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Obama Has Made Two Dozen Visits to Ohio

President Obama today is making his 24th visit to Ohio as president – the second trip in under a month – an openly political gesture that is costly to taxpayers but potentially of huge benefit to Obama’s reelection prospects.

Polls show the obsessive attention to Ohio may be having an effect. A CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac survey out today puts Obama ahead of Romney by six points in the state, even as other polls show the two virtually even nationally.

According to RealClearPolitics, every poll taken since early July in Ohio has had Obama ahead, with the average lead coming out to just under five percent.

It's truly a wonderful place
Photo by Keith Koffler

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Tuesday for a moment dropped the pretense that Obama’s Ohio sojourns are for official business, sardonically referencing Obama’s political motivation to travel to the state.

“There’s not an inch of Ohio that the president does not love to visit,” Carney said to knowing laughter from the press corps. “It’s a great state.”

Carney has previously sought to challenge the notion that any of Obama’s domestic travel is political – though without exactly denying it – suggesting that the president loves to roam widely throughout the country to visit with the people.

Obama has been similarly omnipresent in other key states, making 19 trips to Florida and sixteen to Pennsylvania, for example.

But Obama is constantly traveling to Ohio because winning the state would make his reelection almost a certainty. Mitt Romney has few paths to victory that don’t go through Ohio.

And getting to the state is easy. It takes the president less than 90 minutes to chopper to Andrews Air Force Base and then breeze into Ohio via Air Force One.

But each trip costs hundreds of thousand of dollars, at least – Air Force One alone costs $179,750 per flight hour – and taxpayers have footed the bill for the vast majority of them.

Even openly political trips to the state to campaign or raise money are only partially paid for by Obama’s campaign.

George W. Bush also engaged in plenty of taxpayer-funded political travel, but this hardly makes the practice less egregious.

Obama’s Ohio journeys likely will only become more commonplace, given the political urgency of winning the state.

Although, Carney did suggest one other possible explanation. It’s “my wife’s home state,” he noted playfully.

H/T to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, the unofficial statistician of all things White House, who provided a portion of the data for this article.

30 thoughts on “Obama Has Made Two Dozen Visits to Ohio”

  1. Ohio is an automotive state. There was a recent article about GMAC. Usually they issue some sub-prime loans. around 4% of total loans. They have increased that percentage to a little above 8%. I would image GM will do whatever it takes to keep sales up. Also, I would also image the federal government will makes sure Ohio gets as much government spending as possible.

  2. I hope the Romney campaign prepares ad for use in September itemizing the taxpayer subsidized Ohio trips by Obama and then Romney’s trips next to it. NO dirty campaigning, accusation, etc just dollars and “sense”

  3. It’s never explained how a visit by the Prez translates into more votes for him. He’s not holding keggers or even passing out money from the famous “Obama Stash”, but he is screwing up traffic and the everyday lives of Ohioians.
    Heck, if he was selling time-shares in a Vail condo and showed up in the same neighborhood 24 times, the residents would call the police to have him removed.
    It really looks like the trips are an excuse to get him out of the WhiteHouse and make it look like he’s doing something.

    1. “selling time shares in a Vail condo”? srdem, that would be a great new career for him in 2013! (apologies to time share sales people the world over)

  4. I live in Ohio.
    Our Governor, John Kasich, (rep), has put in place many efforts to reduce our taxes, and re-jigger the the states’ business policies to make us more business friendly, and it is working.
    The Ohio house and senate are also republican.
    Obama comes here and says things like, see….my policies are working !
    We know better.
    Don’t believe the polls, they are skewed.
    The sample rate is not fair.

  5. Speak of the devil…..Just saw a clip of Obama yapping away during a campaign stop at a park in Ohio. He is scanning the crowd and spots someone he apparently recognizes. He puts on a broad smile, points his finger at this person, and says “How have you been?” Good grief – he’s probably on a first name basis with every resident of Ohio…and it’s only the first day of August! What’s next…is he going to start attending family birthday parties, weddings, and aniversary parties???

      1. Image: Secret Service agent detaining a birthday girl who kicked Barack in the shins as he slipped one of her envelopes in his pocket. “Hey thats my money!” Lets see Carney spin THAT!

  6. Speak of the devil…..Just saw a clip of Obama yapping away during a campaign stop at a park in Ohio. He is scanning the crowd and spots someone he apparently recognizes. He puts on a broad smile, points his finger at this person, and says “How have you been?” Good grief – he’s probably on a first name basis with every resident of Ohio…and it’s only the first day of August! What’s next…is he going to start attending family birthday parties, weddings, and aniversary parties???

  7. “There’s not an inch of Ohio that the president does not love to visit,”

    I can think of a few places:

    1 – where the military lives
    2 – where Republicans live
    3 – where entrepreneurs live
    4 – where small business owners live
    5 – where people are not hankering for another helping of the opium that is government dependence
    6 – where people expect to keep more than 50% of what they earn
    7 – where people believe that their neighbors to do no have claim their hard-earned income and that wealth belongs to people who earned it themselves
    8 – where people expect to pay THEIR OWN bills each month, rather than having their neighbors pay for them
    9 – where people want to leave something other than a socialist wasteland for their children and grandchildren

    Ubama doesn’t like those places in Ohio, nor anywhere else in this great country of ours.

  8. When you look at the detailed results of this poll, it shows that those surveyed voted thusly in 2008:

    Florida: Obama 53%, McCain 40%

    Ohio: Obama 53%, McCain 38%

    Pennsylvania: Obama 54%, McCain 40%.

    Thusly the bias towards Obama voters is 10% in Florida and Ohio, and 4% in Pennsylvania.

    1. Does anybody really believe he has the same mojo he had in 2008? I’m not seeing it myself. The mindless Obots wandering the townsquare waving their Hope and Change signs in the summer of 2008 are nowhere in sight today.

      As Sarah Palin said in Wisconsin…”polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers”.

      1. I don’t believe he has any mojo left Susan. He’s managed to turn off voters in just about every segment: Jews, Catholics, young voters, blacks, women, businesses. These were voting blocks that carried him to victory in 2008 but with “only” a 53% majority, and he had everything going in his favor: a once-in-a-lifetime perfect political storm. It’s very different today. Very. And the flawless veneer that Obama possessed has been stripped away.

        Everytime I look into a poll that favors Obama I find ultra fineprint that belies the numbers. Sarah Palin, as usual, was right.

  9. The venues they are booking in Florida keep getting smaller and smaller. It’s not lost on us that he can’t pull in a crowd any longer.

  10. The venues definitely are getting smaller, but the media has co-conspired with the con artist-in-chief by showing clips of him every single day surrounded by what appears to be thousands of worshippers. They never show anything but a close up of the first few rows, however. Everything is staged. Unfortunately, half of the country is asleep at the wheel and takes everything at face value. It worries me.

  11. This pres can read like no other and when he speaks birds fly up out of his month, but I think we all know it’s lies and he has done nothing but hurt our country and it’s time to go.

  12. What a stupid people we are… footing the bill to have this
    dirt bag re-elected ! We deserve the leader (or non-leader) we get..

  13. Sorry I haven’t kept up on the travel stats, been a bit under the weather.
    With all due respect to Knoller, I still use the costs of AF1 as reported in the UK Daily mail, and on Fox back in 2010. If the costs have been dropped (less peanuts being served?) then my numbers will be off somewhat.

    For July Obama had a total of 25 fundraisers, and a YTD total of 129 fundraisers (using the schedule on WHD).

    As far as travel costs, here is what I have as a break down (remember this is AF1 only, and does not include any other aircraft, ground transport, or other travel related expenses):

    Total miles July 2012 = 14,627 miles
    Cost for July, 2012 = (14,627/550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $4,833,744

    YTD miles: 80,457 domestic 35,110 international = 115,567 miles
    (115,567/550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $38,191,111

    With Obama’s “work” schedule (145 work days this year), that averages out of one fundraisers for every 1.12 days worked.

    Using my dollar amount for the cost of AF1 it averages out to approx. $26,338 per Obama work day for the travel costs of AF1. That is more than many Americans make in a year.

    1. Thank you Shofar! Hope you are feeling better. Believe you are right to stick with your figures on the cost of travel rather than rely on the trustworthiness of data coming from some concubine in King Kardashian’s court.

      The average cost of $26,338 per work day to lug this arrogant tyrant around the country is stunning. Hard to understand how any clear thinking person could fall for his lies…

    2. By the way, I just read Karl Rove’s column from yesterday. He notes that in roughly the period during GWB’s first term and re-election run, he had 86 fundraisers, while Obummer has had 195:

      One factor may be overscheduling. Mr. Obama has attended an extraordinary 195 fundraisers in the 16 months since he filed for re-election on April 4, 2011 (according to CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller). Many people don’t fully appreciate how much of a drain it is on a candidate—involving travel, a speech or two, private meetings with particularly energetic (or obnoxious) money bundlers, and always plenty of advice. Most fundraisers also include a long photo line where the candidate grips and grins for dozens, sometimes hundreds, of photographs.

      I observed first-hand how difficult it was to wedge 86 fundraisers onto President George W. Bush’s calendar over the 14.5 months from May 16, 2003 (when he filed for re-election) through July 2004. In comparison, it is astonishing how much time Mr. Obama has spent scrabbling for cash.

  14. That’s quite a few visits to the Buckeye State to stand up for his job.

    Remind me how many times he’s visited Israel to stand up for our ally?

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