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Romney Camp: Biden Attacks Reach “Sad Level”

The Romney campaign today smacked down Vice President Biden for attacking Mitt Romney over an alleged Romney adviser’s anonymous quote that Biden said said was “beneath a presidential campaign.”

The quote, from a Daily Telegraph article that relied on several unnamed sources supposedly serving as “advisers” to Romney, said “one” of them indicated Romney’s appreciation of America’s “Anglo-Saxon heritage” would make him a better partner than Obama for Great Britain, where Romney today landed for a visit:

In remarks that may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity, one suggested that Mr Romney was better placed to understand the depth of ties between the two countries than Mr Obama, whose father was from Africa.

“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

The Telegraph is the very same paper White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dismissed derisively after it reported in January that Michelle Obama had dropped $50,000 on lingerie, asserting that “when I was a reporter, usually the standard for British tabloid reporting was the assumption that it was false.”

Nevertheless, in a statement released by the Obama campaign, Biden immediately pounced:

Despite his promises that politics stops at the water’s edge, Governor Romney’s wheels hadn’t even touched down in London before his advisors were reportedly playing politics with international diplomacy, attempting to create daylight between the United States and the United Kingdom where none exists.

The comments reported this morning are a disturbing start to a trip designed to demonstrate Governor Romney’s readiness to represent the United States on the world’s stage. Not surprisingly, this is just another feeble attempt by the Romney campaign to score political points at the expense of this critical partnership. This assertion is beneath a presidential campaign.

The Romney campaign retorted that it was Biden who had “diminished” the campaign by seizing on “an anonymous and false quote.”

From Romney spokesman Ryan Williams:

Today, the race for the highest office in our land was diminished to a sad level when the Vice President of the United States used an anonymous and false quote from a foreign newspaper to prop up their flailing campaign.  The President’s own press secretary has repeatedly discredited anonymous sources, yet his political advisors saw fit to advance a falsehood.   We have very serious problems confronting our nation and American families are hurting, yet the Obama campaign continues to try to divert voters’ attention with specious shiny objects.  We have more faith in American voters, and know they will see this latest desperate ploy for what it is.

Biden’s attack on Romney is deeply irresponsible, particularly for a vice president.

To assail Romney for an anonymous quote is bad enough. But as a reporter, I can tell you that even if the quote is correct, Biden is way off base. I’ve seen the term “adviser” used to characterize just about anyone.

While the attribution suggests the source is someone from within the campaign, the person could easily be a person outside of it, like a major contributor who sometimes has access to Romney and gives him “advice.” Or, perhaps, it could be some self-important Republican who has chatted with Romney once or twice or has some friends on the campaign, and so puffs himself up as an adviser.

Biden should withdraw his statement, but of course, he won’t.

22 Responses to Romney Camp: Biden Attacks Reach “Sad Level”

  1. It wouldn’t be common to mention the word anglo-saxon in this context. I don’t believed it happened. The only time I hear it used is to describe someone as a w.a.s.p. and that is usually out of envy.

    • I find being called a wasp an insult. While I do, in my honest opinion if i dare say so myself, resemble such a creature, wasps at hostile creatures best left to their natural environments.

  2. ….specious shiny objects. We have more faith in American voters, and know they will see this latest desperate ploy for what it is.

    You betcha we will!

    • Wonder how are they going to enforce that embargo? Take away all the electronic devices from the reporters. Maybe they “trust” them to follow the imperial president’s orders? As shallow as the WHPC is, they’ll probably kowtow to the imperial edict.

  3. Biden’s comments are laughable. His boss has done nothing but try to deliberately insult our English cousins since he was first elected. With the magnitude of issues facing this country today, to think that the VPOTUS could afford the time to issue such a nonsensical statement speaks volumes about the Administration.

  4. Why is it the “UK press” seem to be the only ones who can somehow report ‘honestly’ about Obama & US politics…?

  5. Give Biden a break. Race-baiting is a requirement for Obama’s number one flunky! Sounds like he’s really enjoying it, too….maybe a little too much.

  6. “…specious shiny objects.” Well said, Ryan Williams. These “folks” are really getting desperate if they are trying to paint Romney as a white supremacist. Don’t hold your breath waiting on Biden to retract his statement, Keith. That’s how Alinskyite’s roll. They put the accusation out there and depend on their flying monkeys in the press to make sure the lemmings believe it.

  7. Jay Carney – ”when I was a reporter, usually the standard for British tabloid reporting was the assumption that it was false.”

    A.J. – ”Although I’m not a reporter, usually the standard for anything out of Joe Biden’s mouth was the assumption that it was idiotic.”

  8. Oh, baloney. Of course MrRomney better understands the special relationship we have with our “betters” in GreatBritain than does MrObama.
    MrObama started off his Presidency by offending the British and has done nothing to improve our relationship with our traditional allies and trading partners.
    The issue has nothing to do with race, but with MrO’s distaste for “colonalism” that he expressed in his books and his actions as President.
    Who could forget the world “apology tour” and the awful photos of the POTUS bowing to foreign leaders and his outrageous apologies to nations that he believed America had wronged.
    MrRomney will be the strong international leader that we expect from our President and the Obama campaign knows that other nations are rooting for MrO’s defeat.

  9. Wonder if Mitt brought any gifts for the Brits. Hard to top the impression they must have from Obama, you know – DVDs, I-Pod.

  10. If my wife dropped 50K on lingerie, I would be spending more time at home.
    Guess this is a false story, otherwise, Obama would be home more.

    Biden has just better stick to making jokes about Indians….

    • Now I can, mysteriously.

      Saw a comment on another blog praising Mrs. Obama. In the comments someone observed that Jackie O was missed. An Obot responded, “A lighter, fairer First Lady. Code isn’t cool.”

      These people are raced obsessed and way too impressed with their pyschic powers — imagine “knowing” that the writer meant “Jackie O was white and I miss her whiteness” when there is NOTHING in the remark to indicate that race was a factor.

      I am sorry to know that such racists are so forthright with their bias, no hesitation, no reflection, just a slam-dunk charge that “code” is in play.

  11. I think Biden is displaying his talents for ABC. His thoughts may be I need a new gig when this one is up in January. ABC does not seem to have many standards in reporting so he may fit right in.

  12. “… But as a reporter…”
    Keith, don’t make me laugh. You were a mediocre reporter once, a long, long, time ago. Now you’re nothing more than a paid hack.