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Obama to Unveil a Detailed Agenda

President Obama Monday said that by this fall he will unveil an agenda for his second term, adding meat to the bones of a campaign that has been criticized as lacking substance and consumed by attacks on Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney.

Obama, who spoke at a fundraiser in New York City, suggested there would be a shift from his current strategy of relentless negative attacks.

There is going to be, though, as the summer winds down and we get into the fall, the need for voters in these swing states to know not just what they’re voting against but also what they’re voting for.  And so we’ll be spending a lot of time talking about the specific agenda that I intend to pursue in the second term — which I think will make sure that this economy is going full guns.

The statement indicates that Obama will wade in with a detailed economic plan, something he has avoided so far. The fall timing suggests he will unveil it during the Democratic convention, which will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina the week of September 3.

To the extent Obama has talked policy at all, it has been to promote issues currently before Congress, like the renewal of the Bush tax cuts, and use them to attack Republicans as uncaring cronies of the rich.

But there has been little indication so far about how Obama will act to spur the economy in a second term and what he will do on banner issues like immigration.

If Obama does get specific, it will put pressure on Romney to do the same.

While not as personal in his negative advertising as Obama, who has suggested Romney may be a tax cheat, the presumptive Republican nominee has also sought so far to make the campaign more about Obama’s record as president than his own prescriptions for the economy.

Romney’s emphasis on Obama has drawn criticism even from Republicans, who question his unwillingness to embrace and tout a conservative agenda.

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  1. This doesn’t make sense. It reminds of a couple of years ago when Obama pledged to announce his ecomomic recovery plan after he returned from vacation. If he has a plan (long stretch there), why wait? Americans need help now, our economy needs help now. Instead of relentless campaigning, he should be implementing his plan now, prove that it will work and that would bring him credibility and votes. Instead he will promise a mish mash of economic BS that sounds good that he could never deliver. Please America, wake up and vote BHO to the streets.

    • ^agree. If MrO has the answer to our dismal economy, then he is in remiss for not making it public and putting it into action.
      But, like everything he’s already proposed, like pumping up union-style jobs, creating faux energy plants and “investing” in anything that suits his fancy, nothing will change the attitude of pending economic disaster due to uncertainty about our taxes and the effect of Obamacare on us and the workplace.

      We already know where he stands, what he believes, and we don’t agree with him.

      • I know, every time he talks about jobs its always the teachers, firefighters, police officers and the construction workers. All of them unionized. He excludes so many other people in so many other professions. He is the president of exclusion – he is similar to a segregationist.

  2. Great news.Two months before the election for his second term Obama decides to get specific.Of course,Romney is the bad guy for not getting specific.You know,like Paul Ryan did and Obama proceeds to attack him while Ryan is sitting in the audience.Sweet.Hey,maybe the Senate will actually pass a budget for the first time in four years.Okay,I’m getting carried away now.

  3. He’s getting specific in his plans. Oooh. I’m worried.
    He’s closing gitmo. Oooh. I’m worried.
    He’ll make sure Iran won’t get the bomb. I’m worried.
    He’ll get to the bottom of these security leaks.
    He’ll make certain those on the top pay their fare share.
    He’s asking the Senate to get going on a budget.
    He’s positive no taxes will go up for anyone making less than $250,000 a year.
    The Oceans are receding.
    The deficit will be cut in half.
    The Cubs will lose the world series to the White Sox.
    The Beatles will get back together.
    The Murder rate in Chicago will be less than the number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

    i’m not worried. Except for his golf games, and dates with his wife, this guy never keeps his word or his agendas.

  4. Re: Convention at Charlotte

    Mayor Castro of San Antonio will give the keynote address. Can’t wait to see him. He has an identical twin. Once he had two functions to go to. He did one and sent his brother to do the other. The newspapers caught up with it and asked how he could be at two places at one time.

  5. So the Captain of the Titanic announces he will have a plan in the fall to steer around icebergs. This comes after the ship has already HIT an iceberg and is taking on water rapidly. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this revelation………

  6. is reporting that PrezObama has “donated” to his own reelection campaign…$5,000. What a piker! That won’t even get him a “greet and photo” at the next fundraiser.

    A multi-millionaire whose wife spent $7,000 on a fancy jacket that she will wear one time, finds $5G to help himself stay in the WhiteHouse.
    Maybe he should ask the Mrs to chip in, too.

    • Leftists are usually penny-pinching tight wads when it comes to charitable donations of any kind. They will spend above their means to sate their own personal pleasures, but will drive right past the homeless shelter in their expensive car, wearing their designer duds without giving a second thought to the human misery inside.

      Mooch ain’t parting with any of her designer duds to donate to some political campaign. She’ll leave that to the little people who still believe King Kardashian’s lies…

  7. Trying to steal Rubio ‘s thunder, he signed an executive order bypassing Congress. His campaign and supporters encouraged problems with the other republican candidates and used their talking points against Romney as their own. All of his supporters and the MSM only use the “talking points”. There is no original thought put out to the public. It is the old saw of “say it enough and people will believe it.” The problem is — most no longer believe it or want to hear it. Most of America turns/ mutes the channel when the Os and/ or their supporters appear. Those celebrities who have craved the political limelight are finding their wallets a bit thinner as Americans are boycotting them.
    All Obama won on was hope and change, he certainly was not vetted, and had NO ideas for leadership. Is there really any rational, logical American voter who believes another four years with Obama as president would be better? Not likely, those who support him are supporting a daydream gone nightmare.
    His economic plan has about as much a chance of being real as having a budget passed for the last 3 years.
    His campaign wants Romney to fully express his ideas in order to steal them, suborn them, malign them, mock them, etc because they have none of their own except the same old same old.Romney would be better served to wait until Obama has outlined his own. Those of you clamoring for Romney to do it now, please take a minute, sit back, relax, and for once insist Obama do what he is demanding others do first.

    • You’re right, the owe campaign is just waiting for Romney to announce his economic ideas so they can attack them. Romney needs to state that clearly (ie, “My opponent will attack these principles because he has none of his own”), so owe sounds like a friggin idiot when he does just that.

  8. So, we are to believe that O’Barry is going to make a complete about face? Are we really that naive as a nation? Or does he just hope we are?

  9. If his big plan is anything like the budget proposals he has submitted …..
    He has no plan for anything, except to raise funds for another four years of leftist mediocrity. And play golf. IF he had a plan he should have presented it to the American people and took it to Congress. But back to reality, he has no plan and never will.

  10. Ubama’s in a box of his own making – he really has two choices as I don’t think the guy is creative enough to come up with a third. Either suggest more of what he’s done (which has failed miserably) or suggest something else, which runs the risk of the obvious questions:

    1 – why haven’t you suggested this before (and if so, why didn’t you do it when you had control of Congress and could get anything you wanted passed)
    2 – doesn’t this suggest a reversal of approach, thereby suggesting that what you had done didn’t work

    The third option, of course, is to suggest something new that begs neither one of these questions. The fact is Ubama has no ideas – he has no training whatsoever to suggest that he is the least bit qualified or interested in finding solutions to anything other than using a worn out rhetorical game of cat and mouse.

    As for Mitt, frankly, I think the guy is playing his hand pretty well. I realize I’m out in the hinterlands and don’t follow the nuance of day to day DC (are these the same Rebulicans that were getting their you-know-whats handed to them in the primaries?) but Ubama has fired most of his ammo and Mitt’s no worse for it. Why should he fire his guns if your opponent’s offensive isn’t working. I think Mitt’s ammo is still waiting for the right moment to go off – I think Romney has sharper elbows that people are giving him credit for. I know, as a conservative, I usually wait for my candidate to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but I don’t think we have simply a different version of John Boehner / John McCain / Denny Hastert here. Mitt may not be as conservative as people want but I think it’s a mistake to think that we have John McCain again. I think Romeny’s more willing to return fire, throw elbows, whatever your preferred analogy is – my sense is that he’s just waiting for the right time (it worked in the primaries – he got surprised once then blasted away).

    • I agree with you completely. Mitt was not my first choice, but I am growing more and more satisfied with him every day.

      It’s like a small child throwing a tantrum. Mom stands around with her arms folded waiting for it to end. When the kid stops crying mom calmly asks, “Are you done now?” Mitt is mom, waiting for the Obama team to stop the tantrum.

  11. This will probably be like all the other things he made “big announcements” about – NOTHING. THey’ll say he’s giving a “major speech” and it will be all the recycled garbage he’s been shilling for months. An economy for everyone. Building from the middle out. Middle class tax cuts. Bla bla bla.

    I am so tired of this man.

  12. President “Promise” strikes out again. Would this promise be like any of the hundreds he’s made and didn’t keep or more like “I promise to visit Israel if I am reelected” – oh, nevermind – they’re all like the “the check is in the mail”.

  13. Ah yes… reminds me of those heady days when Gitmo was going to be closed within one year of the inauguration. As though we should take this one seriously either.

  14. He’s waiting till September so he can see what palms to grease while at the same time his wife is planning the next grifter tour is more like it. Even bombing Iran won’t save him now..