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Lech Walesa Endorses Romney

Mitt Romney today got a major international endorsement, receiving the blessing of the hero of Polish freedom, Lech Walesa.

Walesa, who met with the presumptive Republican nominee in Gdansk, told Romney to get his success on, or something.

I wish you to be successful because this success is needed to the United States, of course, but to Europe and the rest of the world, too. Governor Romney, get your success, be successful!

Walesa pounded the table for emphasis.

This is not a minor thing. Large numbers of Polish Americans inhabit key battleground states, like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Walesa is a hero to many of them.

The Romney endorsement is a little bit of sweet revenge for Walesa, who was not invited this spring to the White House ceremony awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the late Jan Karski. Poland wanted to Walesa to actually receive the award on behalf of Karski.

The snub seemed to be petty payback by the White House.

Walesa didn’t attend a group meeting with Obama when Obama was in Poland because he felt he should have been entitled to a one-on-one session. Not unreasonable, given that Walesa is a major historical figure who won his Nobel Peace Prize after¬†earning it.

Since then, Walesa has warned that the United States was on the very road to socialism Poland had recently gotten off of.

Romney today commended Walesa for his work in Tunisia.

You play such an important role on the world stage and you travel throughout the world, including Tunisia, and other parts of the world to describe the values of freedom which you champion here.

Okay, whatever.

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  1. Conserv-o-Matic 2029 -- The World's Best American

    Lech Walsea is indeed a hero. Romney should also look for the endorsement of Czechoslovakian primer Zudocluicov Ullimuztwietz. He’s a regional hero as well.

    1. Dear Conservo:

      You are an affront to the right and a moronic imbecile at that. First. Czechoslovakia no longer exists and is in fact Poland. Second, you misspelled the great primer’s name. The correct spelling is Ullimustwietz. Third, GO GET A LIBRARY CARD! Fourth, DONT BREED. Finally, change your screen name, it manifests extreme mental immobility that is can only be the result of liberal educational systems.

      1. Jeremy, no need to get so upset, we know what Conserv-o was trying to say. Second, Czechoslovakia is now two countries: The Czech Republic and Slovakia, and neither are part of Poland. He misplaced one letter for the love of God.

  2. Walesa is certainly not anyone a Progressive would honor because he was on the side of freedom from absolute Communist tyranny and one of the major players in the fall of Communism. A real hero that any respectable, sane, human being should honor.

  3. My paternal Grandmother was a child of Polish immigrants who claimed that the Poland they left behind was a hellhole of tyranny and starvation.
    They weren’t proud of their Polish heritage, but were enthusiastic naturalized Americans. They even changed their surname from something that required the first and third row of the keyboard to something that sounded slightly Irish: Maclomski. They might have dreamed about a man like MrWalesa saving their country and would have been proud to embrace him.

    Grandmother and Great-grandparents are long gone to the great piroski stand in the sky and those of us whom they begat are of so many genetic and geographic markers that Poland is just a another place in our memory.

  4. “world:n. the celestial body on which we live”
    “Synonyms: globe, planet”

    THORN – (Thesaurus of the Republican Nominee)

  5. You know, it doesn’t surprise me that he snubbed Walesa. I would say it’s because he thinks he’s the Messiah (sorry, Jesus, please don’t be angry), but then he goes around bowing to other leaders. Is he just that clueless? Or is he making a point that he’ll bow to certain regimes and ideals but not to freedom fighters like Walesa, because Walesa supports capitalism and open speech?

    1. I should add, I don’t think the President should bow to anyone, it just seems odd his choices in laying himself (and the country) down like a carpet to certain factions, but refusing to even meet and shake hands with others.

  6. Lech Walesa, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II are the heroes of my time. Together, they brought down the iron curtain. Walesa didn’t meet with Obama because he wanted a private meeting…he didn’t meet with Obama because he recognizes who and what he is. Talk to any educated immigrant to America who escaped tyranny and they can tell you what is in store for us if Obama is re-elected. Lech Walesa is trying to warn us. We would be wise to heed his warning.

    By the way, tomorrow is election day in Texas. If any WHD readers live in Texas and haven’t already voted early, please get out tomorrow and Choose Cruz for U.S. Senate. Don’t believe the polls. Every single vote counts in the fight against the establishment.

    1. I’ve read that Walesa is a devout Catholic so he also might have a problem with Obama’s positions on abortion, contraception, and, now, gay marriage.

      1. Those issues have no relevance under a totalitarian government. In my opinion, Walesa is imploring us to choose liberty over tyranny.

  7. One of the best and most meaningful endorsements to get. If Reagan was
    alive and Thatcher was in better health they’d do the same although The Iron
    Lady may have something to say yet!

    1. Good one! Although I think they might have American jokes in Poland. Pollack jokes started after WWII. It was because the Poles fought against the Germans (who had the Luftwaffe and Panzer Tanks), with WWI guns and horses, truly they knew what was gonna happen but fought anyway, they were in fact courageous. Even they aren’t stupid enough to support Obama. Here is how the joke might go; “After reading the world history on Communism, would vote in a Communist?” “Americans”

      1. American lefties, that is. I’d take the Polish over the Middle East fools that Ubama has cuddled up to any day of the week.

  8. At least Walesa has an excuse for not speaking English properly – his native language is freaking Polish. I’m not sure what Biden’s excuse is.

  9. All gloom and doom from the MSM on Romney’s foreign visits…this afternoon’s AP headline – “Another hiccup? Romney’s foreign trip not smooth” – first sentence of the story…”It was supposed to be this way.” Then it goes on to say how he “outraged” Palestinians…a fresh “controversy”…after “insulting” the British, etc. etc.

    Gonna be a long couple of months.

    1. I was going to say the same thing Mr. T, that the MSM is still stuck on the Olympics comment and how the Palestinians are angry. No mention of all the good things he said or did. BUT, Romney should know that and do what Trump does best; toot his own horn, maybe not to the extent Trump does, but Romney is going to have to stand up and shout about the things he gets done.

      Keith: I’ve heard lots of talk today about how right wing blogs have been hacked. Weasel Zipper for one. I know the libs are hell-bent on destroying anyone who doesn’t agree with them (Chick-fil-a) but bloggers? What do you know?

    2. I don’t really expect Romney to get a fair shake from Obama’s flying monkeys in the MSM. King Kardashian and his cheerleaders are offended that Romney recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, so they declare the trip a failure.

      By the way, Romney was right to question Great Britain’s preparedness for the Olympics…especially after the ticketing fiasco. Tickets, tickets, who has the tickets?

  10. Romney is our only hope. Obama’s eggregious insult to both Walsea and Netanyahu is proof positive that he is an anti-Semitic Communist. His actions in both cases were a deliberate attempt to impress his Russian counterpart and the Muslim world, Rommey’s first overseas trip to Israel and Poland is significant. We will not tolerate despots!

  11. SOmething I recently discovered….Obama was supposedly born in Hawaii in 1961…His mother flew from Kenya to Hawaii to give birth to him.Hmmm
    In the 60’s it was against airline policy to allow a woman in the last “trimester” to fly because there was no training to handle an emergency birth in flight….GO fill in the “blanks”…

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