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Romney Stages First Olympic Event: The Flip Flop

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was awarded the first gold medal of the Olympic Games today in the flip flop, building on a string of victories in the event he scored at the national championships in the United States.

Romney, who has won his first international medal ever in the event, hopes to follow in the footsteps of 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry, who took three golds in flip flopping at the Athens Summer Olympics.

Romney’s initial flip was a beauty, as he fearlessly noted the serious problems confronting the London Olympics even as he was preparing to have meetings with Britain’s leaders.

It’s hard to know just how well it will turn out . . . There are a few things that were disconcerting, the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials, that obviously is not something which is encouraging.

This was followed by a perfect flop, which Romney performed today, on the second day of the competition:

What I see shows imagination and forethought and a lot of organization and I expect the games to be highly successful . . . I applaud the work the organizers did in bringing the Olympics experience right into the heart of London.

My experience as an Olympic organizer is that there are always a few very small things that end up not going quite right in the first day or so – these get ironed out and then when the games themselves begin and the athletes take over.

Romney, however, may have picked up his last medal of the games, since he has said he will not talk substance while on foreign soil, eliminating an outstanding opportunity to switch his position on a variety of issues.

President Obama this morning sent congratulation to Romney for his medal.

28 Responses to Romney Stages First Olympic Event: The Flip Flop

  1. This kerfuffle over this is ridiculous. The man answered the question honestly, yesterday, and was beaten up for it. EVERYONE yesterday told him he needed to retreat … and now he’s being beaten up for that?

    This is who the DC insiders GAVE us. He was inevitable. I pouted, but sucked it up. And now I’ve got these same people explaining that their man – the one who was most electable – isn’t performing well enough?

    ba, He spoke honestly, and everyone should have defended him YESTERDAY for saying so.

    • He was asked a question that is right in his wheelhouse. He answered it honestly, based on – as you mentioned – reports that have been out for weeks. I don’t see what he said as THAT terrible.

      • Spot on. Everyone, including uber-liberals and their mouthpieces (such as NPR), have been droning on and on about bad security, bad traffic, and mean Big Brother tactics (no shop is allowed to display anything relating to the Olympics, like bread baked into Olympic Rings, or Olympic bunting, unless they’ve paid for proper licensing). Even the UK media has been grumbling and complaining, especially about the lack of security and (shudder) the “Olympic Lanes”, which have apparently screwed up traffic. So Mitt Romney said something honest. Egads! How dare he. He should be like mama O and mooch with a closed mouth.

  2. Much ado about nothing. They asked his opinion and he gave it. Hypocrites and lefties in the MSM please be sure to treat Exalted Dear Leader Obamalamadingdong in the same vein.

  3. Yeahhh… Because what could Mitt Romney possibly contribute to a conversation about the Olympics? The nerve. He answers a question honestly and is then selectively quoted and the wold goes apes#it at his rudeness to his hosts. He then recovers in a complimentary fashion and now he”s a flip flopper. Whatever… we’ve all become such frail porcelain dolls.

  4. Much ado about nothing is right… There is nothing Romney can say or do that can top President Kardashian’s “You Didn’t Build That” speech on Friday the 13th of July 2012 in Roanoke, Virginia. That day will forever be remembered as the day the mask came off…

  5. There is no flip flopping here. He answered he was concerned. The world had been lambasting London for weeks.
    He was much more objective than all the reporters and he did offer kudos from one in charge of an Olympics to another.
    As someone who had been in charge of an Olympics, his opinion would carry a bit more weight than say —– those who haven’t?

  6. The media WANTS an empty suit politician. Romney has mucho experience in the area, spoke his mind truthfully and now gets slammed. I do think he needed to just shut up, perhaps talk PRIVATELY with the Brit leaders. Now he has experienced the British press and he will be better for it…(I hope!)

  7. It’s a tempest in a teapot, but watch for Cameron to take one more trip across the pond to campaign for Obama. Even the Queen was ticked off when Obama tricked Cameron into campaigning with him on AF One after the bizarre State Dinner that included dozens of Obama’s top bundlers and donors. Ths is far from over.

  8. Of course, let’s bash MrRomney over the head for speaking the truth and then kick him in the shins for trying to smooth over the Brits hurt feelings.

    Here are some happenings that we DO care about:
    the POTUS says “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers and not criminals” but no one points out that our soldiers don’t use that firearm, or that MrO’s DOJHolder sponsored a program that put thousands of AK-47’s in the hands of Mexican criminals.
    We care that Dem Mayors want to discriminate against a legitimate business because its owner believes that marriage is “one man, one woman” and considers Sunday as a holy day.

    We care about our coal and gas industries abilities to keep us moving and with the electricity we need for our modern life. We’re worried about the attacks on our personal freedoms; our freedom of religion, our right to bear arms and our right to pursue what we believe is our happiness.
    We’re not worried about what the Brits think of MrRomney’s appraisal of security at the Olympics, we’re worried about a nuclear war in the MiddleEast.

  9. Good job, Keith.

    What are all these pols doing galivanting around Europe, anyway? It was disgusting when Obama went to Europe to pick their pockets and it’s even worse to see Romney doing it.

    Between these two clowns America must be the laughingstock of the world.

  10. That’s what they’re upset about ? Romney’s concern? I’ve been reading about London’s security concerns for weeks, we’ve sent people over to beef it up. Testing of the new VIP lanes (shutting down others) caused 32 mile backups, has that been resolved. Of course MO and her entourage will probably be shutting down the VIP lanes.

    Romney’s Olympics in SLC came only a few months after 9-11, I trust his concern. Where’s the quotes from the guy who said Romney only knows how to run an Olympics in a small, nothing city, but London is so much bigger and better!

    MR was speaking honestly to the question.

  11. OMG he answered a question with an honest answer! You see the drooling
    masses are used to Obama telling them whatever they want to hear too make them happy true or not. Like Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise ‘you can’t handle
    the truth’ and the Brits need to manup they’ve got problems it’s in their own papers daily!

    • It is political correctness (aka cultural Marxism) run amok. If Romney was a phony and said “Everything looks great no security problems at all”, I’d bet the farm the flying monkeys in the press would the first to blame him for any security issues that come up.

  12. Nice…Let me also add he stood at rapt attention during the playing of the national anthem, hand over his heart and NOT CHEWING GUM.

    • What a nice picture looks like a man who loves and respects his country. Also just to be a bit catty hope the Romney horse wins in the
      Dressage competition:)

  13. Romney staff = HOW CAN WE READERS OF “WhiteHouseDossier.Com” BECOME Romney Campaign Staff???

    Just to make Romney have some GOOD Campaign Ads to attack Obama…?

  14. He shouldn’t have said that.

    A politicians job is to cover sh*t in sugar and sprinkles…that’s why we are where we are today. I love living in dream-world.

    Now where did i put those checks from .gov.

  15. This is a mamby ad hominem attack on Mitt. Why do attack Barry, and the fact the he was absent and sent his wife. Mitt was there to support our competitors. Why not talk about how Mitt saved the Olympics in the US?
    Wait, that would be factual and positive in regard to a conservative, so no chance here with yellow journalism spewing your
    Iiberal spiteful diatribes.

  16. This is all about getting Obama re-elected and sabotaging his trip abroad by Obama’s minions, which very much include British politicians and media. Any normal person can see the comments as very valid, basic, and quite benign, actually. The hysterical reaction is designed to get maximum political play on a trip that was designed to give Romney a boost. Political theatre is all this is.