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Ryan: Obama Hasn’t Spoken to Me in Over a Year

Rep. Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman and the GOP point man on budgetary and other economic issues, said today that he has not spoken to President Obama in more than a year.

Ryan, who spoke on the Laura Ingraham Show this morning, is probably the most important man in Congress for Obama to do business with if he wants to reduce the deficit and find an agreement that would avert the year-end “fiscal cliff,” when horrendous tax increases and spending cuts will take place if a deal isn’t struck.

The absence of even a conversation with Ryan – no less a meeting – calls into the question whether Obama is the least bit serious about trying to find agreement on extending the Bush tax cuts, an issue on which he has been pounding Republicans as allies of the rich. It suggests he is much more content to let this and other fiscal problems simmer so he can use them as a means of attacking Republicans.

During the past year, Ingraham noted, Obama has seen fit to meet with Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, but not Ryan. She could have added to the list a host of other celebrities and athletes, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Barbara Streisand, Charles Barkley, Chris Rock, Jay-Z and Tom Hanks and George Clooney, which whom he’s had  multiple sessions.

Given Ryan’s that Republicans look to Ryan for guidance on fiscal matters, Obama’s lack of conversations with him may be even more significant than his failure to maintain his relationship with House Speaker Boehner, with whom he has had only two pro-forma meetings this year.

Meanwhile, the president has been relentlessly traversing the country seeking donations for his campaign.

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  1. Obama does not want to do the duties required of the POTUS. He has failed repeatedly to do the minimum requirements of the office he holds…

  2. MT for re-redistribution

    So how’s that pot-smoking cool brother working out in the big gig? If Ryan was a lobster, bong, or golf ball, Owebama would talk to him.

    I think Ryan would be a great VP.

  3. For 3.5 years this economic illiterate has said we have to build the economy from the bottom up. Today he has a new campaign ad: “We have to build the economy from the middle out”. He still doesn’t get it.

    He knows he’s in over his head – he won’t meet with anyone – DEM or R because he doesn’t want anyone to find out how ignorant he is. He once referred to the P/E ratio (price to earnings) as ‘profit to earnings’…in front of a group of Wall Streeters.

    His only accomplishment as a community organizer was obtaining the removal of asbestos in a Chicago low-rent apt. complex – and that took 5 years! He’s a con artist.

  4. Ubama hasn’t met with Ryan out of pure self-preservation. Ryan is WAY too smart for Ubama to keep up with – Ubama would have to bring an entire team of people to match wits with Ryan. Ubama shuns opportunities to embarrass himself – this is why Ubama doesn’t meet with Ryan (or Cantor) – they’d confirm Ubama’s lack of intelligence because they don’t fall for his BS and have both proven to call him out as the fool in the room.

    1. Absolutely right on! Especially after Ryan wiped the floor with the Democrats at the Health Care Summit!! I can watch that clip over and over. Next to Ryan, Obama’s empty suit is on full display!!

  5. RepRyan’s fiscal plans don’t meet MrObama’s plans for “investments” in unionized jobs or pie-in-the-sky alternate energy plants. MrO doesn’t want to hear about cut-backs or eliminating give-aways, he wants to talk about squeezing more money from the taxpayers.
    MrRyan doesn’t have the allure or the appeal of the glitterati or the Hollyweird crowd that MrO wants to join.

    There have been printed stories that count the number of “famous entertainers” that support either MrO and MrR. The implication that support from someone famous makes for a better President or that lack of support indicates a dull, drab candidate is something that the MSM is pushing.
    They might be surprised that GeorgeClooney’s support will translate into exactly one vote (if he deigns to actually vote in Nov) and nothing more.

    MrRyan leads a group of responsible legislators who aren’t blinded by the glitter or compelled to sell our future for a couple of votes. Most Americans expect our elected officials to act in a mature way, and not act like star-struck teenagers.

    1. You are so right on Mr.SRdem…odumbo is surely THE most ill-equipped, un-responsible, immature, ignorant (just to name a few from a long list) president I hope we will ever see… Yet I’m still so shocked of the compliant press he seems to own… They question very little about the abuse and derelict of office odumbo commits on a 24/7 basis.. And the closer we get to Nov ,the more I hope the truth will emerge and be made aware to a celebrity worship culture that cannot seem to think clearly on it’s own…

  6. A couple year ago I heard a radio interview with a guy who was a law student at the University of Chicago when Obama was a lecturer there. This guy described himself as to the right of center and pro guns. He said he was the odd man out on campus because all the professors and most all the students were left wingers. He would seek out others who had opposite views.of his so that he could develop his debating skills. He was known as the gun guy on campus He had heard about Obama but had not met him. Finally he met Obama. Obama told him…..Oh, you are the gun guy. I do not believe in guns..Then Obama turned around and walked away. This guy said Obama only hung out with others who had the same views as his..

    What I gathered from this story is that if someone does not believe the same as Obama then they just don’t count .He does not comprise. There is no way he will sit down when someone and do a give and take and come to some sort of comprise. Remember during the Obamacare discussions Obama told the Republican….I won. The way it works with Obama is…what is good for him comes first before what is good for the country.

    1. OT – he just happened to appear on Laura Ingraham’s show today. He was actually also on the faculty. Repeated the same story you mention. Said he offered to discuss things with Obama – offer declined, and not particularly politely.

  7. This topic would make a good campaign ad for Governor Romney…not meeting with Ryan, Boehner, et al — goes hand in hand with a previous ad pointing out Barry’s number of fundraisers (100+) versus meetings with his “Jobs Council” (ZERO!)

    1. My thoughts exactly – what a great ad this would make. Point out who he didn’t have time for: Boehner, Ryan, etc., and then the “but he did have time for…” and show a relentless montage of pictures of McCartney, Jagger, Babs, and on and on and on…

      I wonder if it would resinate? What a great way to show the priorities…

  8. Of course he hasn’t talked to Ryan. He has a set agenda and his Communist masters have set it for him so he won’t deviate from it.

  9. Well to be fair, until this week’s recent rash of WH kabuki meetings Obama rarely meets with anyone, including his own economic, intelligence, defense people. Biden, Jarrett and Michelle seem to be his go to staff. Communication with Holder must be through secret code or ESP. The country is run by administrative regulation and Executive Order. Meetings are reserved for fundraisers and glitterati and weekends are for golf. Rumor has it meetings with TOTUS are going to be severely limited as well.

  10. LMAO! Does…”Barack Hussein Obama” (former No-Term “US Senator”) even KNOW what the ‘US Legislature is? (re: US House & US Senate)

    Being a History major I seem to remember that LBJ (Dem.) had the balls to meet & talk with most every memeber of the US Congress.

    From what the “media” told us Obama was suppose to be the ‘Messiah’ who would solve every Partisan-Political problem in DC (re: “Hope and Change”) SO? Why hasent that happened yet??

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  12. Did anyone gasp, when learning of boy-man Obama’s reaction?

    He and his handlers thought he was running for Most Petulant Child in Chief?

  13. Obama has also only had one cabinet meeting so far in 2012, now almost 8 months into the year. This is beyond shocking and is almost enough to wonder if this man is actually running the country or not.

  14. Barack Ogoofy has reached a new low, by far Jimmy Carter as mistaken as he was, he loved this country. This guy has no vision, no guts. no drive to help the nation he is just trying to save his ass, Barack…no f,,,,g way

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