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How Does One Get Reelected with this Economy?

There’s just no longer any way to spin this. There is no reason why the economy should not be picking up after three and a half years of the Obama presidency. Unless the problem is the Obama presidency.

The Commerce Department announced today that the economy grew only 1.5 percent the second quarter of the year. This is not an aberration or hiccup.

Since Obama was inaugurated, the economy has grown above 2.5 percent only twice, and only once since the beginning of 2011. This is the Obama economy.

I want to tell you something. There are certain bottom lines in life.

Gilligan, we're shipwrecked!

Obama has failed to turn the economy around. And Mitt Romney is going to have more money to spend on the campaign than the president.

You can do all the micro-targeting, all the get–out-the-vote efforts, and all the demonization of your opponent that you want. But unless it turns out that Romney spent his weekends during the 1980s robbing banks and loan sharking, I just don’t see how Obama gets reelected.

Perhaps the only thing that can save Obama would be a dramatic external event, like war with Iran or a terrorist attack, which causes the country to rally around the president. It could happen.

The interesting thing about the slowing economy is the cause: Businesses and consumers don’t want to spend. They are uncertain. And that’s Obama’s fault.

Instead of laboring with Congress to put in place long term solutions to the recession, such as tax reform and changes to the entitlement system that would rein in the long term deficit, Obama has added a new entitlement – Obamacare – and thrown bits and pieces of stimulus at the problem.

People don’t know what Obamacare will do to the economy. Banks are still waiting while rules for the two year old, endlessly complex Dodd-Frank financial reform bill are written. There is no plan to conquer the deficit, which casts a pall of uncertainty over the nation’s future.

Obama’s plan to “secure the future” was to create new subsidies – “investments” – for green industries. But no serious person believed that this was anything but the usual liberal spending.

Obama had a chance to set the boat right before exploring new territory. Instead he took us on a journey across the Seven Seas to find the Left Wing Holy Grail.

And now we’re shipwrecked. He will pay the price.

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  1. Perhaps the only thing that can save Obama would be a dramatic external event, like war with Iran or a terrorist attack, which causes the country to rally around the president. It could happen. That’s what scares me. Something could be staged or really happen.

    The interesting thing about the slowing economy is the cause: Businesses and consumers don’t want to spend. They are uncertain. You are exactly right. We are waiting to see what happens in November.

    1. I’m with you as far as being scared about a desperate BHO staging something or at least deliberately getting into something bad in October.

    2. Isn’t that exactly what happened in 2008, when McCain was leading, and then the bottom fell out of the markets? A crisis that didn’t go to waste.

      I still want to know exactly where George Soros was, and what his financial moves were prior to that financial disaster. Something very fishy came along and gave Obama that election.

      1. Mark Urbo – you are so very right!!! If you think there have been a lot of silly Main Stream Media stories designed to make Romney look bad – just wait – they are just warming up…..

      2. The conservative media is very active. A movie just released in Texas and Oregon is going to be a smash hit and will probably cause the Democrats to think twice about running Obama. The name of it is 2016. Learn more at: 2016themovie. com

  2. A challenge, hmm.
    First, one trashes, slimes, and digs for dirt to throw on one’s opponent. Second, bribe one’s base with free “stuff”.
    Third, promise people of another country an easy pass to become a citizen.
    Fouth, show photos of your darling children and imply that they will be unhappy if they have to move back to Chicago.
    Fifth, and most important, under no circumstance allow the election be about anything you’ve done, said, or failed to do.

    If none of the above are working, accuse your opponent of being a racist.

    1. don’t forget the large turnout of dead people and illegal aliens that may not even know they are voting.

  3. Good article thanks. In answer to your header — Holder, Acorn disguised, Voter Fraud, The New Black Panthers, dead people, non existent people, multiple personality people, illegals, maybe pets- dead or alive. And if that doesn’t work someone is going to have to pry Michelle’s hands from the White House door

  4. Keith – way too many words for liberals to understand – you’re preaching to the choir. Let me summarize how this works:

    Obama on Romney: “I think most Americans figure if you are the chairman, CEO and president of a company that you are responsible for what that company does.” (interview with WJLA, 7/13/2012) – eg, Romney must be held accountable because that’s what Americans expect.

    Obama on the piss-poor Economy, 2009 – 2012: “It’s Bush’s fault” – eg, it’s Bush’s fault because it’s Bush’s fault.

  5. From an email I received today from Crystal King, DSCC Political Director.

    “Mitt Romney has won the fundraising race for two consecutive months, and the last month of polling shows it has destroyed President Obama’s lead:
    *** 30 Day Poll Tracker***
    7/25: TIE Obama: 46 Romney: 46 (Gallup)
    7/10: +6 points Obama: 49 Romney: 43 (Pew Research)
    6/20: +13 points Obama: 53 Romney: 40 (Bloomberg)
    We only have 102 days left until the election, and Romney gets closer to executing a full GOP takeover every day we don’t hit our fundraising goal.
    The July FEC deadline is in just four days, and we still have $500,000 left to raise. Can you pitch in $5 to Democrats to turn these numbers around?
    Crystal King
    DSCC Political Director”

    King wants to blame the Romney fundraising as the reason why Obama has lost the lead in the election campaign. I would put the blame where it belongs, on Obama. His policies, or as you point out, lack of economic policies, are the reason for the shift in the tide.

    Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) put it bluntly from the House floor:

    The economy is Obama’s, and there is NOTHING that anyone on his “Truth Team” can say that will convince any thinking American that it is not.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Shofar. It doesn’t matter if Romney out raised BHO for a couple of months. The fact is that BHO has more cash since he’s been fundraising forever and that he out SPENT Romney with all the ads attacking Romney (Bain, tax returns, blah, blah, blah). The Obama campaign strategy has not only failed to hurt Romney, but it completely turned people off BHO.

      Also, I think it’s interesting that that DSCC email cites polls for the last three months, but from three different sources. Each of them have different methods of polling, so the comparison month to month is not very accurate. They could have just posted Gallup’s polls for the three months, but that wouldn’t fit their narrative that the PO(tu)S has been losing ground steadily all because Romney has been pulling in more money.

      1. Actually Romney has more money on hand at this point. Obama’s burn rate has been massive. At the end of June Romney had about 170 mil on hand versus apex. 140 mil for the President iirc.

    2. Any voter who didn’t know who he was going to vote for since even before Romney became the “candidate”, is competely stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Period.

  6. My only quibble with your astute observations…

    “He will pay the price.”

    No. WE will be paying the price. To right the ship (both meanings) will take more than overthrowing dear leader – the Senate has to be thrown overboard as well.

    p.s. Loved the photo, but Bonnie & Clyde would have substituted just as well.

  7. “Perhaps the only thing that can save Obama would be a dramatic external event, like war with Iran or a terrorist attack, which causes the country to rally around the president. It could happen.”

    Don’t be giving them ideas! Is anyone else dreading a manufactured crisis?

  8. After years of denying that “uncertainty” affects the economy and claiming it’s all a “demand” problem, democrats have to face the fact that the government needs private industry for this recovery and it simply cannot ignore how its actions affect companies in private industry.

    I’m not sure what this president thought. That the government alone — or even more off base that he alone — could lead a recovery?

    He really has to be moved aside so someone can take another shot at our economic recovery. Someone who understands private industry and the global economy appears quite attractive right about now.

    1. Your statement doesn’t jive with the facts. “government alone” isn’t driving the current recovery… we have been losing government jobs monthly for quite awhile. aka (cutting spending)

      Private sector job growth despite govt losses is the growth we are seeing. You are entitled to an opinion but it sounds delusional

  9. How do you get re-elected with this economy? From what I’m seeing you just:

    1. Find a sycophantic press corps
    2. Expand welfare programs to increase dependency on the government
    3. Fan the flames of class warfare and resentment
    4. Relentlessly demonize the opponent
    5. Don’t even friggin’ mention Obamacare.

    Oh, and Blame Bush ™

  10. Hmm…Biden as the Skipper, Odumbo as Gilligan. How about Mooch as MaryAnne, George Clooney and DWS as the Howell’s, Bernanke as the Professor, and for Ginger lets say Pelosi

  11. His only hope is to get enough people to believe the poor economy is not his fault and he did everything someone could do to fix it.

    I don’t think a catastrophic event would really rebound into Obama’s favor, to be honest.

  12. That was the most succinct, matter of fact, no bullshit take on this spin-doctored White House campaign I’ve read in weeks.
    Thank You.

    (What? No “Professor-and-Mary Anne”? No “Thurston B. Howell lll”?)

  13. Obama still has the media painting Romney as “the other”.

    We’re still hearing how Romney disrespected the Brits when all he did was give a direct and thoughtful answer to Brian Williams question: “In the short time you’ve been here, do they look ready, to your experienced eye?” Part of his answer reflected what the British media had already said.

    Then you’ve got CBS with a “Michelle Obama: British know what they’re doing” just so it’s clear than Obama still loves the Brits. And the CBS site managed to edit out Mark Phillips’ comments at the end of the piece which reflected the same concerns as Romney’s answer to Williams’ question.

  14. What a bunch of crap. Obama took over an economy ruined by GW Bush, with the worst unemployment rate since the second year of Reagan’s reign (yes, I said the obvious) and the worst GDP numbers since the Great Depression. He turned it around. It may not be where we’d like it to be, but we’re a lot better of than we would have been under McCain (aka “I’m running with Stupid”).

    1. Have they finally come out with a substance from algae strong enough to have these people so delusional to this point of denial? After reading and listening to these people’s comments I think they have done it.

      1. if you look at every graph of gdp / unemployment / what have you it clearly was a massive drop-off as a result of the financial crisis caused by bubble economics and aided by deregulation.

        after the stimulus bill, the hemorrhaging stopped and growth began. you can contrast this to most other countries that did not engage in stimulus at that time and you will see significantly better progress in the US than the rest of developed economies.

        growth is slower than anyone wanted, but boehner is clearly blocking any kind of government intervention and encouraging the fed to do nothing for political reasons.

        once job loss at the state and local levels stops (it will soon) private sector gains will show more prominently and we will see the kind of growth we have been hoping for and republicans have been actively rooting against and sabotaging.

    2. Sorry sweetheart, the economy was in much better shape under Bush.
      BO owns this economy and all the other messes he has made, which are numerable. If this economy is a turnaround to you, keep drinking the Kool-aid.and watching MSNBC.

      1. all of job losses and all of the gdp contraction ocurred under bush and the first 6 months of the obama presidency.

        after the economy was stabilized by the recovery act, there is not a single month of job loss under the obama administration, nor is there a quarter of gdp contraction…

        it is VERY accurate to attribute the losses to the bush administration as they DID NOT occur during the obama administration, under which average gdp growth was 2.2% annually, which is lower than we would want, but better than almost any other developed economy during this crisis…

        Please keep some grip on reality even if you are going to be partisan

        1. Monthly unemployment numbers were first recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1948.

          From January of 1948 to January of 2009, monthly unemployment was above 8% 39 times COMBINED. In six decades.

          From February of 2009 to now, we have had 41 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS of 8% or higher unemployment. In other words, under Obama, we have had unemployment numbers that have never been this high, this much, since records were first kept over half a century ago.

          Blaming Bush isn’t selling anymore. The public has had it with the finger pointing. Your boy owns this economy, and trying to blame it someone who left office when XBox Kinnect didn’t even exist is the argument of someone who’s either beaten, and knows it, or is in serious denial.

    3. kellyinboston July 27, 2012 at 5:38 pm
      Bush and Democrat Congress ruined the economy? Yes Bush made mistakes but Barack Kardashian was gonna fix it.. Hmmmmmm
      Vote Ted Cruz for Senate July 31st.

    4. “He turned it around. ”

      Not really. Once the financial situation was stabilized in 2009 (via the Bush administration), the economy would have recovered on its own and a lot faster. Obama has stalled this recovery under a barrage of government debt, spending, and regulation. This is the worst recovery on record since the Great Depression.

    5. Obama was one of the Dem senators who filibustered to block the efforts by GW Bush and other Republicans to clean up the big mess that was brewing in the Dem-controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, where the crisis started. Previously, Obama represented ACORN when they were suing banks to force them to make riskier loans. Obama was more directly responsible for the crisis than Bush.

      The deepest recessions are usually followed by the strongest recovery — unless the government takes counterproductive action. Obama is strangling business because he views it as the enemy, unless it’s in his pocket.

      The GW Bush economy overall was vastly better than the Obama economy has ever been. Dems have very short memories, I guess.

    6. Another rocket scientist liberal who convienently never heard of the Community Reinvestment Act started under Carter and expanded under the ticking time bomb teflon “president” Bill Clinton.

      What exactly is “a lot better” genius? The unemployent rate? The price of fuel? The housing market? The Middle East? Race relations? The debt and deficit? Health care? What?

    7. Typical Boston MOONBAT! Probably a Lizzy Warren (aka Princess Lieawatha) supporter to boot! The economy Obumbles “inherited” was a gift from the Democraps who held both houses of Congress since January 7, 2007 It was after that date that the economy really started to tank! A simple check of the facts will bear this out! Your saviour, Obumbles, turned NOTHING around! All he did was take what the Democraps led by the aging wide-eyed hippie from Haight-Ashbury, Nancy Pelosi, in the House and brain-dead Dingy Hary Reid in the Senate gave him and proceeded to make it countless times worse! Obumbles is an incompetent hack who is in way over his head AND pay grade! It will take decades to undo the mass of havoc and destruction this idiot has done to this country! May he rot in Hell!

    8. @ KellyinBoston…the liberal movement took root during the Vietnam era protests. Your pansy Senator John Forbes Kerry jumped on board with this. I could not go anywhere in uniform without being spit on by these liberal left wacko’s. In essence it was a takeover of power by the left and everything has gone downhill since. All kinds of new agencies were formed and the country has gone deep into debt. We now have an incompetent President with socialist leanings. He had the opportunity to turn the economy around with a Democratic Congress…He failed. GW Bush had a Democratic Congress from 2006. There are 3 branches of government and which one does the appropriations…Congress. The Democratic Congress is responsible for the state of the economy today. GW Bush worked with the Congress. B Obama has not worked with the Congress and as such the blame lies squarely on Barack Obama. Under Obama the debt is twice what it was under Bush in less than 4 years and the Congress has not passed a budget since 2009. You have $800million in stimulus money given to Obama…where did it go? He makes these promises and says businesses are creating jobs. They are much of the green energy money was used to create manufacturing jobs in Mexico, Malaysia, and China. The head of Obama’s economic task force, GE’s Jeffery Inmelt partners with China, transfers technology, and sent 2 of it’s divisions to China leaving Americans on the street. This creep will defile Romney for “outsourcing” when he has been doing it all along. The Chinese are even building our bridges, i.e. Oakland Bay bridge, yet he has the shear audacity to stand in front of a bridge and claim Americans need infrastructure jobs. Liar, liar pants on fire.

    9. The obvious answer is that Obama is actively trying to keep the recession going as long as he can until he has us all broke! We Must Not give him 4 more years to totally play this destructive plan out!!!

  15. I have tried to ask sycophant Obama supporters why ‘Pres.’ Obama could not make the US Economy better in 4 years… They just look at me and start to sputter B.S. about “Bush & Republicans”.
    I then try to remind them that Obama was the “Messiah” in 2008… then they just call me a “Tea Party racist”…

    1. Ask them if there were any republicans before Obama was elected or did they rise up out of nowhere to keep him from doing what he wanted?

      1. Democrats controlled the House and Senate from 2006 to 2010. 2 years under Bush and 2 years under Obama. Under Bush the government was working. Under Obama it is not. Blame the Republicans all you want but Pelosi and Reid are the ones who fudged it up and Obama went along with their liberal left plan. Not about the economy…about their social agenda.

    2. If you truly believe the involvement in two disasterous, costly wars, massive deregulation and tax cuts as well as external factors beyond US control such as problems within the EU had nothing to do with the economic mess that Obama was left to deal with – then it sounds like you are indeed in sympathy with the Tea Party and their nonsensical claims.
      As far as Obama being the ‘Messiah’ – he seems to have been annointed with that title by the RIght. I recall no claims from President Obama that he would miraculously turn the economy around instantly after years had been spent creating the problem.

  16. Here’s how:
    Electorate manipulation(Obama’s welfare and Latino food stamp ads)
    Manipulation of demography (Re-districting)
    Intimidation (New Black Panthers, SEIU, AFL-CIO,et al)
    Vote buying (“Obama Money”)
    Misinformation (, Code Pink, La Raza, Priorities, etc.)
    Misleading or confusing ballot papers (Ex: Florida 2000 and 2008 elections)
    Ballot stuffing (New Mexico and Virginia’s elections)
    Misrecording of votes (possibly in Barcelona, Spain?)
    Misuse of proxy votes
    Destruction or invalidation of ballots(overseas and absentee ballots)
    Tampering with electronic voting machines (SEIU-Nevada 2010)

    This doesn’t cover National Popular Vote Movements successful efforts in 11 states legislatures to have a “winner-takes-all” Presidential voter result.

    Nor does it cover a private company in Barcelona, Spain tabulating ALL 2012 Presidential Election results. Violates every states right to have their election Recorders Office tabulate and authenticate DRE’s and VVPAT’s.
    Besides, a foreign country tabulating America’s voter results? Talk about fraud. God Bless America, she’s definitely on life support. Amen.

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  18. Keith, great article but…..the graphic…….If you introduce Hillary’s head over Ginger’s body, we’re going to have to have a serious talk, my friend. :>)

  19. Because Romney is a terrible candidate and his plan for massive taxcuts to the rich (which will explode the deficit further than even the bush tax cuts) and dismantle the safety net are despicable. thus, he needs to obfuscate and hide his intentions from the american people and will lose a race that any solid candidate from a reasonable opposition party would win.

    1. Keeping tax rates where they’ve been for the last decade is not a “massive taxcut” [sic]. And it certainly isn’t “spending money on tax cuts,” as Obama believes, because he thinks everything you earn belongs to him first of all. Dishonest use of language is a hallmark of leftism.

    2. The definition of tax cuts to those on the left is not forcing people to fork over a never-ending increase in the amount of the fruits of labor or sound investments to the government so the government can waste more and redistribute more to the unproductive and to politician’s campaign donors.

  20. Keith, I agree. I’ve been saying for about a month that unless something really bad happens or something really good, like aliens bringing everyone in America 100 lbs of gold, that his is going to be a landslide electorally. I don’t think Obama will carry more than 18 states, and it might be 15.

  21. BINGO! Uncertainty is the big issue with the economy. As a small business owner, I assure you that is the single biggest obstacle I face with my customers each day.You are one of very few national writers to pick up on that.

    Nice work (as usual).

  22. The failed policies of the past are the same as the present, they are all Big Government policies!

    Affrodable Housing created the housing bubble, Fannie and Freddie inflated it until it burst crashing the economy.

    Stimulus was nothing more than a $1 trillion wealth transfer, mostly to government employess, unions and crony capitialist like Solyndra

    ObamaCare looms onthe horizon threatening to derail the economy.

    Since FDR total government spending has gone from less than 7% of GDP to more than 40% and is approaching 50%. This is unsutainable and it will stop. The only question is how.

    Will it stop because we had the courage to make the government spend less or because we were cowards like Greece and went bankrupt as we all demanded our fair share.

  23. What Romney shold do once elected…

    1) tax reform – reduce all rates, especially corporate, capital gains, and the death tax. Remove all deductions with the exception of charitable giving, money given away to charity should not be taxed
    2) entitlement reform – Social Security needs to be indexed to life expectancy
    3) repeal ObamaCare – The health care industry needs to be more market driven. Tort reform, opening insurance markets across state lines, and setting up health care accounts should all be looked at.
    4) regulatory reform – All new regulations must stop immediately, all regulations put in place since 2000 should be reviewed and sunsetted if they are not found useful. Any new regulation should be required to be approved by the House of Representatives
    5) energy reform – approve the Keystone pipline, open Anwar for drilling as well as all federal lands and offshore all three coasts. America is sitting on an incredible amount of energy we should develop it and stop importing it!
    6) propose two new constitutional Amendments – a Balanced budget amendment. Term limitations – 3 terms for a senator (12 years) and 5 for the House (10 years).

  24. Sssshhhhhh! Don’t let them know they’re dead in the water. Let them keep their stupid heads in the sand (or in whatever warm, dark place they currently have them inserted).

    (Also beware the fake assassination attempt to gain sympathy. There’s always that, when all else is failing.)

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  26. There is one reason the economy hasn’t been able to heal from the scars of the neocon collapse. See, the things started looking up after the Obama stimulus package, but then the GOP blocked every single thing Obama did…halting the recovery.

    1. Uh, try learning some facts instead of the usual ignorant leftist talking points.

      The banking collapse originated in the leftist policy of forcing banks to extend mortgages to people who were unlikely to be able to pay them back. Nothing “neocon” about it.

      Obama’s “solution” was more of the same, and piling debt onto the taxpayers while shoveling money to his own campaign contributors, some of which funded jobs overseas, and some temporarily propped up “green” companies that were known to be going bankrupt.

      Obama knows zilch about how the economy works. He thinks that if the government builds roads and bridges, that’s what makes businesses spring up and prosper.

      Face it: you voted for an ignorant ideologue who’s incapable of learning from his mistakes, because he’s too arrogant to admit that he makes any.

      1. Why bother wasting your time arguing the facts? Those on the left aren’t interested in facts, only ideology. If facts refute their ideology, their revert to name calling and change the subject.

      2. Yes, clearly having a massive public infrastructure of highways, roads, electrical power distribution, telecommunications, internet and a workforce educated at public expense have nothing to do with the ability to operate a successful business.

        1. You’re right Jeff, so let’s give even more money to the government; let’s make sure that businesses, that already pay their “fair share”, pay even more for infrastructure, teachers, firefighters and cops.

  27. Business, banks and consumers holding off are all remakable effects of this presidency, What is also remarkable is all of the people who are holding off on conceiving children until they see how the election goes.

    Don’t laugh. USA population averaged a 0.9 percent growth each year from 2000 through 2010. It increased by 0.7 percent only in 2010.

    Yet the President accuses Mitt Romney of scaring women…..

    1. Also, as of today, 7/28/12, there were 694,556 reported abortions. Since some states do not keep records of abortions, it isn’t a stretch to say there may have been 1 million or more. Progressives will find this admirable and many of them as eco-terrorists and pro-population controllers, will be ecstatic.

  28. Obama suffers from the black academic’s worse fear — Affirmative Action Paranoia. During the time I was at UCLA one could parse the numbers from the Admittance office and discover that 5 of 6 black students were only present due to their complexion. They sure didn’t have the grades! These AA babies soon learn they are not able to compete with the general population academically so they inevitably turn into bitter clingers to the it’s-whiteys-fault meme. Each of those over-matched resentful kids had at one time or another been exposed as academic frauds while in mixed classes or study groups. As a result they clan together to avoid being embarrassed again.

  29. How? There are a lot of ignorant people (voters??) out there who buy into the liberal headlines and 20 second sound bytes. These are are the people who will reelect Obama. This is hardly a done deal the economy notwithstanding. Romney still needs to give a majority of the American voter a reason to vote for him over Obama. Hopefully that will happen in the coming months.

  30. There’s another way that Obama can win without an external event: technology. I can see Obama winning and in the aftermath we find out that the entire election was about a quarter million people across three states – and Obama got 90% of them by micro-targeting, not just advertising but actual ‘courting’, and he sweeps the three states because of these efforts.

    And if Obama loses, this is still the future I think. I can see advertising being strictly about keeping who you’ve got (much as HBO ensures that if you tune in as a Democrat and keep watching you’ll always be a Democrat) and efforts for new voters targeting people by name (the names that sail thru the precise filters set by high paid consultants).

  31. The more important question is why is there still such a large percentage of people supporting Obama? How could there be that many Americans who want to live under a tyrannical government? Have they lost all will to remain free and why? And the most important consideration of all is even if Romney is elected, unless the Republicans become the majority in the Senate, Romney won’t accomplish anything because Reid will make sure to block consideration of any bill he does not like, which we know will be anything that stops the Progressives from their quest to destroy every last bit of freedom that still exists.

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  34. The economy is doing just fine. Three years of positive economic growth after the Bush Depression; a stock market that has DOUBLED under Obama, s recovering housing market and record high corporate profits and cash.

    Thank YEW, Obama!

  35. How do you get re-elected with this economy? You run against an opponent who has failed to articulate an economic vision of his own, who steadfastly refuses to disclose his tax returns for more than the last two years – the years in which he already knew he was running for President.
    This explains why the latest Wall Street Journal tracking polls show Obama in the lead 49 % to 43 %
    Once Romney returns from his failed European trip he needs to release the returns and then see if he can communicate workable economic policy to the American people.

    1. Well Jeff, first of all, that NBC/WSJ poll was skewed D+11 and included registered voters. The latest Rasmussen poll from Saturday, that polled likely voters, and wasn’t skewed in favor of the democrats, showed Romney leading 48% to 44%; in fact, Romney has lead by 4 or 5% the past three days. Likely voters, expressed through an accurate poll, clearly do not support this economy.

      Romney’s so-called failed European trip is liberal propaganda created for liberals such as yourself to lap up and stay motivated to vote, and predictably, you bought right into it, lock, stock, and barrel.

      I see, Romney needs to release more than two years of his tax returns, which is all that’s required by law, so liberals can pick over them and create more straw men arguments to distract from Obama’s utter failure. How about Obama releasing his college transcripts first so we can get an idea of his true intelligence and work ethic? As egotistical and braggadocious as Obama is, you can be sure that if his college transcripts were flattering and provided further proof of his origin (besides the doctored birth certificate), he would have them plastered all over his website.

      1. No- he needs to release them back to 1999, and also Bain minutes over the period 1999-2002, so we can see whether Felon Romney EMBEZZLED from the Olympics – where he had the records burned and shredded as soon as he left the Olympic management.

        Tell us, sir, WHY should those Olympic management records should have been DESTROYED? What was Felon Romney trying to hide?

    2. Where is Obama’s so-called articulated “economic vision”? Socialism? Marxism? Communism?
      You are worried about Romney’s tax returns? How about ALL of Obama’s SEALED records which he pays attorneys to keep sealed ? — Dems now pushing through a bill to permanently seal his records! Real transparency here!
      How about liberal media who just admitted they SKEWED their polls by 11% Democrap votes obviously in BO’s favor?
      What you accuse Romney of is what Obama does!!

      1. Good point. Where is the budget?

        Up until the “You did not build it!” rant, I was betting on a Socialism. Now looks like the economic vision may be closer to Fascist Corporatism like in Italy under Mussolini. The government comes before the individual in this system. The state will tolerate the individual only if his or her interests coincide with “The State.” It is kind of an about face from Liberalism which would put the individual above “The State” and economically support the individual.

        Could anyone call these beings in Washington who believe in deciding if a senior is worthy of an operation, or who support bail outs and takeovers of industries “Liberals.” Sometimes I think the Liberals are just buffaloed into thinking that what is coming down is a sweet little feel good warm fuzzy agenda that will put the individual first.

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