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Michelle Takes Politics Beyond the Water’s Edge

First Lady Michelle Obama broke the time honored political rule of leaving politics at the water’s edge, seizing an opportunity to score political points against Mitt Romney while both were traveling outside the United States.

Speaking to a CBS News reporter in London, Michelle leapt at the chance to draw a contrast with the presumptive GOP nominee, who had caused a diplomatic flap by questioning London’s preparedness for hosting the Olympic games.

Romney had said, “It’s hard to know just how well it will turn out . . . There are a few things that were disconcerting.”

Michelle countered with a clear effort to draw a contrast with Romney, saying of the British, “They know what they’re doing.”

From the interview:

Reporter: This time, it’s proving to be about more than sport as well, particularly for some American politicians, perhaps their wives, so how do you think the preparations have gone so far?

Michelle: Oh my goodness, you know, the United Kingdom, they’ve had a phenomenal year, I mean, they’ve pulled off a major wedding, a diamond jubilee, and now the Olympics. They know what they’re doing.

The reporter admitted asking Michelle a “loaded question,” and Michelle, who seemed ready with her response, didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Mrs. Obama is not just a first lady on a foreign trip. She is an integral part of the Obama campaign, raising money, giving speeches, and staging events to rev up campaign workers. She has even been given her own area of responsibility within the campaign, the “It Takes One” drive to get individuals to play at least a small part in the effort.

Below is a video of Michelle’s interview. The question about Romney’s statement occurs near the beginning.

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  1. Was she quaffing a Guinness and munching down on fish and chips at the time? There seems to be no limit to how she and hubby can pander, promote and prevaricate at home or abroad. BTW, did she bring the kids for this link of her summer vacation schedule?

  2. Watched the first two minutes – about all I can take of her anymore. Of course she had a ready response. She knew exactly what this guy was going to say because the Obot squad probably wrote the script. These charlatans don’t say anything to the press off the cuff, with the exception of King Kardashian’s memorable Friday the 13th speech…

    • It was the last two minutes that counted, which may be why CBS deleted part of it from the online video. In that portion, Mark Phillips talked about how the reputations of both London and Britain were on the line, and the people were concerned about not doing it just right.

      He essentially echoed some of the concerns Romney was sliced and diced over — even though they reflected what had been in the press for weeks. So, rather than be objective, CBS apparently deleted the portion that would have harmed this “angle”. (I say “apparently”, as I don’t know if they had it somewhere else. On the CBS website, that part of the video was cut off when I watched the rest of it.)

  3. 1) Romney should have kept his opinions to himself
    2) What qualifications does Mrs. Obama have to judge Olympic preparedness?
    3) I hope Ann Romney’s horse kicks Moo in the behind.

    • 1) Wasn’t he asked in the context of having actually run an Olympics ? He merely answered the Q with the headlines that have been running the past month in the UK and US MSM. I give him points for honesty.

      2) Probably the same qualifications for lecturing us on nutrition and physical fitness.

      3) Noooooo, might hurt the horsey :D

      • I liked Romney answering the question honestly. If Obama had been ask he’d have gone off on an I & me wandering diatribe that never answered the question. Romney told the truth something Obama isn’t
        capable of and where’s tht stiff upper lip? They’ve had problems in the
        papers everyday.

        • I would like to compare the college/grad school/law school “Economics” classes that Obama and Romney took…

          What where their grades in “Economics”…?

          • For me, too, it was refreshing that Governor Romney answered the question honestly. As others have noted, his response was similar to what’s been said in the press for weeks.

            Disappointed in some of the conservative pundits saying he should have just kept his mouth shut…they’re so intent on playing it safe they’re afraid of their own shadow sometimes. That approach isn’t going to win the election in November.

          • re: “disappointed in conservative pundits…”
            I fully agree.
            The Obama campaign has/never will ‘play fair’ when it comes to “re-election” (especially with the sycophant, biased, liberal “main-stream media” working for Obama)
            One has to go after Barack Hussein Obama and stress what a shallow, narsasistic ‘Neo-Socialist’ he truly is.

  4. Good grief, you know, Michelle Obama, she’s had a phenomenal four years, I mean, she’s pulled off the Spanish vacation, the African vacation, and now the Olympic vacation. She knows what she’s doing.

  5. Just watched Romney’s speech in Israel. How refreshing it will be to have a leader who extols the virtues of America. Much better than listening to some community agitator ranting how America has “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

  6. Here I thought he was babysitting while Mooch is flaunting her stuff in London…

    Pres Obama back at Ft. Belvoir today for round of golf with a few of his aides. It’s 85° and cloudy. Chance of thunderstorms. Humidity 55%.”

    • Susan – good thing he was able to pop off in Aurora, CO, last week on a scheduled trip to the west coast. Otherwise, he might have had to go last week (and cancel a cabinet meeting) or this weekend and miss his tee time.

  7. What do you expect from a group of Chicago thugs who have no morals, no dignity, and a complete lack of honesty. This group of marxist America haters will go to any means to stay in power. Traditions mean nothing to them. Traditions are to be exploited or trampled on if it is to their advantage.

    Kind of odd though, her phony praise of the United Kingdom considering this regime’s callous treatment to date of a vital ally, namely Great Britain. At her core Moochelle is an empty human being whose only real feeling is self love. This so-called First Lady is a Tramp.

    Again I ask the question: Just what role is Moochelle Obama filling or why is she over in England at the Olympics spending millions of taxapayer dollars. I mean besides using it as an excuse to wear an ill fitting $6,800 dollar jacket.

  8. Yes, this “interview” looked rehearsed to me too. And how servile can a reporter really be ?
    What if something do happen ? The wedding and the jubilee were strictly British affairs but this is a giant international happening with some politics involved.
    By the way, I was so disappointed in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. It was supposed to be a history parade but the selection of events was such that it made no sense. And in the middle of it a bizarre celebration of the British National Health Care and of the multiculturalism that plagues the British society. The Queen did not look amused. Was this a creepy wink to Camerons good pal Obama ? Call me oldfashioned but I rather prefer a show with marching Scotsmen playing bagpipes, choirsinging like in the yearly “Pomp and Circumstances “concerts in Albert Hall and performances by some of the great British artists.

    • British History & Pride! = 1000 years of Western Civilization!

      No mention of English-British History… No mention of The Commonwealth (yes, I know all of that is “racist”)…

      Overall, a rather weak & disappointing Opening Ceremony. -Spot On.

    • I’m with you — it was depressingly socialist. Kinda’ surprised our very own Kathleen Sibelius didn’t float down from the sky onto one of those NHS beds. I love the Olympics — the hard work of the athletes and the competition, but with that opening display, and NBC’s awful and delayed coverage it’s hard to get into the spirit. $7000 for a blouse is excessive but truth be told if it was worn by anybody but a clueless First Lady of a country that is going through tough times I’d love it. What can I say, it was kind of pretty. Inappropriate, but pretty.

  9. “Whatever the cost…” also seems to be the First Lady’s attitude on more than one issue- including vacations.

    In any case would someone please enlighten me as to why the liberal media is now bashing Mitt Romney for bringing in billions for USA Olympics? Seems like Michelle is on the same page as Mitt on this issue.

    Actually there a a few sections in that interview about cities examining the costs, figuring out finacing and the redevelopment opportunities that would be a good campaign ad for Mitt. When the USA needed the money for the games looks like Mitt came through in a very big way.

    Would Chicago have taken Mitt’s help had the have gotten the bid for 2016? Mitt did say 2009 that Obama was doing the right thing flying to Denmark to lobby for the Chicago Olympics.

  10. Michelle knew what she was doing but do to the drooling MSM and the fact
    that the rules don’t apply to the King & Queen they will do and say whatever
    will get them 4 more years of freebies and finish off Americ as we know it we
    will be a third world country should he gets elected. Oh if you think the $7000
    was bad wait if they get in again God help us all Les Miserable will look like a
    bright future.

  11. Hateful horrible hag.
    She better enjoy her galavanting around because it will be all over for this grifter and her America hating “husband” in 100 days.

  12. What a difference 4 years makes!

    Seems like just yesterday that MO was groussing to Glamour magazine about her lazy husband ‘sleeping’ in while she, poor MO, had to get up early to get the kids off to school. Called him so ‘snorey’ and ‘stinky’ that her kids refused to crawl into bed with him.

    Seems like just yesterday MO was earning $317K/year by turning away impoverished families from the U. of C. by getting rid of the riff-raff – sending them to county facilities.

    Seems like just yesterday that she stunned the world when she shuffled down the steps of AF One wearing those hideous denim short-shorts with her enormous belly falling out of her tank top – and a dirty old baseball cap and dirty sneakers.

    Funny how nothing has changed – Eliza Doolittle, she’s not. Professor Higgens would not have given her the time of day. All the Paris designers, make-up artists and hairdressers cannot make a “Lady” out of this sow!

    ***And yes, where are her children???

  13. If Obama had actually succeeded in getting the Olympics in Chicago, could you imagine how thick he and Michelle would be laying it on right now?? It would have been all about Dear Leader with all the world as a stage. Seriously, have these two done ANYTHING productive this year other than campaigning?

  14. MO decided it would be a lark to allow one of the USA female weight lifters lift her.
    MSM ranted against MRS Romney’ s $990 blouse for her interview with Robin. MO wore a jacket for the festivities in London that sells for $6800.00
    Now she is all over them mens’ basketball team, hugging and caressing faces?

    This is not the behavior of a First Lady, but will respect company here and not name it.
    She is able to buy or borrow or whatever the current trend is because they do not pay for anything. Taxpayers are footing the bill.

  15. MO goes from wearing $1000 mini/shrunken cardigans to wearing $6800 jackets. Obama campaigned in ’08 wearing shoes with holes in the soles. My, how a few years have made such a difference. Now we have a country in shambles…

  16. I’ve listened to what Mr. Romney answered several times. I for the life of me can not see what all the fuss is over. Nothing offensive there. The very liberal British and American press were creaming in their shorts to start something. Fools rush in..

    Michelle, HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHH, What a Fake…

  17. O/T…but worth noting Chivalry is alive and well with Mitt Romney. When the Romneys de-planed in Israel last night, they walked gracefully down the steps of the aircraft – arm in arm – unlike you know who. What followed was subtle – but telling. Instead of hopping into the open door of the SUV that awaited him on the tarmac, Gentleman Mitt walked past the open door and escorted his wife to the door of the passenger side. When she was safely inside, he walked back around and stepped into the open door. Now that’s class! Every time BO jogs/prances down the steps of AF One, I keep hoping he will fall down and land on his head! There, I said it!

  18. I skipped her taped comments. Actually, she’ll do anything to stay in D.C. another four years. As Koffler stateds, she’s on campaign mode.

  19. It’s not enough that this publicity whore is turning up all over London posing for pictures and slobbering over male athletes and celebrities; she has to get her digs in at Romney as well. She is low-rent.

  20. I wonder how much of MY money she’s spending in London? And I am surprised she didn’t bring one of her daughters —- who she and num nuts could give the title of “tour guide” to justify her free trip for which I am paying.
    Can’t say anything bad about those girls though. They appear to be sweet young women who are going to suffer later from the actions of their parents. Can’t keep all the lies from them too much longer.

  21. Sad but the more I see of these people it is clear that they are the uptown version of Jesse Jackson….smart enough to pander to the 50% of the population that is on their wavelength.

    I often flashback to 2007 when I attended some small heallthcare meeting related to NIH funding for pulmonary disease. In two meetings we had the junior Senator from Illinois. To this day I remember saying to myself, Carol Mosely Braun and now this guy, Illinois is now officially the new New Jersey with these two urban guerillas running the hustle out of Chicago. The other thing that made an impression was that Obama had such a strong cigarette odor if you were seated within a few seats. Oh well he had a plan and we are on our way to thrird world status if we cant get a plan soon.

  22. Romney expressed his concerns, as somoe who had run a successful Olympics. Day by day, we are seeing his concerns being proven right.

    They are clearly having big time security issues. Protestors have nearly been able to disturb events on more than one occasion. And you know they aren’t going to stop until they succeed.

    There are tons of empty seats at major venues and events. There is no excuse for that, and people are getting angry. You sure didn’t see any empty seats at figure skating at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

    He didn’t put them down. He just expressed honest concerns. They should have listened instead of getting their panties in a bunch over his comments…

  23. You nailed it with the ‘uptown version of Jesse Jackson’, Brian W.

    From “THE AMATUER”:

    Klein interviewed Herman Hartman, past President of ABLE, a powerful group of Af/Am business leaders and entrepreneurs in Chicago.

    Hartman: “Barack was launched by black business people. I call them Day One People. Jim Reynods,who had met Barack on the basketball court and introduced him around, held a fundraiser for him in his living room. The next day, Barack called me to ask, “How did I do?” I said, “You sounded like you’re running for dogcatcher.” And he said, what do you mean?” I said, “If your’e running for U.S.senator, you have to broaden your views beyond neighborhood concerns. You have to go sit with Jesse Jackson. He knows these subjects–Africa, Europe, the whole international scene.”

    “So I called Jesse and said, ‘Barack needs to talk to you. He needs some broadening.’ And Jesse said, ‘Sure, I’ll met with him.’ Barack lived not far from Jesse’s Operation PUSH, and for the next year Jesse invited Barack to speak at PUSH every Saturday so that he could hone his speaking skills.”

    Perhaps out of fear of alienating white voters, Obama never achnowledged his debt to Jesse Jackson. Nor, for that matter, did Obama show much gratitude to the many Af/Ams who had helped him ascend from obscurity to national acclaim. As Hartman put it to me, “Barack is not necessarily known for his loyalty.”

    Edward Klein