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Romney Unveils the “Built by Us” Collection

Having finally gone on offense over President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remark, the Romney campaign is seeking to maintain the initiative, introducing a line of products under the brand, “Built by us.”

Here’s a sample.

In an email to Romney supporters introducing the new line, Mitt’s son Tagg says he is “glad but not surprised” that his father “stood up” for American business:

Dad understands success is not the result of government, it’s the result of hardworking people who take risks, create dreams, and build lives for themselves and their families.

That’s what the Built By Us collection of shirts, pins and other gear is all about. Built By Us is a rallying cry, and also a celebration of the people who truly make America work.

You deserve credit for your success and to be proud of it. And with every Built By Us Collection item you purchase, you’ll be helping my dad and Republicans nationwide win in November. I think we can all agree we need a President who embraces success, instead of demonizing it.

Dad’s the man for the job.


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The continued attack from Romney suggests it may take some time for Obama to dig out from the collateral damage caused by what many perceive to be an accidental revelation of his true attitude toward business.

The Romney website, which includes the new line of stuff in its store, is currently dominated by the theme, proclaiming that “American is Built by Us” and offering readers a chance to upload their own stories. It also features a series of videos by small business owners talking about how they built their businesses.

29 thoughts on “Romney Unveils the “Built by Us” Collection”

  1. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the wording of this shirt. Too many opportunities for parody. Doing your business is what my dog does. And in urban slang, you can be “all up in one’s business”. I get the concept but I see more Jay Leno/Jon Stewart laughable versions of this than I see people walking the streets wearing this one. Just saying…..

    1. I don’t like it, either. It’s ugly and the message is somewhat ambiguous…the word government? Isn’t Romney running to be in the gov’t?
      I would have used Obama’s words: You Didn’t Bulid That. Those have resonance.
      I don’t know who designs these t-shirts but I could do a better job blind-folded.

      1. Granny, I agree. Maybe this….

        You Didn’t Build That??
        Oh YES I DID!

        Simple, to the point, in your face, no ambiguity. Maybe I’ll run to my t-shirt maker and make my own line of shirts. Anyone in?

        1. That is a great idea. Who says we can’t come up with ideas of our own? There are so many creative people who follow Keith’s blog, I can hardly wait to see the designs!

    2. bill "gettinthescoop" joe

      Listen “ya’ll” — LISTEN UP GOOD. WE NEED TO BE UNITED IN OUR FRONT TO BEAT THE OPPOSITION OBUNDUNDUBUNDULIO AND CHIEF. What we need to do is band together, hand in hand, arm in arm, lips locked and READY TO GO. LETS WIN THIS THING! ROMENY ’08!

        1. bill "gettinthescoop" joe

          What you don’t understand but I do is that this disunity is exactly what the OBUSLER Hustler ADMINIBOMINATION wants. They want us to fight with each other, to be overcome with fearful emotion as the prospect of a Communist TAKEOVER and the UNION. I for one, and seven fortnights ago, have been fighting tooth and nail for every bone in my breath for a Romney victory in 08! DOMINATE. :)

        2. Ol’ “gettinthescoop” is trying to make fun of conservatives and he’s doing a lousy job. Hope the Obot squad isn’t paying him minimum wage.

          Agree the t-shirt could be better designed. I’m just glad they are capitalizing on President Kardashian’s Marxist screed…

    3. I don’t like it either-it is too busy and not to quibble but the logo(s) are too up near the neck of the shirt and not centered

      a simple message of just a few words would have been better

      like “YES I BUILT THAT!”


    4. Agree completely. I think we all agree on the message but the presentation is terrible.
      I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest something for the younger crowd used to the “tag clouds” seen on blogs.
      Just use the “Built by US” at the top and then have a tag cloud of all the individual achievements since the founding:
      bifocals, lighting rods, cotton gin, telegraph, telephone, wireless, john deere, caterpillar, mack, apple, dell, ibm, microwave, television, vcr, camcorder, and on and on and one.
      One cloud, one message, one people, ALL united to ensure the fraud currently enjoying a free stay at 1600 Pennsylvania is removed as soon as possible.

  2. Love it! This is exactly what I had hoped for. Let the not so tolerant left make fun of it or get their panties in a wad. They are going to attack anything and everything Romney does anyway.

    Think I said at the time to mark the date – Friday the 13th of July, 2012, Roanoke, Virginia. That is the first time Obama was honest about his intentions for this great country. He will lose this election for many reasons, but the primary reasons is he took off the mask in that historic fire station speech. Not only did he behave like Rev Wright, he had his Obot church choir answering “that’s right” in the background…

    I replay this video every time I hear him or one of his drones on the boob tube trying to convince me not to believe my lying eyes (or ears)…

  3. How about we built this country America the best in the world!
    We don’t need no stinking roads!
    Well guess too many blue pills switching to duct tape:)

    1. bill "gettinthescoop" joe

      But wouldn’t you say that the very inclination of this explanation if beyond the demonstration of the celebration? I mean come on! This is about the American values of the last century if not more: that Governmen’t ain’t got to build that. What we need to do is band togehter, fist in first, arm in arm, with each other sitting on top of each other’s shoulders so we’re 500 feet tall. It will be a giant daisy chain of Romney supporters — United as one and United as all, under the breath of the Almighty. We shall join in Unison fighting the Foe, sending him to back, packing his backs, and walking on his Toes. LEts GO!

  4. I just hope they made sure the shirt manufacturer and printscreen companies used were located in the U.S. Wouldn’t want to have to hear about that gaffe.

  5. Pfeiffer is a liar, just like all the other Barak (Hugo Chavez) Obama crew. I am not surprised, though, as they have been liars for the whole time they have been in DC.

  6. My husband is a small business owner who was put out of business by Obama’s economy!
    We will proudly wear it and hope the business will come back after Romney becomes president.

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