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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 31, 2012”

    1. he is just taking his weekday break-he’ll be back wednesday for more fun raising

      Dang he is the laziest man on earth!

      I mean seriously even *I* do more on a day off than this guy does being the president of the ‘free’ world


  1. He works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.
    He works hard for the money. So you better treat him right.
    Obama here in the White House and wonders where he is.
    And it’s strange to him, some people seem to have everything.
    6 PM on the hour hand and he’s waiting to start his day.
    And he’s looking real handsome. He’s waiting for his donors.

    He works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.
    He works hard for the money. So you better treat him right.
    Fifty years have come and gone.
    And he’s seen a lot of tears of the ones who voted him in. They really seem to need him gone.
    It’s a sacrifice working day to day. For little money just taxpayers money.
    But it’s worth it all just to hear them say where is this guy from?
    He works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.
    He works hard for the money. So you better treat him right.

    He already knows he’s seen his bad times. He already knows these are the good times.
    He’ll never sell out, he never will, not for a dollar bill.
    He works haaaaard………

  2. That’s so humiliating if his people had any brains they could at least make
    something up I mean it would be untrue but so is everything else they do!
    Come on November:)

  3. I checked the DC weather forecast. I think golf is out. My bet would be a last round of telephone begging to try and juice his July take.

  4. another do nothing day for the bum in charge and who cares that hes connected to thefirst slave no one gives a rats ass itsall prooganda what does this Clown do all day

    1. And just who is it that finds this guy so LIKEABLE? OWEblamer’s favorability rating is 54% & Romney is 46%……why is that? Or is it just skewed?

  5. Ihave a question why is it every time Mooch is ina picture at the olmpics with the USA members they are always Black and never whiteis there a connection here or is it a racist thing going on I thinks to wonder its racist just like he is both show there true COLOR

    1. Now let’s be fair to Mooch, deniro. She has no problem mugging for the cameras with accomplished people of every color. She was falling all over David Beckham at her Move Your Butt shindig in London.

      1. missed that one i guess but still believe she and hers are to big racist sorry its what i see and hear that makes me feel this about these 2 people

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  7. An entire afternoon with nothing on the schedule? Gee, I wonder what Barry-O could do with that. Hope his body man has the clubs all cleaned up.

    Alternatively, the First Lazy is back from the Olympics. Perhaps they’re using today to plot the rest of the campaign.

    99 days to go. Isn’t that a beautiful number?

  8. Well…from the “nothing” he’s probably in hiding trying to figure out how to “punk” the next generation of starry eyed college students and the “something for nothing” welfare mass with promises of “milk and honey”….(His first mass of Lib college kids are now out in the “world” with their debt and no jobs….go figure. ) Obama is nothing more than another “crook” from “Cook” (County Ill.)

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