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Obama Gaffe Puts Romney on Offense

The Romney campaign has finally found a way to seize the initiative, using President Obama’s own gaffe about small businesses to generate a sustained attack that clearly has stoked fear in the Obama campaign.

After weeks of playing defense against charges that he is a reckless corporate raider who possibly cheats on his taxes, Romney has finally found a way to reverse the momentum.

The Romney attacks may particularly sting because the gaffe sounds like an accidental revelation of Obama’s true feelings.

Obama, who blundered by telling business owners “you didn’t build that” and listing the ways he thinks government helped create people’s businesses, appears to have revived all by himself concerns about the commitment to capitalism of the man who famously told small businessman Joe the Plumber about the need to “spread the wealth around.” His comments threaten to unravel a carefully scripted Obama campaign theme that touts his support for the middle class and small business.

Obama is so threatened by Romney’s attack that he took the highly unusual step of cutting an ad to try to clean up the mess.

Obama’s surrogates are desperately defending him, accusing the Romney campaign of lying about Obama’s remarks. Obama raised the issue all on his own during a campaign event in Seattle Tuesday night:

The one thing I do have no patience for is this argument that somehow what I’m criticizing is success. That’s an argument you hear from the other side, “Oh, he wants to punish success.” I want to promote success.

The Romney campaign is relentlessly pounding away.

Romney himself appeared on CNBC to broaden the attack, referencing deeper concerns about Obama by accusing him of harboring a “foreign to the American experience type of philosophy.”

Romney’s website blares “You did build it” and the campaign has put up it’s own ad, “These Hands,” rebutting the argument that central planning is responsible for the success of small business.

Obama’s gaffe directly interferes with the current effort by the White House to pound Republicans – who want the Bush tax cuts for high earners extended – as guardians of the wealthy, and to portray Obama as the defender of the middle class.

The White House has for months been touting various Obama policies it says are designed to help the middle class, only to have Obama himself call his own commitment to entrepreneurship into question.

30 Responses to Obama Gaffe Puts Romney on Offense

  1. Well summarized Keith. You knew it was bound to happen; obama foot in mouth by exposing his true beliefs. Bravo to Mitt and his team for continuing to pound away. As many said when the comments were made in Roanoke last week, this could be the tipping point for the election.

  2. Keith,
    I love the blog and the columns, but I must take issue with this one (with all due respect of course) on but one point. Obama’s problem now is that his “gaffe” wasn’t a “gaffe”, that it truly is his world view.

    Anyone who brings up Obama’s first 30 years and the people he was around and who shaped him gets labeled a “radical” but those years and those people cannot be denied if we are to truly understand what drives this man.

    I wouldn’t mind it if he was just “driving” himself but he’s “driving” the entire country over a fiscal cliff with this little joy ride.

    Keep em coming, enjoy em one and all.

  3. Thank you Keith. My very first tea party sign back in 2009 was “Stop Rewarding Failure and Punishing Success” which is exactly what he was doing and continues to do.

    I’m sorry Mitt is hurting Obama’s feelings, but not as much as Obama has hurt mine … in that enduring “shut up you racist teabagger” sort of way ;)

  4. I enjoyed this article. Slowly, slowly Romney rises and I think he and his team will show how effective their campaign will be. I read in Politico about Romneys speech in Reno, Nevada, to a group of Veterans of Foreign wars.” Romney slams Obama on security leaks” ( Ginger Gibson). Now the gloves are coming off.
    If Obama delivers “gaffes” like the entrepeneur remark when he is off the Teleprompter I really wonder how he will manage in the upcoming debates with Romney. I assume that no “help” is allowed there.

  5. Romney was ON TARGET with his reponse to CNBC. Who does Obama think provides the MONEY for government? Oh yeah, due to his massive spending he just prints it in the backroom.

  6. I am so glad Obama buckled to the pressure of “teleprompter-in-chief” or we would have never heard what he REALLY thinks! I am pretty sure they put him back on the teleprompter again….

  7. Great observation Keith. Romney is doing an excellent job defining Obama’s ideology. As Romney said in the interview, “it’s a very strange and, in some respects, foreign to the American experience type of philosophy”.

    The MSM tried to bury that speech on Friday the 13th of July, 2012 at an historic fire station in Roanoke, VA. Thanks to new media they didn’t get away with it. Kudos to Romney for picking up the ball and running with it.

  8. Here’s one happy camper now that Mitt is finally hitting out and hard. I pray he keeps it up all the way to November. Good show!

  9. For anyone who has endured communism firsthand, Mr.obama is mimicking that system perfectly as well as his followers are not different from those marching zombies in Cuba or Venezuela. God save the US from its domestic enemies.

  10. Mark,
    This has probably already been said but this is not a blunder, he was telling his truth, he meant every word he said. To say this is a gaffe is to say he said something he didn’t mean to say or stated it wrong… that didn’t happen. My opinion only….

    • Its called “The Big Lie”. Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists/Communists (pick one, hard to tell the difference anymore) truly believe if they just keep saying it loudly enough and often enough that not only will you believe its the truth, it WILL be the truth.

    • That’s what we’re up against. There’s a large portion of the population that just believes anything ‘left’ is good. I believe the ‘end’ for that philosophy is the same as every other time it has been tried in human history; catastrophic meltdown. Welcome to Rome.

  11. If Obama insists upon having it his way, it could be said that he (the govt.) built the road to nowhere – you know, the road that took the big, black bus over the fiscal cliff.

    Too bad reporters aren’t allowed to ‘have at him’ on this ‘gaffe’. I did see one 5 sec. clip where one reporter did ask him to explain it. He practially evaporated into beads of sweat as his knees went wobbly.

    Can hardly wait for the debates….hope Romney takes the mittens off! Actually, he could knock him over with a feather if he chooses the right words.

  12. Reminds me of a cartoon I once saw with the two lines; “Let’s eat grandma” and “Let’s Eat, Grandma”. Punctuation, tone and inflection mean a lot in how the message is percieved. Hence I have to believe this was meant EXACTLY as heard, that is he is downplaying everyone’s success. And from the standard view of liberals/progressives/marxists, it jives in that it discounts the individual. And in this case, had there not been the uproar, he would have most likely expanded on the remarks to make the case that since the successfull owe so much of thier success to society at large, society deserves a bigger chunk of it, aka, higher taxes. I am glad Romney has finaly shown a glimpse of a spine and is hammering them on it.

  13. Just compare his downright radical speech in Roanoke compared to the above commercial filmed in the West Wing. How many personalities does this fraud have? Rush said it best…”We’re dealing with Sybil here!”
    I’m thinking he could also be likened to “Eve White/Black, Jane” from “The Three Faces of Eve”.