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Romney Will Enjoy the Last Gaffe

Gaffes? I don’t think so.

If Americans bought the story lines put out by the press on Republican candidates, Jimmy Carter would have served out his second term before handing off to eight years of Walter Mondale, John Kerry would be wrapping up his second term, and so forth.

Mitt Romney has been traveling abroad telling the truth. The only gaffes that Romney has committed have been when he has tried to reel back in what the press has labeled “gaffes.”

Problems with the Olympics? The truth. Problems with Palestinian society? The truth. Yet Romney tried to make nice after each of these comments. He should have just let them stand.

We’re not electing a diplomat. We’re electing a president.

And, oh goodness, it seems that calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel angered the Arabs. The press was in an uproar, as if Romney never expected this to provoke a backlash. Actually, the press was ululating louder than the Arabs.

Of course he understood what he was doing.

The political class in Washington is obsessed with the scoreboard, writing and talking up each piece of political trivia as if it were some kind of Nixon Goes to China moment. Put a point on the scoreboard or commit a foul, and Washington explodes with bracing analysis.

But I don’t think the American people are averse to a politician who tells the truth. I don’t think they lose a second of sleep over whether the British, the Palestinians, or the proud residents of Borneo get premenstrual cramps because of something an American leader said.

Romney gave excellent speeches in Israel and Poland and made significant foreign policy statements, both substantive and symbolic, demonstrating how his approach to the world would be different from Obama’s. In many ways, he had a successful trip. You’d hardly know it by reading the news.

But Americans don’t get their opinions from the news.

Right, President Gore?

18 Responses to Romney Will Enjoy the Last Gaffe

  1. I think this is the crisis du jour just as the ChikFilA debacle was last week’s smokescreen. Obama’s administration cannot bear close scrutiny because it is oh so very very flawed. So they dodge and duck behind non-stories pushed by the White House and hyped by the media. That’s why on twitter I have a #WhatWillBeTheNextObamaSmokeScreen up. It could be anything, West Nile Virus, Runoff Voting Irregularities, The Price of Tea in China. It doesn’t matter except that it gives Obama room to hide from the questions of why he hasn’t met with his jobs commission, why he’s running since the unemployment rate is far above the seven percent he said was acceptable, why he won’t address Fast and Furious and so many more questions. Of course the media won’t help. And from the Sorobot posts at places like The Hill and WaPo, even they seem tired of posting the same misdirective drivel.

    • I think another red herring is going to be on gay marriage if that becomes part of the Democratic platform, and if it doesn’t, he will have aggravated his big gay donors. But if it makes it onto the platform, Obama will use it as the reason he lost the election rather than the economy, jobs, Obamacare.

      An interesting development to the Chick-a-fil story is that Cardinal George in Chicago as well as a well known Baptist minister have challenged Rahm Emanuel on his “Chicago values” remark, suggesting maybe they should move out of the city then.

  2. Americans HATE the Muslims and their insane, illogical, murderous actions..
    There’s no poll showing this hatred, but it’s there.
    We were proud that a prominent American would speak the truth and stand for the rights of a non-Islamic country to exist in peace
    The MSM ignores the ongoing war, and our elected leaders don’t acknowlege it, but our sons and daughters are being killed by radical Muslims. Everyone over the age of 30 remembers 9/11 and it’s horrors as if it happened yesterday. The whole Islamic Middle East should kiss our feet for not making them and their countries molten glass.

    MrR’s “gaffes” about the Olympic’s failure to secure the safety of the athletes and the visitors wasn’t a state secret.
    MrR’s spokesman who gave the rude reporters instructions of what to kiss should be given a raise and a high-five from everyone. The reporters were out of line, offensive, and obviously a partisan group looking for a headline, any headline.

  3. Keith – one agreement, one mild difference of opinion.

    I do think the Washington media hyperventilates over things the rest of us subjects really don’t care about (I kept reading about the “gaffes” and couldn’t figure out what the big deal was – thanks Yahoo! News).

    The disagreement is that I do think, unfortunately, there are significant numbers of Americans who really DO get their opinions from Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, et al – these are also people who read the celeb-worship rags at the store and watch that entertainment tonight-type drivel on their TV. I hate to say it but these are people who don’t take anything but how white their teeth are that seriously and, yes, they vote in large numbers on election day, assuming they don’t have anything else to do, or something. Alas, the independent voters. If there is anything that explains Barack Obama, it’s the vast yet shallow pool of independent voters who lack any sort of critical moorings to values or ideology.

    At least hard-core liberals will sit through Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow, and the rest of the MSNBC line up. Those folks wouldn’t vote for Abe Lincoln if he were on the ballot (I’m not comparing Romney to Lincoln – it’s an example). What concerns me are the independents who wouldn’t vote for a Lincoln because of the way he looks or the “media-induced” flaws, not what he stands for.

    • I think Romney should use clips from his trips in future ads. Nothing to be ashamed of or hide, he came across Presidential.

    • Ron, you say that independent voters have no committed ideology nor values. Yet, the Republican party in Washington often reflects a lack of commitment to conservative values. I’m a conservative independent and will remain without a political party label until I see a Republican administration that actually acts on the conservative beliefs it espouses. If the House of Representatives Republican majority is any indication of the possibility of conservative leadership achieving that, then I believe I will remain an idependent for at least another four years.
      Keith, this is my first post, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a couple years.

  4. When I first heard about the comments in England I cringed a bit, and then I watched the entire interview where the comments were made and I was scratching my head. Turns out there are issues – fortunately not of them life threatening. How embarassing to watch an event on television and see so many empty seats. I’m watching very little Olympics but what I have seen – there are lots of empty seats. As for Israel – I’m also trying to figure out what was so offensive. Lastly, I read the Poland speech in its entirety – read like a power speech. Didn’t hear it given so I can’t comment on that. Rod makes some very good points, however, people still aren’t paying much attention. I too worry about the 20 and 30 somethings whose primary concern is what to wear to a Lady Gaga concert or which establishment they have arrived at (as posted on their social networking pages), but in the end – I still believe Gov. Romney will come out on top – it won’t be easy. After reading today that consumer spending was on par with May – I can’t imagine much good economic news coming out over the next few months.

      • My cousin lives in London and between her and their own news they had problems big ones. When you haven’t hired enough security as
        streets begin to fill with tourist you have a problem. They were forced to
        use the Military and threaten the guards not showing up so Romney has
        nothing to regret with his truthful answer. Just a bit of an embarrassment for #10.

    • nicely said. I will also say that while Americans want Romney to be great we know he’s not Reagan. As long as he’s not Obama then he has our vote. Let’s be clear, this isn’t a vote for Romney. It’s a vote against Obama’s policies.

  5. “Right, President Gore?”

    Indeed. Had the conservative justices on the Supreme Court not stopped the recount, Gore would have won Florida by at least 100,000 votes – all legitimate overvotes, as confirmed by Florida’s Supreme Court Judge Terry Lewis & Election Supervisor Ion Sancho, and dozens of other election officials.

    But the will of the majority was perverted, and we were rewarded with two unpaid wars, a job market crash, and the worse American economy in 80 years. Shocking, really, considering the Heritage Foundation assured everyone that the Bush tax cuts they crafted would generate an avalanche of new jobs and wealth, and the national debt would be repaid in ten years.

    Instead, we are left with a loss of over $1 trillion tax revenue, and a $4 trillion war bill (estimates indicate that including indirect costs, the real bill is nearer to $8 trillion).

    Under President Obama, the country has generated MORE jobs in 3.5 years than both Bush Jr and Sr, combined, did in twelve years, but conservatives say its too little, and President Obama is incompetent. And guess what? They now advocate the SAME economic measures that drove the economy to its knees in the first place. Fighting tooth and nails once again to impose their trickle down theory on the nation, a theory that has never worked – not once. A theory that has no credible data to back it up. A theory that even Saint Reagan only paid lip service too.

    Priceless. Doctrine over facts and reality every single time.

    ps: I’m a travelling man, so I can tell you with certainty that Mr. Romney’s week long excursion has made him into an international laughing stock. You should really read what the foreign press had to say about him. Not the U.K press, mind, because I doubt your lil’ ol heart can take it.

  6. President Gore? LOL

    Inciteful point. It seems that as the MSM gets more irrelevant, their lack of professionalism and objectivity increase.

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