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Senate Dems: Romney Money Edge Destroyed Obama Lead

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – the political arm of Senate Democrats – this afternoon sent a desperate note out to supporters pleading for money to counter Mitt Romney’s fundraising edge, which it said had “destroyed” Obama’s lead in the polls.

Here’s an excerpt from the message:

friend — Mitt Romney has won the fundraising race for two consecutive months, and the last month of polling shows it has destroyed President Obama’s lead:

We only have 102 days left until the election, and Romney gets closer to executing a full GOP takeover every day we don’t hit our fundraising goal.

The email, sent by DSCC Political Director Crystal King under the subject line “it’s gone,” includes a link to a fundraising page and a request to “pitch in $5 to Democrats to turn these numbers around.”

King says the DSCC is some $500,000 short of its July fundraising goal with only four days left to go.

The latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll suggests things may be even worse for Romney, putting him ahead of Obama by 49 percent -44 percent.

19 Responses to Senate Dems: Romney Money Edge Destroyed Obama Lead

  1. You know they really started to panic when the only people fainting at his 1/2 full speechifyin’s were passing out from … heat exposure!

    • Obama is so selfish that he wants to keep all the fainting to himself. Goshdarn it. All he does all day is faint. What’s wring with him? Someone tell me! Real presidents feel the rush of the moment, but faint they do not. I cant agree with you more!

      • Beedogs, you “bee” right. The communist left has taken over the party. Bumbling “poop in the pants” Obumbler is one stone’s throw away for apologizing for America’s apologies for being apologetic. Bumbling Barry has even limited the nation’s true, anglo-Americans from fainting through the extensive use of para legals and corpse men, not to mention the TSA cronies and the Chicago mobsters led by king Rahm himself. And lest you forget: Axelrod has been gaming the system for years, using his super secret mind control machine to make innocent victims at Obama rallies faint on command. This is a true American farce, and the deeper into the rabbit hole I go, the more I learn. We only have one solution: move to Canada.

  2. Hi Keith,

    Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but the last sentence of your blog reads that “things may be even WORSE for Romney, putting him ahead of Obama by 49 percent -44 percent”. Sorry, I don’t get it.

  3. Stop the press!!!!!! Michelle Obama actually was wearing something tasteful to
    meet the Queen. I was gopsmacked must take a blue pill and rest:)

  4. “The latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll suggests things may be even worse for Romney, putting him ahead of Obama by 49 percent -44 percent.”

    Keith, did you mean “better” here, instead of “worse”?

  5. Contrary to DSCC beliefs, the American people are NOT stupid. For whatever reasons, they gave Obama a try. He failed. Not to be too simplistic but this is no different from a baseball game where your pitcher is getting creamed. You bring in a new pitcher. Give the ball to Romney and see what he can do.

  6. Terika, you nailed it. It’s a bad sign when the ‘fainters’ have disappeared. Maybe the Messiah should go back to one of his favorite teasers – the ritualistic removal of his jacket on stage. On second thought, there’s not enough flesh on his bones to risk that stunt.

  7. Romney’s money advantage definitely destroyed Obama’s lead. But it’s important to remind Americans that in 2008, Obama’s money advantage “destroyed America”.