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Obama’s Swing State Savvy

The national polls are looking decent for Mitt Romney, showing him even with, or perhaps a little ahead of, Obama.

But there is growing concern in Republican circles about the numbers in the electoral states.

William Kristol writes today in the Weekly Standard that “a savvy friend” of his – I know, but stick with me here – thinks that Republicans may be failing to recognize the effect Obama’s relentless and veracity-challenged negative advertising might be having.

The savvy friend writes:

In the swing states they are being assailed with ads and campaigning, as well as the news. And here Obama seems to be building a bit of a margin. He now is ahead by solid margins in the most recent surveys in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. It’s very close in Colorado, and Romney has a slight lead in North Carolina.

Perhaps noticing what the boss’s savvy friend had said, Weekly Standard writer Jeffrey Anderson got busy and tabulated the latest polling by Rasmussen, finding that Obama comes out ahead in the electoral college, 284 to 235.

Which is evidence that Romney may need revise his “Don’t just do something, sit there” approach and, for example, try out a positive, well publicized agenda of his own rather than spending the campaign talking mainly about how much Obama has screwed everything up.

And maybe Romney needs some savvier friends.

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  1. The domination of Obama and the OBAMATRONS shows the total domination of the petulant left, which can only foreshadow the imminent destruction of the Union by the Creator. Let us bind hands and, with each other in each other’s wombs, lets cross the divide. Let’s lay an egg and show them who’s boss!!!

  2. Are these the same polls that oversample D’s upwards of +9?

    Let the donkeys delude themselves. There is NO WAY dems show at that level anywhere.

  3. Survey says, huh. I’ve been polled, surveyed, whatever, 11 times in the last four weeks and I lied to every pollster who called me by my first name.
    I’m a registered Dem and I have a campaign sign in my front yard promoting JeffFlake (r) who’s running for the US Senate.

    I’m voting for MrRomney, MrFlake and of course, to re-elect Sheriff Joe Arpio.
    I’m not voting for the Dem candidates who stuff my mailbox with their glossy flyers who promise to “look out for the middle class” and to continue what Bill Clinton started. Really, they don’t even mention MrObama.

        • Apparently pollsters only sample land line telephone numbers and not cell users. Would that possibly skew results? Cell numbers are not registered as far as I know. If I am wrong about that please correct. I’ve never had the pleasure of being polled or receiving any political robo calls on my cell. And it better stay that way!

  4. I agree that Romney needs to come out of his shell more and I suspect he will do that after the convention. My sense (prayer?) is that Romney is holding back for an explosion of facts, plans, etc. that will overwhelm Barack the Merciful.

    • I hope you’re right RickW. Those electoral poll figures are going to give me nightmares. That is, on the nights I can sleep. I do think Romney is getting to Obama and the Dems by not releasing the 10 yrs of tax returns they’re demanding. Perhaps he’s just very good at keeping his strategy hidden, like a poker player…

      • AZ, he’s also conserving his cash. I believe the Colonials (during our First revolution. This will be our SECOND) called it “keeping your powder dry”

        • I’m beginning to pace a bit, wondering when Romney is going to pounce. There’s so much he needs to do and say, like announcing the Veep and making a serious economic speech, that my poor fingernails are bitten down to the quick in stress mode. And I’m eating an awful lot of chocolate!!

    • I agree, Romney is going to let loose after the convention. He needs to pound Obama on his sorry record but offer up as well his plans for course correction and implementation. The VP pick is crucial, he needs someone who will bring excitement and charisma as well as savvy and votes. Rubio would do just that.

  5. Romney is not our official nominee yet. He won’t be until after the convention. I think it makes sense to just keep talking to the people, not the media, to get his message out there. He’s been touring around the country doing speeches and meeting people building his grass roots support. That’s what candidates are supposed to do. There will be plenty of time to trash Obama. And after he announces his VP than there will be 2 of them out there bashing Obama’s record.

    • Agreed, Robin. Romney seems somewhat conflicted to me. Like he is concerned about not “following the rules” since he is not the actual candidate yet. I do think when he is “freed” he will unload, although politely. I see Obama as in a race against time, since he knows HIS record has nothing to brag about, he has to try to demonize Romney. For 65andcounting as well as us all, I hope I’m right.

  6. The Liberal Mainstream media needs to be “dragged” into the open and held accountable for their fawning over our little Imcompetent “In Chief”….both through TV, radio and even the Internet. Obama needs to be “called accountable” for his past before occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and stop hiding behind his “locked down” past life history. How the heck can you be “born” in Hawaii (even though airline policy in 1961 was not to not allow a woman in the last trimester of pregnancy to fly on an international flight…Kenya to Hawaii?) and wind up with a New England Social Security number??…And the fairy tale goes on from there with even the info on his college thesis “locked down”??…Andt a “Certificate of a Birth” but not a signed and sealed birth certificate from the State of Hawaii?? (Big Difference)…Even Bill Clinton’s records were open to scrutiny…Clinton did have negative feelings about the Vietnam War, but didn’t dodge the draft because his draft number was 311…a high number at that time (mine was close to the same and I was never called)…

    So…who’s “hiding” the truth about this guy??…Could one of them be the “Cerebral” Multi Billionaire who brought us all the mindless “Flo-Mercials” from the insurance company he founded ( and now, is trying to strip us of our right to our 2nd Amendment rights by trying to buy up small firearms manufacturers??….) Yeah, he got Marlin already. Let’s start doing some homework instead of blabbing on these blogs and work towards holding Obama accountable for his past and if he won’t……THROW THE RASCAL OUT (Thomas Jefferson)…….

  7. There might not be any fire and brimstone on the horizon. What we’re seeing now just might be what we get after the Convention. Campaign ads are not enough. For starters, Romney needs new speech writiers – sans excessive verbiage. Campaign ads are not enough. He is not connecting with Joe Six Pack.

    Florida should be a shoo-in, especially with ObamaCare looming over the heads of seniors. Obama, on the other hand, has the illegal Dreamers in his pocket.

    I’m going to keep my power dry until after the Convention, but it’s not going to be easy. Praying for a miracle!

  8. It amazes me that people think the Romney people don’t have a clue – they see the same polls – I am certain they have people crunching numbers all the time. I looked at the Rasmussen polls article and while there are some “solid margins” the largest is in Michigan and is 6. We also keep being told Obama is spending himself into oblivioun doing this. While I agree the negative advertising may be having some affect – we really don’t know about the people polled. Like srdem65 says – he lies to the pollsters – well I never get called about a poll or if I do – I don’t answer the phone because I don’t recognize the number and messages are not left. I have no doubt that September and October that all swing states will be inundated with both Romney and Obama advertising. Voters (unfortunately) are so fickle – and some of them will remember the last ad they saw before they went to the polls. Believe people!

    • Additionally – I live in California and our votes count zippo in Presidential election. Our vote only counts for trying to stop ridiculous propositions like the one we will have this year to raise taxes to pay for (among other things) the interest on the bonds for the outrageous train from no where to no where.

  9. There once was a time when I respected the opinions of William Kristol. Always believed he was a conservative. He is not. He is just another establishment talking head. He was one of the first to accuse constitutional conservatives of plotting a “political defeat” for Boehner during the budget showdown of 2011, when all we wanted was for him to take a stand and fight for budget cuts. Kristol was one of the first to demand Romney release more of his tax returns. Why? Because he has this illusion there is a mass of “independent” voters out in the swing states who want a candidate who will compromise with the left. We’re all smart enough to realize there is no compromising with an ideology that wants to destroy our Constitution. He is so comfortable in his beltway bubble that he doesn’t see the suffering out here in flyover country. He doesn’t realize how frightened Americans are of the radical left.

    My advice to Mitt Romney would be don’t take the political advice of William Kristol. Keep doing what you are doing by getting out there and listening to the American people. We the People will be your best political advisers…

  10. Keith – I hear what you’re saying but only a fool or an uninformed liberal (sorry, had this discussion with one once) realizes that it’s the Electoral College math that counts, not the popular vote or any other zany scheme. I have to believe (although I agree maybe it hasn’t been fully brought to bear) that the White House has to be won state by state, tallying up EVs as you go along. I agree with many others that have posted that it would make me feel a bit more comfortable seeing the EV strategy starting to play out. The fact that Romney is spending time and money in states that Ubama presumably already has wrapped up (WI, Indiana) tells me he’s well aware of the calculus need to win. Of course, I’m a red little boat in a sea of blue liberals (Oregon) so I’m admittedly out of the swing state battlefront.

    If Oregon is in play in October, you know Ubama’s in trouble – that’s my barometer.

    • I’m an Oregonian too, and it doesn’t appear that he’s all that spectacular in our state. I live on the east side of the mountains, and we are hurting here!

  11. No offense to you keith, it is a normal word

    but SAVVY for some reason makes my skin crawl-cant stand that word :/

    OT i know.

    p.s. everyone and their brother is begging romney to get tough-why isn’t he? if he doesn’t pick a good VP his campaign will suffer

  12. Remember last year when the New York Giants seemed to be struggling. They then peaked late in the season and went on to win the Super Bowl.
    I think it is okay for Romeny to keep his powder dry. If he comes out with a detailed agenda now it will be old news come Sept./October when voters begin to decide who they will vote for. The Democrats will spend their time picking apart Romney’s plan while all along won’t offer up their plan.

    Right now the RNC can not give money to him because he is not the official nominee until Tampa happens. Since Obama is unopposed the DNC gives him money now. I think he is running too hard and is burning himself out. I read he was spending 126% of what he was taking in. .

  13. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I live in a swing state. I can tell you that Obama is losing support with his negative advertising. Indeed, this swing state has already swung.

    Polls from now until Labor day are merely beauty contests. And the so called “pundits” are merely the last ones to guess right.

    I hope Romney continues to do what he is doing. And he will win.

  14. Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll – Friday, August 3, 2012 = -23

    That’s a new record for Barry this year.

    Anyone with half a brain knows this election hinges on turnout. I would submit to you that Republicans are far more motivated to get to the polls than Dems.

  15. How can Romney get his points across when the MainStreamMedia is so in the tank for Obama? I wish I knew. The MSM never reports anything good
    on Romney. I remember in days gone by, when one could actually get news on the Repblicans and the Conservatives. How sad is that?