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Obama Spent Sunday Playing You-Know-What

President Obama went golfing Sunday for the 103rd time of his presidency, leaving just before noon and returning to the White House almost five and a half hours later.

Obama made it the typical low key affair, golfing at Fort Belvoir with White House aides Marvin Nicholson, Michael Brush and Joe Paulsen.

It was his eleventh time out this year. Not too many for him, but August is coming.

20 thoughts on “Obama Spent Sunday Playing You-Know-What”

  1. Golfing and fundraising for Barack. And apparently Michelle is at the Olympics for the duration. Some might be inclined to see it as a vacation.

      1. Uh……”Beckham’s underwear”? Is this REALLY the President and First Lady of the UNITED STATES we are talking about?

    1. But…..I thought he led SEAL Team 6 personally? Have I misunderstood the whole narrative as spun by the WH? (And this boob think he deserves 4 more years????)

  2. Well, if there’s no Vineyard vacay this August, he won’t be getting in as many golf games. He golfs quite a bit every summer while there on a “family vacation”.

    Speaking of vacations, what I really, really would love to know is if they have that house in Hawaii booked for December through New Year’s, (plus all the other houses booked for Secret Service, and hotel rooms for staffers). Call me petty, but I’m sick to death of the Hawaii vacations that have been costing us millions since December 2008 when King Kardashian (TM el Rushbo and our Susan) and family and friends proclaimed it an “annual family visit”. Once this bum gets kicked out of office, there’s no reason for the usual crapola line that all Presidents need to get away and relax with their families, it’s the holidays, his sister lives there, blah, blah, blah. We don’t need to be out millions of dollars more for them to have yet another luxurious vacation, returning to DC only about three weeks before he’s evicted from the WH. After January 21st, they can go to Hawaii all they want. I’d love for them to go there and stay there permanently.

    1. And one more thing – has anyone noticed that since January 20th is on a Sunday and that means the Inauguration has to be moved to Monday, that it just happens to be MLK day? Oh boy, I predict rioting over the fact that the first (half) black POtuS is being tossed out on MLK Day.

      Oh, but the good news for the O’s is that after the Inauguration is over, they will be free all afternoon to go and volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or paint a wall at a community center, since you know, King Kardashian has declared that MLK Day is a “day of service” (aka photo opps for the O’s, while you “serve” in your community).

  3. I read an amusing story in Politico today, ” Obama ties to slavery” by Byron Tau. “According to a new study Obama is likely related to the first enslaved African in the American colonies – by way of his mother.” And so follows a complicated story that leads up to the conclusion that the white Stanley Ann really had African heritage.
    Well, well, how convenient. He seems to have little helpers everywhere. There has been, I believe, some grumbling among blacks that Obama doesn´t have these kind of ties but – tada – here they are ! How many important voter groups is he related to now, let´s see, Irish, white, African, African with slavebackground, muslim, Christian (???) his evolved view of gays… a little something for everybody. But hey, no Swedish ties yet( unimportant group) but I guess he dreams of digging up Jewish, Chinese or Hispanic relatives. We can look forward to many such findings.

    1. My first reaction to the piece was “oh, please stop”
      . Depending on one’s point of view, we are all related to Adam and Eve or to some appealing gorilla mutation.

  4. Always better to see this poser playing golf than actively destroying this country!!!

    Shoot, I say light those courses up so that he can play day and night until January. Then he can play all the time on his own dime, since he won’t be an employee of the US government any more…

  5. So, eleven golf outings so far this year and how many meetings with his “jobs council?” And how many meetings with Boehner or Ryan??

    Sounds like a good follow-up to the “over 100 fundraisers” ad for the Romney folks.

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