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Quote of the Day || July 27, 2012

“It’s not that I think the Olympic Games are aren’t secure. It’s just that I think including the Backpack Hide-and-Seek event was a little misguided.”

– Mitt Romney

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

21 Responses to Quote of the Day || July 27, 2012

  1. Heck, everyone makes mistakes – like putting up the No. Korean flags at the wrong venue….

    BTW, the Romneys were on Piers Morgan for the hour tonight. Mrs. Romney was fabulous – Mitt’s secret weapon.

  2. Romney has organized an Olympic and should know what he is talking about. He looked around and noticed the security problems and also some lack of enthusiasm over the Games among the Londoners and talked about it and there was some commotion in the British media about it. But the security problems have been widely discussed for a while and the lack of enthusiasm is no doubt there as well, just read for example the Daily Telegraph. Romney was frank and candid but in the meeting with Cameron he was his courteous, polished self again. But these -true – remarks continued to live their own life in the vicious British media. It´s a pity the Olympic organisation in London couldn´t hire an efficient man like Romney. Security is all important for the Games. By the way, I don´t think that Romney goes along too well with the jelly spined Mr Cameron who seems to go along very well with Obama. But then again, my guess is that Cameron will not be reelected either.

    • You are correct SL. That’s what Mitt gets for being an honest politician. But, his remarks said in London were like having someone over for dinner and they note that the meat is too dry….which is true, but still hurts your feelings. An honest politician these days is quite rare and refreshing.

    • Well said SL but I only disagree that Romney should have known from the get-go that any comments he makes, especially anything negative, would circle the world in the nanosecond that Twitter affords. I think he should have kept his security remarks to himself, despite his skill and knowledge about such things. I just watched Matt Lauer interview Ann and Mitt on the Today Show from London and of course, of course, of course, the first question was his remark. Live and learn but Romney did NOT need this overseas.

      Next up, Al Roker is going to interview Michelle. Let’s see how far he can bend over to kiss her feet. The media FAWNS all over her.

      • Great points, 65. Romney wanted the world stage and he got it. I hope he learns from this. Our “present” (pun intended) POTUS has not learned from his mistakes yet!

        • Rick: some networks, like CBS, (duh) have said Romney’s gaffe just cost him the election. The MSM is going to glom on to this story tighter than a blood sucking leech.

          • Total BS as usual from the media, 65. I love the Brits, I really do but….I am one heckuva lot more worried about OUR country’s problems than I am the Olympics. Romney screws up a topic about the US economy/defense, I’ll take the media babbling BS more seriously.

    • The Daily Mail for weeks (months) has been saying the same stuff. Lack of ticket sales, people grumbling about the games being there and reporting on the horrendous security issues they’re facing. If there isn’t some sort of attack I will be amazed! I only hope it’s caught in time.

  3. What a difference a news cycle makes. Yes, Romney was giving an honest, forthright assessment of the Games based on his personal experience but, diplomatically speaking, it was a 10 on the richter scale. He must be unaware of the fact that Cameron and Obama are joined at the hip – Obama even sent his campaign strategists to the UK to get Cameron elected. The fact that Romney appeared not to remember the name of the Labour Leader, Ed Milliband, is even more problematic.

    If the race was not so close…and if Romney had a higher likeability factor…this would probably blow over. I have serious doubts now.


  4. Thanks, RickW…..she never fails to make a fool of herself. She looks like one of those old-fashioned barber shop poles with the red and white stripes…either that or a peppermint candy cane. Maybe she thinks she is ‘Peppermint Patty’! And I love the line about ‘our little house on the Prairie, aka the SouthSide of Chicago. AAARRRGHHH~