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Michelle to Host Massive “Let’s Move” Bash

First Lady Michelle Obama will stage a gigantic “Let’s Move” bonanza at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Great Britain Friday, hosting 1,000 American military children and American and British students as well as a brigade of sports and music stars to get kids into the “spirit of the Olympic games,” according to the White House.

The massive event, which is being co-sponsored by Nickelodeon and the State Department, will feature past and current Olympians, including David Beckham, Bart Conner, Nadia Comaneci, Teresa Edwards, Emily Hughes, Sarah Hughes, Shawn Johnson, Carl Lewis, Dikembe Mutombo, Dara Torres, members of the 2012 US Track and Field Team and Manchester United legends, among others.

“Nickelodeon, The NBA and USA Basketball, U.S. Tennis Association, USA Field Hockey, USA Track and Field, Manchester United and Right to Play will provide sports stations for kids to get into the Olympic spirit by getting active,” the White House said in a statement.

The Wanted, the University of Florida Gator Marching Band, Mark Ronson, Katy B., Nickelodeon’s DJ J Boogie and Jeff Sutphen, the Power Rangers and SpongeBob SquarePants will entertain.

The event is part of a busy Olympic schedule planned for Michelle. Friday evening she will attend a reception for heads of state hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham palace. Saturday morning she will meet with British first lady Samantha Cameron, and in the afternoon attend an Olympic event.

Sunday she will deliver remarks at the Ambassador’s residence and then head back into the stand for another Olympic contest before departing Britain in the evening.

93 thoughts on “Michelle to Host Massive “Let’s Move” Bash”

  1. So the State Department connection helps make this an official trip for this “head of state”. We can expect the photo op outpouring say….middle of next week in the campaign ads?

    If they put Moochelle on top of a horse to counter the Romney side, consider this official warning that my head WILL explode when I see the clip/pixs.

    1. My head wants to explode when I hear the WH touting all she and “Dr.” Biden (did you know that Lynn Cheney has a PhD, but never insisted that she be called “Dr Cheney”?) have done for the military families. These people are so dumb that they have no idea of the support the troops got from many administrations for many years. My lib friends STILL don’t like the military, despite Barry being their CIC, and nothing Michelle Antoinette says will change their minds.

      1. Oh, I agree. It was so clear that Michelle Antoinette was completely convinced that since SHE had never heard tell of any challenges in the lives of military families, no one in the U.S. must ever have heard of it and it was clearly her role to educate us all. Talk about egocentric — as if she is the measure of all social awareness.

  2. This makes my point in an earlier post to a tee. Life for the Obama’s is ALL about them. If that isn’t reason enough to get The Egotists-in-Chief out of office, I don’t know what is. Don’t you feel sorry for the athletes who are forced to watch Michelle parade around? Sinful. Absolutely sinful. If I were there, I’d boo the woman out of the place.

    1. bill "gettinthescoop" joe

      Life for the Obamas is also about breathing. They also sometimes eat. And I think they also walk at some points in time. However, what seems to me to be the biggest OBAMANATION OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION happens to be the fact that the president himself is often inclined to do things that are so horrific that the time has come for a multi-national movement to change the direction of the universe and so forth.

  3. Yes the 2012 London Olympics all about Michelle Obama. She’s got to be the
    center of attention and using our military how much lower can she sink?
    Disgraceful if ever there was need of an apology it would to say sorry to the
    British this is their time to shine not MEMEME Michelle.

    1. It’s not just the obvious self obsession of the first egotist in chief. It’s also the general offensive nature of the content of her campaign. I’m a full figured woman — going on 600 pounds — on goshdarn proud of it. Michele Obumbler’s campaign is an affront to my very being. Its my goshdarn American constitutional right to own a powerchair and never get out of it. I’m so sick and tired of the elitist coastal ivy league professorial first family lecturing me on whether I should choose to walk or not. I’ve made my decision. I live a sedentary life by choice. So leave me alone Michele. I don’t tell you what to do, except to not tell me what to do and that your program in London is offensive and an affront to American values. I would go on more but sitting up right for this long is making me tired. Time to sit on the couch and take a catnap. MEOW.

    1. I won’t rest until the 22nd of January to make sure the grifters have actually vacated the premises and have not chained themselves to the columns of the WH.

          1. You should have already been doing that for the past several decades. Maybe it’s time to do something productive to turn it around – neither political party is serving us well.

    2. you (almost) read my mind. I’d like to see a poster of Barack and Michelle packing, with the headline “Let’s Move!”

  4. Always, everywhere, 24/7 it’s about Michelle. Always, everywhere, 24/7 we pay for this glorification of self. Let’s hope there’s no USA! USA! USA! chanting.

  5. 1. Who set up this world record setting affair? Are we paying people to do all the prep work, the logistics involved and get everything in order for MrsO’s arrival?

    2. They really think we’re stupid (maybe we are) not to realize that this is the Chicago-way payback for being snubbed by the Olympic committee. The last thing England needs is for foreign publicity hounds demanding special secuity for an event formed to showcase a single person not associated with the Olympics..
    The Olympic gurus aren’t going to take this lightly either; it’s their show, and having even a part of it hijacked by a pushy American glory-hound won’t sit well.

  6. What % of this is Nickelodeonpaying?

    Is any other nation doing a comparable event that promotes what is a domestic program and not international at all?

    How much do the British despse us for electing a publicity hound and his even more needy attention-seekibg wife?

    Are children being flownm bussed or trained in to make up the 1,000? Who pays for that?

    1. “Limousine Liberals” and the Hollywood crowd rarely reach into their own “kick” for anything. Sure, they’ll lend their “support” by making comments and “taking stands” on political issues. Someone needs to remind the Baldwins,, Striesands, Pitts and Penns of “Hollyweird” that they are paid to entertain us, not foist their political views on the public. Just goes to show how easy it is to “feel our pain” when backed by a nine figure bank account,

    2. Nickelodeon is not paying any cash, per se, Anonna. They HAVE agreed to let Biden take over SpongeBob Square Pants various roles should Obama replace him with Hillary.

  7. Can we just celebrate the Olympics without it being made political stand for any government’s grandstanding, except of course the hosting nation. They should be the center of attention. Do we really need “music stars” added to the mix? As the First Lady I expect her to attend the Olympics, but does it really have to be about her signature issue? Most people watching the Olympics know full well the importance of exercise and admire those who are successful at the Olympics – watching them on television will give lots of kids an opportunity to see first hand the benefits. Talk about overselling yourself!

    1. Excellent point. But MoochMORE just has to be the center of attention among 1000 kids. Holding her own “look at me” event because otherwise no one at the Olympics would pay any attention to her at all.

  8. So…are we to be surprised?…..”Moo’s” husband has been conducting a “dog and pony” show called the Obama Administration for the past 3 1/2 years and with the help of his “Limousine Liberal” friends, he’ll probably get an “extension” come November because The Republican Party can’t seem to stop trotting out “stiffs” as candidates….

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  10. I’m SO glad that you did a post about this, Keith. Now we just need a link from Drudge so more people see what a joke she’s making of the Olympics.

    The massive event, which is being co-sponsored by Nickelodeon and the State Department

    I’d really like to know how much this circus is costing the State Department, i.e. the taxpayers. For that matter, why is it even under the State Dept? MOO’s “Let’s Move!” events are usually connected to HHS or the Agriculture Dept.

    Oh well, let’s hope for torrential rains there tomorrow!

    1. At least then her wig-hat would be clean….
      Just cant wait to see massive Mooch “move”….ACKKKK
      Bad, bad visual : need eyebleach AND duct tape !

  11. It just seems rude to me that MO would try to hijack the Olympics to push her kids program. It should be all about the athletes and not a political platform.

    1. I hope on the first full day of President Romney’s first term in office, the British Ambassador comes calling to the WH, with Sir Winston’s bust in hand, and returns it to its rightful place.

        1. Well the ladies on her website must be all orgasmic over what the
          fabulous Michelle will dazzle the Brits with its scary and funny to read.

  12. I can’t really find fault with wanting kids to exercise and play more. She’s absurdly wrong about the whole “American fat kids” nonsense, and she’s a hypocrite in how she lives but I can’t help but support the idea of kids playing more outside instead of with video games.

    1. Well, that answers one question. UF Foundation is kicking in $100,000 and the kids are paying $4000 each to go. That’s $900,000 total for the trip. I know it’ll be a great experience for the kids and publicity for the school, but WOW, that’s a lot of money!

    1. Barry had to cancel the Martha’s Vineyard vacation for appearance sake so she got London, royalty, etc. after she pouted, Boo

      1. Does she get to stay in London for the next 10 days so she doesn’t have to fly to the Windy City to help Czippy celebrate his birthday on August 4th? Last year, she was in Spain and avoided having to wish him a HB.

        1. Barry likes to party with his male friends on his birthday, and Mooch graciously grants him some personal space. It’s all part of the arrangement.

        2. PG 88 – Love your naming him Czippy – reminds me of all the work his czars and czarettes “accomplish” beyond the curtain.

  13. I just wonder when Michelle is compared to other presidential wives, if the latter were so involved as this woman is. I don’t know if it’s because other presidental wives weren’t so much and often on the spotlight but can’t recall any in particular.
    Just the fact that she flew to England and is “hosting” 1,000 people is tremendous and our government (taxpayers) will have to pay for the catering, plus the free publicity her husband and she will get. I deprecate her need to be on the limelight so much.

    1. I don’t think other First Ladies were all that eager to be in the spotlight. They were delighted to work behind the scenes. Laura Bush and her daughters went to Africa and worked with AIDS patients and children who were orphans, but this certainly didn’t make it to the evening news, because it would have been positive news about the Bush 43 administration. But, you didn’t see the lovely Laura pushing to let people know what she’d done. And she would NEVER have had sack races in one of the wonderful rooms of the WH to be shown on a TV show.

    2. I’m angry about the waste of taxpayer money, but what ticks me off even more is her stealing the show from the Olympic athletes. The amateur athletes worked so hard and sacrificed so much to earn a spot in the World Olympics. That’s a big deal and they must be busting with pride. Then along comes big Mooch the publicity hog stealing their spotlight.

      1. I’m been teasing/kidding a lot here about the situation, Susan, but you are absolutely right. I hope these good young people can block out her publicity grab.

  14. This heading the US Olympic delegation is just a flimsy cover for the hulking First Whatever to get an extended vacation at a 5 Star Hotel in London on the taxpayers dime. What Olympic event is she planning on competing in? If scowling and America hating are now Olympic events she’s a shoo in for gold medals.

    How many planes, vehicles, Secret Service agents and fawning sychophants are accompanying our First Entitlement Queen on this junket?

    The cost must run into the millions but what the heck, moneys no object where this grifter is concerned..

    1. “First Whatever”….love it! Don’t be surprised, Junius, if she returns home with a medal of some sort. After all, the Nobel folks did give Barry a trinket. I can see her now, coming down the stairs of her plane with a gold medal on….It would look like a 4H Club parade of a blue ribbon winner.

      1. Even now, the WH has their minions out buying up every box of Cracker Jacks in the MD/DC/VA area, frantically looking for a gold medal in the boxes, so ME-chelle can wear one around her neck when she returns from the Olympics. Hey, don’t laugh ~ where do you think they got the one for the Nobel Peace Prize that Barry got 3 1/2 years ago?

        1. Oh Oh…..I thought the gold content was verified by our Treasury Sec “Turbo Tax Timmy”. So its fake? What does that say about Tim’s other work?…Hmmmmm

          1. The gold is as real as the birth certificates that have come out of Hawaii. TTT? He’s going to have a difficult time finding a job doing real work once this administration scatters to the four corners of this country come January 21, 2013. Except for the ones who stay in DC to become lobbyists!

  15. Marchmarching band and nik…who thinks of this stupid stuff? She’ll do anything to be treated like royalty which she isn’t

  16. I think I understand this ploy.

    It will play out this way: Ann Romney’s EXPENSIVE HORSE was in the Olympics. How elitist. Michelle Obama SACRIFICED HER TIME to encourage kids to exercise. How wonderful!


  17. I am so utterly (pun intended) sick of the whole “Move” campaign. Ask Chicago parents why their children aren’t out playing, and they’ll tell you it’s because they don’t want their kid shot. Most kids nowadays have two working parents who don’t get home until after dark. So, what, we send them outside in the dark to play? After their bedtime?

  18. The state dept is paying her let’s move nonsense? Why am I not surprised. Also, why does she have to exploit the military’s children? Enough already. Uggh!!!

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