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Does Obama Want to Abolish and Loot the Suburbs?

A provocative and interesting piece by Stanley Kurtz in the National Review suggests that one of the ways President Obama is seeking to “spread the wealth around” is to snatch the taxes paid by those who have “made it” and moved to the outer suburbs and share the loot with their less successful, urban based neighbors.

The effort, Kurtz writes, is falling largely under the radar because it is presented as an environmental and stress-reducing beautification program known as the anti-suburban sprawl movement.

Suburban sprawl theorists argue that the spreading out of populations to the far suburbs abolishes wonderful farmland, wastes land that could be devoted to parks and recreation, results in ugly McMansions, and pollutes because of the distances required driving to work, to the mall, to your friend’s house, and so forth.

The solution is to bunch people into smaller urbanized living areas, suburban sprawl experts say, while expanding public transportation to get them the now shortened distances they need to go.

But Kurtz says these people are really after successful people’s tax dollars, which they will have to share with the less well off neighbors they thought they’d left behind.

I’ll let him explain.

The ultimate goal of the movement  . . . is quite literally to abolish the suburbs. Knowing that this could never happen through outright annexation by nearby cities, they’ve developed ways to coax suburbs to slowly forfeit their independence.

One approach is to force suburban residents into densely packed cities by blocking development on the outskirts of metropolitan areas, and by discouraging driving with a blizzard of taxes, fees, and regulations.

Step two is to move the poor out of cities by imposing low-income-housing quotas on development in middle-class suburbs.

Step three is to export the controversial “regional tax-base sharing” scheme currently in place in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area to the rest of the country. Under this program, a portion of suburban tax money flows into a common regional pot, which is then effectively redistributed to urban, and a few less well-off “inner-ring” suburban, municipalities.

Obama, Kurtz says, supports this agenda, and would focus on it during a second term, once he has collected the votes of the very suburban soccer moms he wants to urbanize.

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  1. So European, so Socialist and totally unworkable in the USA. Social engineering plans like this are made in liberal think-tanks of academia and embraced by those who think the NorthEast and upper penisula states represent America.

    Except in the Northeast and the upper penisula Midwes, big cities are sprawled out to huge areas that encompass dozens or more square miles.
    Fly-over country that includes the West Coast states don’t ususally have what the urbanites call the “downtown area”. One flyover of LosAngeles or Phoenix shows that, except for a few multi-floored business buildings, the area is spread over miles of freeways.

    The whole concept proposed is un-American, and disturbing.

    1. This man simply cannot be allowed to get 4 more years to ruin this
      great country! We must not let America be destroyed by an ill equipped
      man playing at President making us a part of his Utopian dream and our
      living nightmare!

      1. He should not have 4 more months in office. He will be like a dog backed into a corner if you looses. He has enough marks against him now to be removed from office, but there is no backbone in Congress to get the job done.

        1. If Obama has his way, the entire country will be like California. There, everyone lives in little huts on the side of the road, covered in the excrement of liberal pollution, eating fruits and vegetables (YUKO), and recycling their pee.

          1. Couldn’t agree more Jeremy! I lived in California long ago. Now it is much changed. It used to be a land of the free. Now it is the land of the enslaved to Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and In N’ Out Burger. All three are yummy in my abnormally large tummy, but in the main they are scooky.

    2. If I wanted to live in the filthy stinking city of Chicago, that is what I would do. I like my suburban dwonstate life, and already support the liberl shooting zone through my taxes. The stupid left keeps forgetting, like CA is finding out, pretty soon you run out of other peoples money.

  2. Not very surprising.

    Wasn’t there talk at one time recently of allowing homeless people to move into vacant, foreclosed homes in the suburbs? Another way perhaps to get folks to move into the city?

    1. America will soon transform into a nomad society. What I mean by this is that the O’CRUMBLER will transform this society into one with which he is more familiar: herding sheep, running from the lightening gods, and eating acorns. Do you see the connection? ACORN! HEHE.

  3. Westchester County NY is the Fort Sumter of the coming war against this kind of lunacy and the cause of sanity and reason is being led by our County Executive, Rob Astorino. He is a politician with integrity and guts (I leave the acronym for another time) and we are lucky to have him.

    Follow this link to an AP article for the details.

    HUD believes that local zoning is inherently prejudiced and leads to housing discrimination–despite having no facts or evidence of this–and is attempting to force the county to sue its towns and villages to dismantle their zoning laws. HUD is also trying to force the county to sign legislation that mandates that property owners must accept federal housing subsidies–and all of the requirements that go with it—for their rental properties, despite that there is no federal or New York state law that requires this.

  4. So people who worked hard to build a decent lives for themselves now have to live alongside those who have not done the same?

    Just wait they will be moving INTO your house soon , the government will decide your square footage is too much for the amount of people living in your house

    This isn’t Dr. Zhivago it is america 2012

    HE HAS to be defeated-or I am going Atlas-screw this

  5. Has anyone else watched the documentary about Pruitt-Igoe on Netflix? It’s about a government ran housing development in St. Louis that was razed within 30 years of being built. Another government idea that is a waste of time and taxes.

  6. Yes – this is called “urban planning,” where those nasty suburban residents must yield to urban rules like density quotas, limited individual yards (one 1 acre spreads here), where uniformity in housing (you can chose from the 5 “authorized” colors for your house) takes away individual choices to do what you want. Of course, the liberal elite live OUTSIDE the boundary and foist their eutopian vision of how the rest of live should live. What really irritates them is that in the suburbs, or in the country, people actually have the right to live on the property they want – it’s harder to control all those darned cars, lawn mowers, and lawn fertilizers unless we’re packed in like sardines (and, of course, noone can have a gun if your neighbors house is 15 ft away from yours – someone might get hurt!!!).

  7. AGENDA 21 – A Sustained Society. Nothing frightens me more!

    When the Mayor of L.A., Antonio Villaraigosa, was elected 7 years ago, he boasted that the ‘days of the 1500 sf ranch homes in L. A. with backyards, swimming pools, and barbeques were over’! No more ‘urban sprawl’ – only high rises. We are the car capital of the world, and he has been trying to force everyone to take public transit. Low income (HUD) recipients are being moved into wealthy white suburbs for ‘health reasons’…as long as they are within so many feet from public transportation, i.e. buses, metrorail, etc. Property values are decreasing – crime rates are going up. Nice family neighborhoods are plagued with gangs and garbage. Public schools are the worst in the Nation.

    SF and NYC are both experimenting with urban expansion – 220 sf cubicle apts – the size of a one-car garage! The rent? $1200-$1500/mo.! It’s insane!

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will force every city and township that accepts FED housing funds to integrate low, low income minorities into their white neighborhoods. Any white neighborhood with less than a 3% black or 7% hispanic population will be color-coded and targeted. Forced integration!

    1. Do you realize that some people may prefer to live in urban areas? Some people like living simply in small apartments. It’s a free country. The problem with your point of view is that you automatically assume that your life experience is the same as others. That is not true. Stay out of my city and I’ll stay out of your exurb.

      1. I think you completely missed the point. Nobody here is challenging your right to live where you want. You also have no right to tell someone to stay out of your city. The idiots that pass for mayors in Chicago, Boston, and DC are catching hell for their recent remarks and deservedly so.

        1. No, I have a right to tell you what to do. I am an urbanite: a member of the nation’s ruling class. You are a mere fief and I shall command you to stay out of my city. Stay in your bucket under the overpass. I’ll stay in my metal and class spire over the megapolis of the future.

  8. Stanley Kurtz is spot on in my opinion. Our family has some experience with a version of his “Step two”. Back in 1978 we bought a nice middle-class house in a new suburban neighborhood in El Paso, TX. It was a nice friendly neighborhood up until the early 90’s when Clinton, the D.C. establishment, and now we know Obama’s ACORN enacted laws that allowed anyone with a pulse to qualify for a home mortgage. Eventually, the crime and urban blight that followed the new home owners into our community was so bad we eventually had to leave. We found new jobs, sold our home sweet home of 20 years at a loss (the HUD house next door and its gangbanger tenants chased off most prospective buyers), and escaped to the Hill Country.

    Was what happened to that nice little suburban neighborhood in El Paso intentional? You betcha. Statists hate us for escaping the government plantation and taking our tax dollars with us. They also hate us because they can’t control us. When King Kardashian took the stage, his handlers imagined he would be the one to transform America into the socialist paradise they’ve always pontificated about in the faculty lounge. I guess they expected we would all fall under his spell, chant along with the drones, and meekly submit to tyranny. Too bad for the statists – we’re not submitting.

      1. Thank you Just2old. I’m proud of my fellow Texans for electing such a solid constitutional conservative. Was talking with my husband last night and we decided we should send a thank you card to Eric Holder for the election of Ted Cruz. If the federal government hadn’t taken us to court over redistricting and the voter ID law, we would have never had an opportunity to get to know Ted Cruz. In fact, if the primary was held in early March 2012 as originally planned, chances are David Dewhurst, the preordained successor to KBH, would already be measuring the drapes for his new Senate office…

  9. As a 50 year old product of the modern South living in the metro suburbs of Atlanta, I can assure you that this is an ongoing issue. Tax dollars flood from the fairly prosporous, reasonably-employed suburbs to the decaying, lazy, drug and crime-fueled urban areas (where, coincedentally, Obama’s most strident supporters live).

    Beyond the housing downturn, it’s getting harder and harder to build new subdivisions in the outlying areas. Where else can people go for housing? You guessed it- back into the city, where they become prey for the predators.

    Very sad.

  10. Welcome to the U.S.A.: The Utopia States of America.

    It will be so beautiful with us worker drones buzzing around on high-speed rail from city to city, from sea to shining sea, with no more social classes (except for our brilliant elite masters in their mansions), unicorns and rainbows from sea to shining sea.

    No more rich; no more poor. No more black; no more white. No more brown; no more red. Just one people from sea to shining sea buzzing around on high speed rail. Unicorns and rainbows everywhere. It will be so beautiful, and we’ll have our glorious masters, in their mansions, looking out for us, and guiding us, and teaching the way of the unicorn. The Utopia States of America.

    Government bless the Utopia States of America.

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    1. It can be fought though, city by city, through grassroots efforts. Check with your city councils. MOST people are not even aware of AGENDA 21 and its global goals, Not because they are stupid but because it was laughed off as a conspiricy theory when challanged. It is usually presented in some other way – to preserve, to SUSTAIN, our green areas, for safety and well being of all, etc.. Slick gov’t. salesman breeze in expounding on all the benefits of sustainable planning. Tax money is offered and poured into small communities that aren’t really aware of the ramifications are down the road, because it all sounds so REASONABLE . However, there have been successes when the councils (assuming they are not totally “in the know”) are made aware and the implimentation of new regs has been completely stopped. I am glad that it is out in the open at least to what the real AGENDA is. Now it can be fought openly. While it is truly dastardly, the agenda now truly exists (instead of a mere conspiracy theory) and can be rejected by voters. One has hope anyway…

      It kind of reminds me of Pinocchio (the movie) where poor Pin and all the other naughty boys are lured to the island with so many promises of a wonderful life joined along – every good thing possible, a free and easy life. And, at first, it is indeed a wonderful life. Then the gentle wagon master turns dark and sinister and his true motives are revealed and then, sadly, it is too late. They are turned into donkey slaves and are whipped into submission. What fun.

  13. If you want to see it in action, take a look at what Rahm is doing in Chicago. The taxes and tickets for Metra (public transportation into the city) have almost doubled, and if you drive into the city, the parking fees and taxes are outrageous. Now that most of the burbs have city water, he’s going to double the fees on that. And his crowning glory is poaching businesses from the burbs to move into the city. Of course, he’s got the Gov. in his back pocket making behind closed door deals on taxes for the companies that move back into the city. What he doesn’t realize however, perhaps because his wealth keeps his tiny dancer feet from touching floor, is that most “techies”, even with double incomes, can’t afford to live in the city once their kids reach kindergarten. Few possess his wealth and can pay $12,000 per kid, per year, for private schools, and the public schools stink, and will continue to stink for another 10-15 years or more. So he will be able to grab some dollars back from the burbs, but his and Obama’s efforts to squeeze people from the burbs into tiny dancer apartments will fall far short. The other thing they fail to see is, most people in the burbs find that they all began in the city, and moved to the burbs for the same reasons. The prejudices and biases exhibited by Rahm and Obama are very apparent. And the burb bashing while “en vogue” now, will go away and become a distant annoyance, kind of like the politicians themselves.

  14. It is a well-known fact that when people are crowded together in small areas, the stress of such living arrangements takes a serious toll on them. Scripture even warns of such: “Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, til there be no place that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth.”(Isaiah 5:8). People need room to breathe and that not with others breathing down their neck. Sardines can be packed in tightly held containers; humans can’t and have it turn out well.

  15. I truly believe that this entire housing and mortgage mess was carefully orchestrated years ago with the planned outcome of mixing the slugs into the neighborhoods of the producers. Look how many houses are now owned by Fannie-Mae and the government! I believe ultimately the nicer suburban homes will be given away or rented out as HUDs.

    1. Agree with you completely, shera. Within six years of moving into the place where I am now we’ve had two HUD foreclosures on my block and both places look ready for the wrecking ball. In general, For Sale signs are the second most bountiful crop near me besides drug labs, and pretty much the only flourishing industry left is insurance arson fraud. If we actually manage to get out it will have to be at a loss, nobody in their right mind would move into my area now.

  16. This is not really news.

    The relocation of inner-city populations to the suburbs has been in place for some years now. What busing in the 1960s and 1970s could not accomplish has been expanded to physical relocation via an “open borders” mentality and economic manipulation. The housing finance crisis was in fact initiated by design through granting loans the government knew buyers eventually would be unable to pay. Thousands of homes were then foreclosed and many used to relocate urbanites to suburban areas. All one has to do is drive through a suburban neighborhood to see this happening. These policies have created a proliferation of potential government housing in suburban areas in a relatively quick and simple way. No new construction is needed.

    This is all a part of the “redistribution of wealth” so touted by Mr. Obama and his administration. The frightening aspect of the idea is that it is essentially de facto communism in the name of “social justice”. This term is also frightening as it connotes “punishment”. Ironically, those individuals who are punished are those who strive to be successful and are contributing to the health of the country. “Success” is not a part of the Obama mantra.

    Everyone knows what the code words “urban” and “suburban” stand for. It is thus easy to interpret the highlighted quote above. Progressives and liberals are intent on social and economic engineering and often admit that ecological issues are a front to the true agenda.

    I urge all citizens of either party to vote out the current administration. Our country and way of life are in serious jeopardy. Serious damage has already crippled American values and the effects of legislation such as “Obamacare” will be seen for years to come.

    How much more damage will be done in a second Obama term? How long will you be able to maintain your lifestyle before it is stolen away through bogus taxes and clandestine legislation?

  17. Obama is a proponent and supporter of UN Agenda 21 which does essentially abolish the suburbs right along with the elimination of private property. The ultimate goal of Agenda 21 in the US is to keep the population confined to high density cities while leaving the vast majority of the country off limits to humans–except of course, the ruling elite.

    Google it and access the map associated with it.

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