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Obama Tries Scaring Women into Voting for Him

Ladies, be afraid.

“It’s a scary time to be a woman,” says the lady in this brand new Obama ad, looking like a wide-eyed fawn who lost its mother and has just encountered a big bad grizzly bear.

What’s so scary? Romney is threatening to take away her right to abort her fetuses and have other people pay for her contraception.

Well, the chances of Roe v. Wade being overturned during a Romney presidency are slim. A majority on the Supreme Court exists against it, and Chief Justice John Roberts has called Roe “settled precedent.”

I mean, really, she’s never been this scared before?

I would think what’s really scary for women is the high rate of unemployment and the real chance that we are going to sink back into recession. Or the endless federal debt their children are going to have to pay off.

Scary Mitt. I don’t think it’s going to work. Maybe against Gingrich or Santorum. But Mitt just seems too much like the guy who gets up to give a women his seat on the bus.

H/T to Erika Johnsen at Hot Air.

30 Responses to Obama Tries Scaring Women into Voting for Him

  1. This is more of Obama’s vicious effort to create a class, race, and sex warfare. With his new African-American Education Commission to instilling hate among his constituents for Romney’s wealth and being an entrepreneur to this, scaring women, he’s gone all out to prove that he cares and knows NOTHING about how America works.

    • BTW – why do they need an African-American Education Commission; why not an Hispanice-American Education; why not an American Education Commission to address all education issues – better yet – NO EDUCATION COMMISSION of any kind. Education is a local issue – I don’t care what the Feds tell us. I live in a middle class to lower middle class to poor school district. Pockets of our schools are extremely high performing – guess what – parents are involved in their children’s academic progress and subpar teachers at those higher performing schools don’t get passes from the parents. Does take rocket science to figure it out.

      • Only a Black President could form and promote a special program to help Black students get through high school and college. The implication is that they can’t do it on their own as every other student does. I think it’s insulting and demeaning, but then…………….

        • We already have Affirmative Action and we all know how well that is working. So now AA Obumbler has dreamed up another waste product designed to buy votes from his base. Must be getting pretty bad if you gotta dangle carrots to the base.

    • This really grinds my gears. I am so utterly offended that I can barely contain my anger. Sweat is dripping from my brow, down by cheek, and into my mouth. It tastes salty. I don’t like it. Like I don’t like Obama. Yuko.

  2. Two of my daughters are scared. One, a single mother of four, worries about losing her job and the other lost her teaching job at a private school.
    Heck, I’m scared that my puny monthly income won’t allow me to eat and drive a vehicle at the same time if things get any worse.

    Intelligent women don’t expect taxpayers to cover their contraception needs and the R vs W ruling is set in the law of the land. But, they aren’t the target of this ad, women who depend on social services or government largess are the targets. The ad implies that anyone other than a liberal or progressive in the WhiteHouse will mean an end to the free cellphones, the food stamps and every other give-a-way from the Feds.

  3. The only thing more annoying than this campaign is the sound of his voice at the end of it as he appears to be walking on water..ridiculous!

  4. I’m a woman and I’m scared to death. As of Tuesday my husband doesn’t have a job. We’ve got 2 kids in high school. Relocation is probably in our future, assuming he gets a job anytime soon. Contraception? Abortions? Not even on my radar. But I will tell you that there are a lot of women who will believe this add. It’s like yelling “fire”, it’s gets them riled up.

  5. I am a pretty conservative person and I would not want Roe overturned. I just wish that people (woman) would stop using it as a form of birth control. With all the options available nowadays, it is inexcusable for unwanted pregnancies.

    They use this scare tactic every election and they know it is a bunch of BS.

  6. ROFL, that has to be the low point for the condom “president”. Just when I thought “president” Obama couldn’t get any lower he manages to outdo himself, again. It makes one wonder how much respect this administration has for women; they actually believe that an ad like that is going to be accepted with anything more than derision by any woman with a sliver of intelligence?

    About the only thing this “president” is qualified for is handing out condoms in the community, and I’m sure he’d find a way to screw that up too.

  7. Count on a steady parade of the “aggrieved” from now until November, telling you that none can protect them (and their entitlements and “rights”) but Barack Ubama and the government. (See also: The Life of Julia).

    What he fails to grasp (or just ignores) is that at least 40% of the populous doesn’t need his Chicago-gansta style “protection.” Unfortunately, 40% of the country is all too comfortable with it. It’s the 20% in the middle that we have to pull away from “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” People Magazine, and the Today Show to make things right again – sadly, the fate of the election largely falls on what these people do in the voting booth.

  8. As a woman the only that scares me is 4 more years of Obama and his
    shrew of a wife and cabal of hormonal women advisers. Especially my former
    Gov Sebelius. Look at the women who represent him Debbie DNC and the sceaming ones on TV babbling about women losing everything if Romney wins. First they are an insult to normal women who can think for themselves
    he’s going back to when a woman had no opinion other than what her husband
    told her. No we have the new entitled Fluke types we own her a free college
    education and birth control. No we don’t and we women aren’t stupid enough to fall for his newest plan to further divide the country by class, race and sex!
    It’s truly obscene.

  9. Scary time to be a woman???? It’s a scary time to be an American with an incompetent, socialist President intent on remaking this country into the next Greece.

  10. My only child is a professional woman who I feel is very successful. A big Obama supporter, the last time I saw her she unloaded on me about job security, pensions (she does not have one), health care costs, the overall economy, etc. I listened and then said “Do you see now what I’ve been talking to you about for the last 3 years?” Big frown. “Dad, stop it. Bush caused all this…..” I guess my child drank the KoolAid(tm). I have more work to do………..

  11. The last thing on the minds of American women is crap like this. Sad to hear another woman whining over her fear of Romney taking away her right to get an abortion or her right to force others to pay for her birth control. Snap out of it you fool. If Obama wins re-election you will be one of the first women to be forced into dhimmitude. Romney is the only way out for all of us. I have no illusions that he is a rock-ribbed conservative, but know he loves America. We need a president who loves our country again…

  12. I am a woman and a former liberal. Any woman that hasn’t left the liberal plantation and struck out on her own intellectually is like an abused spouse that won’t leave the abuser.
    Women do you really think liberals care about you?
    Look what they have done to our families.
    Look at the perverted garbage they are teaching our kids.
    And they want to teach 5 year olds to masturbate in school.
    And wait till November when the U.N. rights of the Child treaty comes up.
    The U.N. Wants the Rights to Your Child in the Form of a Treaty … it is “imperative” to teach children as young as 5 about masturbation as well .

  13. I wonder how her baby felt if she did abort it – scared doesn’t match the feeling of an abortionist sucking you out with a hose a limb at a time ! Horrific is what abortion is!

  14. Heck yes, it’s a scary time to be a woman. It’s a scary time to be a man or child too, because we have a President out to destroy our great country. We never know where the next attack will come from but he’s focused on it, like a laser.

  15. Roberts sure believes in using the legislature not the court to change the law. But calling Roe vs. Wade settled law is no better than calling the 3/5th’s compromise settled law. It took rivers of blood to change settled law the first time, then a hundred years before the civil rights movement took off. What will it take this time?

  16. As a woman, I have been homeless and hungry – I “didn’t qualify for food stamps” because I was living in a pickup with a 2 year old child (thanks to a lazy ex).

    As a woman, I worked my azz off, two and three jobs for over 20 years, got rid of the ex, raised my children, remarried, bought my own house, owned my own businesses (YES I BUILT THAT) and raised several foster children too.

    As a woman, I sold everything and bought a farm to grow my own food and take care of my crippled husband.

    As a woman, I have watched Congress and this presidency drive up the cost of living, everything from electricity to food, while my friends and family are losing jobs left and right. As a woman, I have listened to the lies, the hyperbole, as jobs are shipped overseas (even the promised ‘green jobs’ went to China, paid for by my taxes) and almost 50% of my country’s citizens are dependent on government, while Congress and this presidency want to give away more jobs overseas and more tax dollars to illegals.

    As a woman, I am going to have my paycheck cut by ObamaCare (if my boss can afford to keep me at all) , my taxes go up and up, and as my children lose their jobs and homes, make room for them on the farm, and hope that we can afford to feed everyone.

    As a woman, I have never in over 50 years been more scared of a government that calls me a terrorist when I have pulled my family out of poverty, created what should be a wonderful and productive life – only to have it threatened by that very same government. You’re damned straight I’m scared.

  17. You know what’s really scarey for women is the fact that there are muslim brotherhood and sisiterhood hanging around in the White House. Shari’ah Law is what’s scarey for us. If these NOW members think they are exempt, they are either arrogant or naive.
    I want Huma investigated and i want the muslim bureaucrats out of our government.
    Obama has no respect for the women of this nation. He doesn’t give a hoot about anyone -only cares about the power he will lose. I challenge Congress to investigate Huma Abedine Weiner. Weiner must have converted to Islam. I believe many other things about these two and hillary. Huma was working as assitant editor in a brotherhood related newsletter when she was plucked by Obama and quietly became the favorite aide to Hillary. I wish you’d write about that. Maybe the women of this country need to know the truth about their future under Obama. All of Islam, whether moderate or radical or jihad have one puurpose on their minds , that is to see the destruction of those who will not convert. That means me and all of the rest of the non muslim women. In the 1970’s the women of Iran were free and were respected. I saw a photo of a group of women students, dressed in “regular” clothing attending school. Now they all are required to wear the black garb and cover their faces. etc.

  18. its not a woman’s right to choose, its not woman’s healthcare, its a woman murdering her baby. no woman has the right to murder her baby for ANY reason. abortion is infanticide period. do you not think God will punish this country for murdering 50 million babies? insane!!!

    • its not a woman’s right to choose, its not woman’s healthcare, its a woman murdering her baby. no woman has the right to murder her baby for ANY reason. abortion is infanticide period. do you not think God will punish this country for murdering 50 million babies? insane!!!
      if you want birth control PAY for it, it is not anybodies job to pay for your sex. YOU PAY FOR IT.