use to report his July take if its down from June?

    • Thanks Car in. As things heat up after the Republican convention, I hope the dems go so far in the hole trying to keep up it will take them years to recover!

    • Ugh. I feel for those poor people at the Ct fund raisers today. They’ll see POTUS begging, crying………. I hope someone puts it on YouTube….heh heh

  3. And for those not paying attention to their fundraising methods- these two tweets:

    Since April 2011, a total of 2.7 million people have pitched in to own a piece of this campaign. Join us today: http://OFA.BO/KweJwp

    10m Barack Obama Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama

    Every bit helps. 98% of our contributions in July were $250 or less, for an average donation of $53.49.

    Those $3 donations really bring down your averages, and hide those $40,000 a plate fund-raisers.

    • “@BarackObama 201,000 of the people who gave in July were entirely new donors who didn’t give before in this election cycle or in 2008.” Car, I wonder where these people were in 2008? Dead? Now alive in Chicago?

  4. A sitting President shouldn’t have to beg for campaign funds unless he’s offended big and small business, WallStreet high-rollers, the medical professionals, and just about every special group of people in America.
    The big unions are directing their diminishing funds to the State races, having given up any hope of assitance from MrO.
    The 25 million unemployed aren’t donating to anyone, and his Dem associates who have their own campaigns to finance aren’t helping either.

    But, there’s still Hollywood millionaires and SarahJessicaParker.

  5. Just think . . . all those trips that we paid didn’t help as much did it? Gov. Romney’s campaign didn’t even use taxpayer dollars and still out raised BO.

  6. Obama came out fast and has already burned lots of money. Looks like Romney is doing a rope-a-dope and will come out swinging in Sept./October when the independents decide.

  7. AXelrod appeared on FOX with Chris Wallace yesterday. When asked if he thought it was a problem that Romney was out-raising Obama, he said that Team Obama was concentrating on their grass roots movement. “In the end”, he said, “we’ll see what wins – grass roots or money.”

    Grass Roots = Voter fraud.