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Axelrod Blames GOP for Obama’s Negative Campaigning

As I suspected, Obama’s recent turn toward positive, friendly sounding campaign ads is probably a reaction to polling suggesting Americans get that he’s gone Chicago on us.

This is a pretty amusing video of Axelrod trying to explain why twice as many people think Obama has the more negative campaign than Mitt Romney.

27 Responses to Axelrod Blames GOP for Obama’s Negative Campaigning

  1. The Obama team is really losing it, aren’t they. Must be hard to keep a straight face. Should see some departures soon; the ship is sinking fast.

  2. Axelthug’s comments are only consistent with the “it’s someone else’s fault” line of argument that seem to be the hallmark of liberalism and small children. It just amazes me that 40%+ percent of this country (O-bots) shields these people from accepting responsibility for anything.

      • Ha, ha! My comment is “pending approval,” which explains why the 28 comments that are shown are slobbering love fests over The Once and The Wife. Wonder how many less enthusiastic comments they deep-sixed.

        • Saw something today on Weasel Zippers about Planned Parenthood funding and how he wanted to make sure his daughters had access to make health care choices. Sicko

          • Just like the choice that 24 year old made last week in Chitown. She was left to bleed to death. PP dropped her off at the ER door and didn’t even have the decency to tell the ER staff what was wrong with her.

            Is this what O wants for his daughters? A beautiful woman and her child dead ’cause she needed to fit into her wedding gown or some reason just as stupid.

  3. We don’t like dirty politics. If a political opponent is a dirty rat scumbag either prove it or shut up.
    If all a candidate has is “he’s worse than me”, he’s going to lose.

    • I see the same dirty politics in Texas Senate runoff, only the race is between two Republicans. Just goes to show RINO’s are just as desperate as the democrats to hold on to power. Just how low can they go? Dewhurst PAC is running an ad blaming Ted Cruz for a young man’s suicide in Pennsylvania.

      Texas has early voting through Friday and the election on 31 July. I hope all Texas patriots get out and vote for Ted Cruz, the true constitutional conservative in this race.

  4. Dirty politics is not new – it’s just that Obama has taken it to new lows. He does things I would only expect from third world kleptocrats/dictators. He has sociopathic behavior – no conscience, pathological liar, ruthless, and soul-less. Deep down in the recesses of his dark interior, however, he is a coward. This is why I believe he can be taken down quickly – if Romney goes for the jugular with Obama’s own words during the debates. There is NO defense and nowhere for Obama to hide. Keep the Roanoke debacle going until election day. Add a few other ‘top ten hits’, i.e. “Punish your Enemies’, and that should do it.

  5. Obama’s newest executive order : African American education office (To be signed on Thursday)

    What ?!?! Is there not any other ethnic race in America? Was he elected to only be the illegal immigrant, black, and Latino president? Did his oath of office NOT include Caucasions? Obama is the divider, not his opponent.

    • I saw this in an AP article, the official Obama press. It’s outrageous. It will play to the base whose demand for favors seems endless. And as long as Obama continues to rule by fiat we’ll see more of it.

    • And can be undone by the swipe of the pen by Pres. Romney. However, then the call of “Racist” will be shouted by Jackson, Sharpton and his ilk. What he can do is a part of reducting the deficit is reduce their funding along with other agencies that need to be gone.

  6. You think you made those negative ads, you didn’t make them. The roads made em and we all know it. Blame the roads if you don’t like the negative ad campaigns. They were made by companies. Companies that were founded and managed by roads. That’s right….its THEIR ASPHALT!

  7. So I guess BO’s campaign has nothing to do with Romney’s negatives?

    Come on . . . it is a part of an election year. BO’s campaign people need to grow up.