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Quote of the Day || August 1, 2012

“Of course we’re completely neutral in this race. Except that we prefer Romney.”

– Binyamin Netanyahu

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

4 Responses to Quote of the Day || August 1, 2012

  1. Good choice, Mr Netanyahu, and most people can see why you make it.
    I really liked your article “Romney will enjoy the last gaffe” and I appreciated the comments as well. I wouldn`t care much about European media if I was Romney. And I don´t think he does. Unfortunately media is dominated by left leaning limousine liberals, here as well as in your country, and they have always had a condescending view towards Republicans and looked at Obama with rose tinted glasses. I really suspect that they like him because he is an easy to handle, constantly grinning celebrity who demands nothing but attention. And he has the “correct” skin colour. As a matter of fact I haven´t read much about Romneys trip over here at all. But when media do report I suspect that they copy whatever New York Times or the likes writes or what CNN reports , hence a very skewed picture of what´s going on in the US here. But “old media” is losing it´s grip here as well and anyone with an interest can find real facts and reports on the net ( like your excellent blog, Keith ) and then another picture emerges. And the impression is that his trip, especially to Poland and Israel, was a success. The US should be proud to soon have a man like this as President. He, and the US, will gain respect all over the globe.

  2. The quote of the day could have actually come from the absolutely pathetic Washington Post column entitled Mitt Romney doesn’t pay taxes for 10 years, based on information that Harry Reid “claimed”, “suggested” and concluded “I’m not certain”. That was what Ed O’Keefe (?) sourced with and the headline that TWP actually used. Astonishing even for today’s accepted low standards.

    • thats why harry reid went from having nothing to being worth millions off the backs of hard working Americand look at his net worth Harry reid scum sucking liberal piece of crap