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Hey Michael Phelps, You Didn’t Earn Those Medals!

Peggy Noonan writes today in the Wall Street Journal:

From a friend watching the Olympics: “How about that Michael Phelps? But let’s remember he didn’t win all those medals, someone else did. After all, he and I swam in public pools, built by state employees using tax dollars. He got training from the USOC, and ate food grown by the Department of Agriculture. He should play fair and share his medals with people like me, who can barely keep my head above water, let alone swim.”

The note was merry and ironic. And as the games progress, we’ll be hearing a lot more of this kind of thing, because President Obama’s comment—”You didn’t build that”—is the political gift that keeps on giving.

They are now the most famous words he has said in his presidency. And oh, how he wishes they weren’t.

27 Responses to Hey Michael Phelps, You Didn’t Earn Those Medals!

  1. I bet Bam has fired whoever the staff member was that said “Hey Boss, lets get you off the teleprompter. You’re much better unscripted!”

  2. I watched the showdown Phelps/Lochte in 200 m medley yesterday. What a thrill. Fantastic swimmers both of them ! After the race a relaxed Phelps celebrated his goldmedal alongside Lochte for a while, all of a sudden he seemed to remember his semifinal, went out ,returned short thereafter to win the semifinal. Incredible swimmer !
    Great article by Noonan. Yes, Obamas words are truly a gift that keeps on giving.

  3. agreed. this has been rattling around in my cranium since “he” made those comments….why just businesses? what about professional athletes, musicians and actors. honestly, did they really get where they are because they were more talented than someone else….there are a lot of talented folks out there! somehow i don’t believe he would raise that issue with his sports and hollywood pals or beyonce.

  4. Knew those four words uttered by the worst president in my lifetime would live in infamy… The mask came off and now the Democrats are doubling down on stupid by giving Fauxahontas, the creator of his Marxist screed, a primary role at their convention.

    • “Fauxahontas” Love it. I thought about her having such a big role too and concluded its just proof Dems/Libs know better than we do. Their audacity is beyond the pale. Or, in this case, is it “pail”?

  5. Speaking of being off teleprompter, I used to watch the Saturday CSPAN coverage of Obama on the campaign trail in the very early days – pre-teleprompter. His audiences were very small, as were the venues – usually corn fields in the middle of nowhere. He usually had a familiar politician or two with him, but as soon as he began speaking, people started heading for their cars. He was absolutely the worst! No way did he author two books – he can’t even string two coherent sentences together without the prompter. Total fraud!

    • But Girly1, I thought he was the “greatest orator the world has yet seen……” according to the media. You’re not implying they overstated his abilities, are you? (If you took “uh” out of his vocabulary, he’d be lost!)

      • greatest orator in the world… that would explain the Nobel Peace Prize.
        If Obama has the Nobel Peace Prize why does the US care about the ‘war’ in Syria?
        Why wont the “media” just say Obama has the Peace Prize and all the killing should stop in Syria?!?

    • will be penalized (taxed) as if he/they had robbed those medals.

      Huh–No, when you rob something, you don’t pay taxes. You only pay taxes when you EARN something.

      And yes, the expenses you incurred to earn that money are tax deductible.

  6. Those words and the immortal phrase of Botox Nancy ” You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” pretty much sum up the disaster known as the Obama years.

  7. The Obama we all know and love to make fun of, will undoubtedly gaffe again. When you have nothing to add to the conversation, then ya make up something even if it is BS.

  8. Just wait for the OBungler speech that congratulates himself for building the Mars Rover that successfully touched down last night. NASA didn’t build that, nor the American people reaching for the stars – it was the pariah in chief in DC.

    Remember in November and let’s send this buffoon an eviction notice so we can begin to heal the country.

  9. In fact, Phelps proves the Presidents point. The President was clearly talking about infrastructure when those comments were made. Phelps started his career in North Baltimore swimming club that used a high school swimming pool. Really, a publicly funded high school? Phelps did not build his own pool? Even now, Phelps does not train in a private, self built pool. In fact, according to Wiki, 8 Olympic swimmers came from that program, from a publicly funded pool. It would be safe to say that almost all Olympic athletes started or trained in publicly funded facilities. Anyone want to take the other side of that?

    • Really? The president was not TALKING about infrastructure, he just happened to MENTION it while he he was talking about Socialism. Go listen to the entire clip. It is very clear. That’s what America is about; opportunity. We all have access to the same roads, facilities, etc. What you choose to do with those determines your own success. Life is not fair; not because of circumstance, but because of opportunity and ambition. If you like socialism, don’t push it on us. You are free to move to a country that embraces it.

    • Still trying to spin Bammy’s revealing gaffe? Christ almighty Jim, move on already. Yes, Michael Phelps’ success is ALL the doing of Imam Zero.

    • So what you’re saying is that it’s the government’s fault that all the swimmers who swam in those government pools did NOT win any medals, This means the govenment makes most people losers.


  10. Also remember James Holmes (the Colorado movie theater shooter) didn’t kill those people by himself. He had help. The government made that possible because he used roads built by government contractors to get to the theater…….

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