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Economy Adds 163,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rises

The economy added 163,000 jobs in July, a improvement from three months of dismal job growth but not enough to lower the unemployment rate, which in fact rose a tenth of a point to 8.3 percent.

The jobs number isn’t a sign the economy is turning around or that happy days are here again. It may be a sign the economy is not about to fall off a cliff, and it’s certainly positive news for the labor force. But last month’s jobs growth is only about what is needed to stay even with population growth – it won’t lower unemployment.

The rise in unemployment may actually be a good sign, suggesting that some workers have returned to the labor market to look for work because they thing conditions are a bit better. They would now be counted as part of the labor force but still unemployed, resulting in a slight increase in the unemployment rate.

The White House is sure to tout this number as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – actually the third if they count Obama himself – and bellow that the economy is turning around and there’s no need for this Romney guy.

But unless this is followed by successive months of much higher numbers and improvements in a host of economic indicators that suggest a slothful economy, today’s report is mostly meaningless.

Obama will deliver remarks at 11:45 am at the White House. Carney is currently not scheduled to brief, a sign that the White House wants the only message to be Obama’s own.

17 Responses to Economy Adds 163,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rises

  1. But, we need to wait until the jobs numbers get revised in a week or 10 days to find out what they really are. That’s when Carneyman gets to say, “we’re holding to our original numbers from last week, despite the false numbers released today.”

    • Count on it. Just as the 163K new jobs claim will quietly be revised down in the next report. Also appears the workforce pool shrunk by 150K to keep that jobless rate from going up any higher than 8.3%. They don’t think we’re paying attention, but we are. Nobody I know believes the statistics coming out of any branch of government since King Kardashian and his merry band of Marxists took the reins.

  2. July “growth” will include summer camp counselor jobs, life guards, etc. “New Unemployment claims are down!” Why? Well you can’t claim unemployment if you were in a temp job (at least here in NY) The entire calculation process is idiotic and serves only as sound bite fodder for politicians.

    • When you realize what they consider “green jobs”, it gets even worse. The janitor who cleans the hospital or school is part of the “green” workforce, as is the person who drives the school bus or the city bus. Hell, I teach college kids….maybe mine is a “green” one, as well, which I offset by my 96 mile commute each way to work 3 days a week!

  3. i survived this idoit’s first 4 years with a job, what are the odds of surviving the next 4 if this jerk gets re-elected??? i’d say odds are against me and most of the 91.7% that are currently employed!!

  4. There are fewer Americans working today than in 2000, even though the population has grown by 11 million. Over 5 trillion in new debt, record numbers of Americans (and illegals) recruited to the food stamp rolls, and Obama just keeps pushing more regulation and more government.

    I got a call at my office this morning, from a guy who said he was a former college professor of Obama’s, this “very reliable source” told me Obama never did his own work, his entire academic record was a fraud, and he dealt drugs in college to pay for his world trip.

    I don’t have the guy’s name, I can’t trace back the number, but now that it’s “out there”, how about it Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett, can ANYONE dispute the “facts” as presented?

    Will you be “disputing” those claims and “coming forward” with the truth today Mr. President?

    I never in my life thought I’d get to this point, but with as many idiots out there who still support this divisive, delusional, demagogue, the best thing that could happen for the future of this nation is the economy to tank even further for the next 94 days and then we can all hitch a ride on the road back under a Romney recovery.

    • Only thing he will do TODAY, Geoff is to recycle his Bush tax cut nonsense. Oh yes and take a nice nap, maybe with a cool drink……… :>)

  5. It’s impossible, with the policies coming out of this White House, for any uptick in the job numbers to be attributed to Obama and the left. The fact that there are positive numbers at all just points to the resilience and the genius of the free market system (at least what’s left of it), and the backbone, innovation, and entrepreneuralism of the American people.

    With a record of utter failure, stunning incompetence, and laughable buffoonery, Obama is grateful for any opportunity to take credit for anything remotely positive, even an anemic uptick in the jobs number.

  6. How can that be I mean he works lazer like on jobs and there are so many.
    All those working on roads so all the lazy small business owners can get to
    the business establishments they didn’t build? Golly I’m confused. Perhaps
    a nice sandwich from Chick Fil A will clear my mind:)

    • Lizzy, please do not doubt Dear Leader! He knows what is best for his subjects! Ask no questions, donate to him, vote for him and all will be well! (retching)

    • Lizzy,
      I’m not usually a nit picker nor one to embarrass another commentator in public but I think you would appreciate it this one time.

      Could you have perhaps meant to say……he works “lazily” on jobs? (As in golf, date nights, fund raisers and all the other stuff that he “must” do before worrying about that silly “jobs” thingy?)

  7. Did you catch what he said? 98% of Americans will not have their INCOME TAXES go up thanks to the Senate passing the Bush tax cuts! This is the first time I can recall him qualifying his ‘No Tax Hikes’ for the middle class. Income taxes may not go up, but he didn’t mention Taxmageddon – ObamaCare taxes, dividends, capital gains, estate taxes, etc.

  8. Typical cheery headlines today from the Obama Cheer Squad, in this case the Associated Press…

    US hiring picks up in July with 163,000 jobs added

    First paragraph optimistically points out..

    “Employers added 163,000 jobs in July after three months of sluggish hiring, a pleasant surprise that could signal the U.S. economy may be resilient enough to shake off a midyear slump.”