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An Impassioned Plea to Remove the Red Tape

None of the three guys running the U.S. economy – President Barack Obama, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling – has ever run a business.

But this guy has.

Didn’t want you to miss this.

H/T to one of our readers, gracepmc

21 thoughts on “An Impassioned Plea to Remove the Red Tape”

    1. Exactly. I always get miffed at these Libby’s who claim Obama is the smartest man in the room. What happened to making an assumption and testing the assumption aginst the data! Wait there is no data: no articles from the law editor, no grades from anywhere, no scholarly works published…. The list grows.

    1. I live in a small town in Central Oregon, but that is the Zeitgeist out here and I hope we are not out of step with the ‘vibes’ in the rest of the country.

  1. A star is born! Thank you, Keith. When was the last time we have seen standing “O’s” on the floor of the House? Rep. Kelly is a natural born leader – now how do we get rid of Boehner? Obama would be toast if this man had been here two years earlier. Hope this video goes viral!

  2. I would advise the Republicans that at next month’s convention in Tampa to shorten the keynote speech by 5 minutes and use the 5 minutes to show this speech on the big screen for all of the country to see. It is very powerful.

    1. Take it from the keynote speaker himself, christie has one of those big boots on the necks of small bussinesses here in NJ!

  3. What a fantastic speech…so impassioned about the boot of government on the neck of small businesses. Rep Kelly is part of the 2010 Tea Party wave of citizen lawmakers, who were voted in over career politicians. Hope his speech gives many others the courage to step out of the shadows of this failed government, tell Boehner to put his decorum where the sun don’t shine, and give ’em hell.

  4. Keith… glad you put this up…..awesome speech…….hope the people of this country have the wisdom and the guts to put more like Rep Kelly in congress in November…..I agree with OldTimer…this speech needs to be shown at the Republican convention……he is definitely “part of the new breed”…..we just have to round up more of them.

  5. The blatant hypocricy of this Congressman and his fellow legislators is just stunning and insulting at the same time. If he and his supporters just noticed that regulations and government mandated restrictions are killing business initiatives or causing a slowdown in every aspect of our economy, then they all should admit their imcompetence and resign from office.

    It’s more likely that these members of Congress are running for re-election and have been informed by the voters of their respective districts that they have abandonded their promises to the people and are in danger of being tossed out of office.
    The election of 2010 was a mandate from the voters to get serious about our national debt, and to cut back government programs that Congress oversees. We expect our representatives in Congress to be the watchdog, to look out for our best interests and not allow the EPA, the DEA or any other regulatory agency to impose draconian regulations on our business community or private individuals.

    1. Kelly just became a representative in 2011, he’s part of the solution, not the problem And no, I’m not in his district.

      If you’re refering to the cheering, you may be correct.

  6. Thanks for this. Although srdem55 is probably right to the extent that re- election might have been a motivator and this kind of passion about doing the right thing is what should be in the hearts and minds of legislators and on the floor of Congress more often, I will take this for what it is — a condemnation of what is wrong and a reaffirmation of what we all know — that America unleashed can be a powerful force. And Kelly, for whatever reason, stood up for her on this day at this minute when it would have been so easy not to.

  7. Mr. Kelly made more sense in five minutes than our Termite-in-Chief has made with thousands of words in three and a half years.

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