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Birthday Golf

President Obama is marking his 51st birthday today with an early morning round of golf, arriving at Andrews Air Force Base at 8:47 am ET.

Afterward, Obama will head directly to Camp David to finish out what’s shaping up to be  a low-key celebration. That is, until his Aug. 12 celebration at his home in Chicago with a bunch of strangers who donated to his campaign so they could attend.

This is Obama’s 104th time golfing as president and the twelfth time he’s been out this year.

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  1. I thought he was heading home to Chicago to celebrate with Rahmbo and the gang. He’s probably still trying to figure out how to “win Florida” for his birthday gift.

    • PG, one of his raffle winners lives in Maryland. The prize was he and Biden have to fix the woman’s leaky faucets so they will be over later today. No trip to Chicago until thats completed.

      • LOL ~ let me make sure the doors are locked and bolted!
        Speaking of raffle winners, I keep getting calls from the Obama campaign, as well as mail pleading with me to jump on the Czippy bandwagon. That’s what happens when you live in one of the bluest counties in one of the bluest States in the country! We probably have more damnlibs per square mile than California!

  2. He threw five star-studded birthday parties/cash grabs for himself last year. Three of the birthday parties/cash grabs were in Chicago. My guess is he’s either going low key because the election is in 93 days, or he’s saving it all up for his campaign jaunts next week…

    • His pleas for donations have undergone an upgrade. Today’s request from Michelle to sign Barack’s birthday card doesn’t mention any money. Clicking on the link will automatically add your name to Barack’s card (so much for pro-choice), and then you are asked:
      “How much would you like to donate today?” Gone are the $3 and $5 options.
      Your choices are now $15 up to $1,000 (or I suppose you can be a racist AND a skinflint and decline to contribute).

    • Why can’t he get the first tee time and not disrupt the other golfers so much ? I’m sure when he shows up the delays are lengthy :(

      3 months of his Presidency spent golfing. Whatta Leader!

      • Whats the point of active-duty/retired US Military ever trying to reserve a Tee Time @ Andrews AFB Golf Course with ‘Pres.’ Obama closing the course every weekend…?

        (I have heard stories that all the elite “high-class/$” golf courses in DC will not let Obama play at their courses)

        • his kids are playin at army navy and learning to play but his wife is out spending our money and he is never working he either traveling or golfing. Bet he come out and have 6 b days on our dime like he done in the past time to cut his checks off

    • Hey Mo1 He doesn’t know where the Oval Office is, but he knows where ALL of the golf courses are. The only thing that he has done in his time in office is improve his golf score, bow down to foreign leaders, apologize for America and vacation. Romney 2012

      • Isn’t the Oval Office where that old desk is covered in cobwebs is that where Big Michelle sweats to,the oldies and has sack races? So
        confused used to be where the President worked everyday.

      • Except for all of those blasted executive orders he keeps doing, the country is safer when he’s playing golf and congress is out campaigning. Plus, the horrid heat and humidity calms down a bit once both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue disappear for much of August.

    • If Barack Hussein Obama golfs so much, I am curious?
      What is his Score…?
      The sycophant “Media” NEVER mentions what a great golfer Obama is… Why is that?
      I figure Obama must golf like Kim Jung Il… (11+ holes-in-one on every course…)

  3. Low key celebration ONLY because there’s an election soon and he might get his butt whipped. I HOPE. This man is truly a disgusting human POS.

  4. Ike golfed more than Obama but there is a difference. Obama uses his outings to be with his staff. Ike uses his to network with people. The other difference is the press reported on Ike: whereas, the current MSM does not report Obama’s golfing. The president who golfed the most was Woodrow Wilson.

    • I read something about Ike golfing so much but they said nothing passed or was sent on without passing his desk. I mean while he was
      sitting at his desk working before 10 or 11 am. He even read them!

  5. Will his family join him @ Camp David? Or is this a guys night out? Golfing is the only thing that will get him outta bed before noon.

  6. When Obama was elected in 2008 many white Americans voted for him. As an American of African descent I didn’t. I knew what kind of individual he was. He’s about sports and facade not about depth, probity and reality. This is the one big reason America’s economy has not recovered. The only group to have benefited from Obama’s time in office so far has been the wealthy bankers. When Obama is defeated on November 6 2012 he will pass the banner to Mitt Romney who will take up where Obama leaves off. Not much to look forward to… the economic pickle will continue to sour….

  7. 104 rounds of golf on the links…
    Say the POTUS is a scratch golfer, (72 strokes per round), that’s 7488 strokes, yet as we all know he can’t possibly shoot that or we would have heard a non-stop feed from MSNBC on how Tiger-like he is.
    Say about 100+ is more believable. That comes to a total 10400 shots.
    My oh my what a waste of time..
    104 rounds times 6 hours/per round = 624 hours = 26 days (actually should be more)

  8. From an AP story today…

    In an email to supporters, Obama warned that his birthday “could be the last one I celebrate as president of the United States, but that’s not up to me – it’s up to you.” Obama’s team has warned that he could be outspent by Republicans and GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

    A lot of “warnings” there. What a crybaby…he sounds like someone running for student body president.

  9. How many social events such as banquets, parties, state dinners, concerts and other such events where Obama is not directly engaged in the work of his office? Then how many hours of how many days has he been campaigning over the last 18 months? In other words, how much time is there left in Obama’s life for him to do the work of a President. Does he still arrive at the office around 9:00 am as he apparantly was doing at the start of his Presidency?

  10. 104 Golf rounds,… more ChicagObama values. No wonder he hasn’t had time to meet with his WH Jobs Council once this year, while we’re experiencing a record 42 months of over 8.3% U3 & 15% U6 unemployment. “Heck of a job, Barry!” You’ll get our pink slip on 11/6,… Lowness.