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Obama Surrogate: Romney Tapping Racist Vote

Virginia State Democratic Rep. Louise Lucas, an official Obama surrogate who is a member of his Virginia “Truth Team,” says Mitt Romney is seeking the support white voters who oppose President Obama because he is black.

Have a look . . .

What I am saying to you is Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to a segment of the population, who does not like to see people other than a White man in a White House or any other elected position.

Let’s be real clear about it… let’s be real clear  Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don’t like folks like Barack Obama in any elected or leadership position. We know what’s going on here and some people may be afraid to say it but I am not. I am not afraid to say it.

He’s speaking to that fringe out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. Senator Miller said it before she died and I agreed with her. They don’t want President Barack Obama in office as President and for all the reasons that you and I and alot of other people understand.

Or a listen:

Some would argue that this is part of the Obama campaign’s effort to gin up minority support by introducing race into the campaign. But while the Obama campaign and the White House do appear to be playing the race card, this seems more to me like just an ignorant person shooting her mouth off.

Nevertheless, the Obama campaign and the administration have laid the groundwork for this through various means, like creating an African American branch of the campaign, suggesting that voter ID drives are racially motivated, and sending Vice President Biden out to raise stir the racial pot with Latin Americans.

The job of the “Truth Team,” which was handpicked by the Obama campaign, is to promote Obama. The Obama campaign needs to repudiate Ms. Lucas’s comments and throw her off the team. Otherwise, her words are theirs.

H/T to the John Fredericks Show in Hampton Roads, Va., on which Ms. Lucas spoke.

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  1. I have a dream that I will one day live in a nation where Presidents will be judged by the content of their character – not by the color of their skin. Until that day comes, we will continue to hear the race-baiting appeal of bigots like Louise Lucas.

  2. The Voter ID’s ARE racially motivated. Here’s how any conservative can convince himself:

    1) Are conservative pols at all denying the fact that new voter ID laws will disproportionately affect poor/minority voters who traditionally vote Democrat? If not–

    2) Are Republicans putting forward any evidence that voter fraud is a real concern, i.e., that there are genuine instances of voter fraud in the recent past, enough to put the legitimacy of elections in doubt? And finally

    3) Were these laws passed with bipartisan support, indicating that Democrats also feel that they would be the victims of voter fraud in an election?

    You see, a conversation of this sort is like jazz– you have to listen to what is NOT being said. Conservatives have tacitly admitted that there is no threat of voter fraud in any significant numbers (otherwise they would trot out stats that show how a recent election that was tainted by fraud), and they do not deny that non-Republican’s will be disenfranchised by these laws, at least for this election.

    Now ask yourself: If it could be shown that an unnecessary law had been passed within months of a major election that would disenfranchise a voting block in a swing state that nearly ALWAYS goes for the Republicans (say, evangelical Christians), would you doubt at all that the laws were designed with voter suppression in mind?

    No one on this board can honestly say that the hypothetical threat of minor instances of vote abuse (which happens somewhere, somehow, in very election–democracy isn’t perfect) is a legitimate reason to toss thousands of people’s votes in the trash. you wouldn’t tolerate it if it was done to your friends and family just because they might want to elect a candidate you don’t agree with.

    1. That constitutes proof that voter ID laws are racist? I see logic is not your strong suit.

      As a citizen, I happen to appreciate the privilege to vote for President which was granted to me by the state where I reside. And I greatly appreciate my state’s willingness to protect the integrity of my vote by ensuring the validity of those voting, so that my precious vote will not be cancelled out by a simple fraud that can easily be prevented.

      If you want to vote, then register to vote 30 days before the election, and then bring an ID to the polls showing that you are indeed the person who is voting. The pigmentation of your skin has absolutely positively NOTHING to do with it. It is racist for you to even suggest that the type of people who refuse to show up at the polls with IDs are unique to one particular race.

        1. I was referring to the action – not the person. But I will gladly honor your request. The r-word is now stricken from my WHD vocabulary.

        2. Sorry Keith, Death Ray is telling us that because we want voter ID laws that WE are racists. So I don’t see how Owen countering that point should be called out.

          1. I draw the line at individual insults. One can say that a policy is racially motivated, for example, without saying individual people who support it share the same motivation.

            It’s a fuzzy line, I admit, but I try to include as much speech as possible.

            Anyway, he just slammed another reader as racist, one whom I happen to know is good soul, and so that will be the end of it.

    2. 1) that’s an it’s irrelevant, baiting point with no intellectual merit.

      2) Voter fraud is real, but it has yet (in recent history) to affect the outcome of an election. But, so what?

      3) Strawman argument.

      Here’s a question – why are democrats unconcerned about voter fraud? Why does Eric Holder require ID for those attending his speeches, but not for those who vote in our country.

      Fraud is fraud. Why are you defending it?

      *insert expletive here* if someone can’t get a single form of acceptable ID, perhaps they shouldn’t vote? In Texas, voter IDs are free, or will be under their proposed law.

      1. If memory serves me correctly, Al Franken defeated Norm Coleman for a Minnesota Senate Seat by a few hundred votes and there are now questions about convicted felons voting illegally (always a strong right-wing bloc of voters). Yes, I know. Nothing proven yet and probably never will be but I believe what I believe!!

      2. I realize this is anecdotal, but after the election in 2008, I was listening to a radio station in Baltimore, MD. A young man called the station, and said that he voted for 6 different people (beside himself) in the presidential election ~ 2 or 3 were in jail, one was in the hospital and the others were dead relatives. He saw absolutely nothing wrong with what he did.

        In some of the smaller towns in MD (Langley Park & Takoma Park come to mind), those who are in this country illegally are permitted to vote in local elections “only”, but it’s so easy to sign up to be able to vote when you go to the DMV in Maryland, that I would not be at all surprised that they continue to vote even tho’ they are not citizens.

    3. Why is it so “difficult” to get a Govt. issue ID?
      I have never heard a good ‘liberal’ excuse why a legal citizen can not get a Govt. issue ID card… how do these people drive? start bank accounts? buy booze? get in Govt./court buildings?

      Heck, I have 3; drivers license, state veterans card, state security guard license & 2 college IDs

    4. In the entitlement state we are beginning to live in, in order to sign up for benefits you have to show proof of identification.

      My question to you then is this, if a person has to show ID to sign up for SNAP, Medicaid, unemployment or some other government program, how can they not have an ID when they show up at the polling place? It matters not what color, race, ethnicity a person is when they sign up for assistance, they still have to prove who they are. Why is it discriminatory to require people to show ID and prove who they are when they vote?

      If ID is required in one area why shouldn’t it be required in another?

    5. MT for re-redistribution

      1) The voter ID laws disproportionately affect people who vote illegally. The fact that voting illegally also coincides with race and income is another issue but a very good one. Maybe the dems should look at that.

      2) Don’t need evidence of a crime to require an ID. And it’s not an unusual burden. Dozens of examples can be cited. Rent a movie, attend an obama fundraiser, get a fishing license…

      3) No bipartisan support (ie, support of dems) just means the democrats have no regard for legal voting and are therefore criminals.

      Regarding “What I am saying to you is Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to a segment of the population, who does not like to see people other than a White man in a White House or any other elected position.”…
      Give me a break, tell me that a healthy percentage of Obama’s voters doesn’t like to see people other than a BLACK man in a White House or any other elected position. Cripes what a bunch of doo doo. Sure, play the race card, play it to death.

      proof that voter ID laws are racist? DR, a couple days ago you said coincidence does NOT imply causality. ? I guess it suits the agenda here…

      Voter ID laws won’t toss anyone’s votes in the trash except those who would vote illegally. It’s not an unusual burden to show proof of who you are. One fundamental legal principle (in what once was the United States of America?) is that there is no purpose for a law (ie, one vote per person) that cannot be enforced. Enforce it!

      1. Yep….but when backs are against the “wall”…If Obamas people play the “race card” throw it back in the faces…..and drag into the MAINSTREAM MEDIA….

      2. You’re all worried about a Redneck from Virginia and a Liberal at that??…Jeez, give me a break…she’s nothing just another puppet….

        1. You’re welcome, MT! I was actually looking for an article I read a bit ago where Chris Matthews (of all people!) said that voter fraud in North Philly was just a way of life. But, this one was at the top of the results list and I would rather be reading the new Brad Thor book than search for counter-points to utter nonsense.

    6. Just recently, Eric Holder and this administration required ID before anyone could attend their venues. That, I believe is example of oppositional behavior and thought.
      American lawmakers are so hung up on proving identity for everything but this. Photo ID just to hear someone speak and yet NO ID required when voting for the most important, powerful position in America.
      IDs are not expensive, military gives to service members, IDs at Dept of Motor Vehicles are only $10.00. To get a copy of your birth certificate is usually the cost of a stamp.
      Registered voters without a photo ID should not be allowed to vote — period.

  3. Oh dear, what a silly woman. I mean, he was elected President once , wasn´t he ?
    But for sure there are now people out there who don`t like” folks like Obama in any elected or leadership position” but not for the reason she insinuates but for the glaring incompetence and hypocrisy.

  4. This political hack sounds like a Sheila Jackson Lee clone to me. So sad that racial division is the only move left in the Democrat plantation bosses playbook…

  5. If Ms. Lucas’ allegations about Mitt Romney were true, and they’re not, turn-a-bout would be fair play (unless you’re a liberal of course). If anyone is playing for the “racist vote” it’s “president” Obama.

    Too bad the American people are so dumbed-down that it’s seen as perfectly okay for a black voter to vote for a black person simply because of the color of their skin.

    When 97% of the black vote has pulled the lever for Barack Obama (the most corrupt, failed, intellectually and morally bankrupt “president” in American history), then you KNOW something is rotten in Denmark.

    What about that Ms. Lucas?

    1. It is perfectly OK to vote for anyone based on whatever criteria you want, Jeff. I bet many people on this board will be voting against Obama because he is black. That, also, is your right.

      What is not your right is delusion. You do not have the right to pretend that these voter ID laws are not actually voter suppression laws when the evidence is against you.

      So, just so you all can’t bury your heads in the sand, here are some facts from the swing state of Pennsylvania, where one of these las has been passed:

      1) ID laws will disenfranchise over 750,000 Pennsylvania voters, many in Philadelphia, where Democratic votes are highest:

      2) The State of Pennsylvania has admited that there is no voter fraud that justifies this legislation:

      3) Pennsylvania’s GOP House Majority Leader stated flatly that the purpose of the law was to throw the state to Rpmney:

      Racism is as racism does.

      1. Requiring proper ID (which means a variety of forms) in order to vote is the weakest voter suppression ever.

        Even weaker than posting Black Panther’s with night sticks outside of a polling location. Which Eric Holder didn’t find too bad.

        1. That’s an interesting intellectual dodge, Car. If a proven fact is linked through a source you don’t respect, you will ignore it entirely. This is especially disingenuous considering that the link to Maddow features a very damning video clip of a Pennsylvania Republican giving the game away. But hey, it must be some sorta Avatar CGI manufactured in Hollyweird, right?

          1. DR, do you agree that there is no difference from needing an ID to access gov’t buildings, cash checks, drive, etc from a need to establish your ID to vote? If so, why not?

          2. The question is about the trade-off, not the ID. I provided some helpful links above to make this point cogent, but it boils down to this: the Republican party in Pennsylvania (to use only one state as an example) has made it explicitly clear that their motivation is NOT preventing fraud. There have been no examples of fraud that motivated the legislation, there is no expectation of fraud this November, and as the GOP majority leader points out in no uncertain terms, suppressing the vote in this manner is good for Romney.

            You simply have no argument here. You can pretend that this is based on principle, but the facts are entirely against you. What will this legislation do more of: prevent fraud or prevent people from casting their vote? The facts are crystal clear: this law will suppress the rights of voters, not protect the process.

            IF fraud were a relevant concern in our political process, then it only makes sense that the Democrats would ALSO be on board with this. Why wouldn’t they be? Fraud cuts both ways, doesn’t it? Can you give me a sensible argument as to why the Democrats would not be equally concerned about GOP fraud UNLESS the Republican move was only meant to disenfranchise voters the GOP expects will not vote for THEM?

            I suspect you won’t.

          3. As usual, you did not answer the question. I merely asked if you agreed about the need for ID in a variety of cases and you turn it into a soapbox about Democrats being abused.

          4. Way to dodge the broader issue. However, if your point is that you need photo ID to buy beer, why not to vote, I simply don’t see the relationship. Why not show picture ID everywhere, all the time, for everything?

            What is interesting to me is that some Republicans will inevitably have their own votes suppressed through this technique. I guess you aren’t afraid to throw a few of your own under the bus if you can throw more blacks though, huh?

          5. I find it amazing that Dem’s main argument about voter ID laws is that Black’s are so stupid that they are unable to obtain an ID.

          6. DR no one is throwing any blacks or any other minority under the bus. All I asked was your position on photo IDs. If you cannot see a relationship between having to provide an ID to buy beer (your words, not mine) and having to do it when voting (a far more serious task, I hope you agree), I’m at a loss.

            Have a good evening.

      2. Kool-Aid is as Kool-Aid does.

        Voter ID laws require EVERYONE to have an ID if they want to vote. I recently missed a day of work getting my driver’s license renewed.

        The racism card is getting old, and no less desperate either.

        1. What about Fl where they found many dead people on the voter roles? You have to show ID to obtain welfare, foodstamps, unemployment, open a checking account, get a passport, obtain a loan, rent an apartment…the list goes on. How is showing ID to vote racist? Most states provide photo ID’s free. Ga send mobile vehicles to poor neighborhoods to assist in providing them to eligible voters.

        2. In the Peoples Republic of Maryland, it is against the law for a poll worker to look at the photo ID when someone goes to vote. I always take mine out, and it’s waved away, with the “we aren’t allowed to look at them” speech. Also in Maryland, the minute a felon finishes his parole, his voting rights are automatically restored. In Virginia, it takes an act of the Governor to restore those rights. At least this means G. Gordon Liddy is eligible to vote in Maryland, and that’s a good thing. I always refuse to take the “I Voted” sticker and tell the poll worker that they should only be printed in English, and not two languages. When I go to vote, I see signs that tell me interpreters for up to 15 languages can be brought in to help you understand the ballot and to vote.

          And, as a native-born Virginian, I must say how embarrassed I am by this woman who is hitting the race card so hard. Of course, probably every State has at least one person who is an embarrassment….there’s Sheila Jackson Lee in TX, and here in Maryland we have Ben Cardin (does anyone even know who he is?), Steny Hoyer, & Babs Milkulski to name but three!

          Is it November yet?

  6. I’m afraid Ms. Lucas is not too bright. Mr. Romney does not have to “speak” to anyone who hates Pres. Obama because he is black; he just has to show up. She is just stirring the pot.

      1. Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Love, Ministry of Peace…

        It’s only a matter of time.

        I wonder when PC language will start to morph into Newspeak?

  7. For myself, I evaluate a candidate for office, any office, by my assessment of whether or not he/she can do the job. Mormon, Jew, Catholic, gay, transgender, dwarf, etc. mean NOTHING to me in the voting booth. If I am against Obama’s second term, why does that make me a racist? He has proven he cannot do the job and does not deserve a second chance because he has shown no proof he would do anything differently in another term. End of story.

  8. Good grief, here we go again, “White people are racists for wanting someone to prove where they live before they can vote in any given precinct”.
    Or, “Poor, minority voters who don’t have a legal form of ID traditionally vote for Dems so Repubs want to deny them the right to vote”.

    Obtaining a valid photo ID is not a Whites only activity, nor is it something Repubs dreamed up to prevent a particular group of Americans from voting, cashing a check, driving a vehicle, entering a Federal building, riding on an airplane, or even from returning an item to their local Walmart store.
    If anything it is a base, degrading argument put forth by some Dems that poor or minority people are outside the modern experience of everyday life, and/or they are too ignorant or lazy to get a photo ID.
    It’s insulting argument to everyone.

    1. Well said, srdem. I can not imagine anyone living in this century not having a state photo id of some kind. How in the world do they survive? How would ANYONE get medicare, medicaid, va or ss benefits, pretty much any kind of entitlement or govt assistance without a picture id? But come voting day they claim they don’t have one? Of course they have one, the dem controlled ststes will not implement laws requiring picture id to vote and the feds refuse states their right to clean up voter registration lists.

      1. When I go to the bank I’ve done business with for 27 years, they call me by name but still want to see my photo ID before letting me cash a check. Every place I write a check (except for the grocery store where I’m in their system), I am required to show a photo ID. If I’d wanted to go to the book store where Michelle Obama was signing copies of her book about the WH garden, I would have had to show a photo ID to gain admittance to the event. Nothing is more important than our ability to vote, and to make sure our vote counts. When those who are not legally able to vote do so, it disenfranchises me. BTW, if Hillary Clinton had won the democrat nomination and had been elected rather than Obama, I would not be voting for her, either.

        1. NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY???? Then you are a sexist, pianogirl88…No wait, you are a racist……No…uh….Well you must be something bad in the eyes of our liberal adversaries! :>) Peace my friend.

          1. Indeed, I am careful as to what to say around my lib colleagues and students at the college where I teach. Who would I vote for? Allen West, Herman Cain & Condi Rice come to mind. I’ve always looked at what a person believes in rather than checking to see if they are of a certain color, sex, ethnic group, or prefer eating at Micky D’s rather than at Burger King. FWIW, I don’t like Biden any better than I do Obama! Peace to you, as well, RickW!

          2. OK…it’s about time to stop acting like a bunch of scared sheep and playing this game….Our lives are on the line with this little Socialist and we need to boost him out of office…Cook County Ill especially Chicago hides a lot of “dirt”, always has from Joe Kennedy “buying” the election for his son JFK right until now…..Stop TALKING AND START LOOKING.and stop whining

        2. This is what is so rich about the “conservative movement”. When it comes right down to it, you are just as happy to increase the power of the STATE as any “liberal”. All you need is an echo chamber to gather in so you can convince yourselves to swallow the latest talking points.

          Here’s one for you: why are no Democrats talking about how voter ID’s can be used to their advantage, either to prevent fraud or (more cunningly) to disenfranchise Republican voters and swing a few races their way? I mean, if this initiative is really race and party neutral, then there should be no net gain for anyone, right?


          1. MT for re-redistribution

            That’s a dumb question DR. The dems aren’t griping about voter fraud because voter fraud benefits them. They are all for it.

    2. Hmmm, federal government pays fro everything for low income people on welfare from housing to cell phones to animal care to food and clothes and health care and all the things in between. I believe they could offer free IDs at the welfare office and free IDs at DMV or library?

  9. Let’s be real clear here , the world has now caught on to the repeated and profound failures of the black political class . From Dave Bing to Deval Patrick ,to Harold Washington to Eric Holder , it is obvious to anyone looking honestly at the record , the black political class has failed on every account . And Barack Obama is the biggest failure of the all . Alex Campanis many years ago called this and every passing year makes his observation more on point and more accurate And let us be real clear about that , real clear .

  10. Obama, his supporters and his election team will use any method they can to demonize and discredit the opposition. They will rely on un-American, dirty tactics, so Patriots like ourselves must fight back. We need to get into the trenches and fight tough, but we can do it with pride, dignity and respect for ourselves – sign up at We need you help. God bless!

  11. HOOEY!!!……Our little “commander” in chief is nothing more than an incompetent who is trying to “compensate” with people as ill-informed and incompetent as himself. Romney needs to “wake up” and start “tooting” his own horn before Obama starts using it as a spittoon. C’mon Mitt…GROW A “PAIR”…..

  12. You know, I’m getting a little tired of being tagged a “racist” when I object to the actions of someone with skin darker than mine.

    Years ago I had a housekeeper in Houston. When the issue of racism came up in conversation with Mrs. Henry, she looked me square in the eye and said, “Don’t you know that black people are more racist than whites?”

    I figured since she was black she probably knew what she was talking about.

    In any event, I have long since ceased accepting the race card. It’s expired.

  13. Interesting thing the Obama use of the word “truth”. Corey Booker, in a small way attempted if not truth, then objectivity or a different “truth”. And Mr. Booker was thrown under that Obama bus. However, recently it has become known that Mr. Booker has saved himself and is now an Obama bundler. He’s all in. He understands the “truth”. Most likely Ms.Lucas does speak the “truth” of the “truth” team. Ministry of Truth indeed Kelsey and Mr.T. If this Administration wasn’t so dangerous all of this would be laughable.

    1. And if Corey Booker has become an Obama “bundler” then I guess a good man will be going the way of former (and convicted) Mayor Sharpe James

      1. Along those same lines — I was watching Katherine Herrigan (sp?) reporting on Diane Feinstein’s comment on the intel leaks coming from the Administration WH and then later, in another announcement, DiFi walked it back. Or as KH explained she might have gotten the “Corey Booker treatment”. Given the potential harm to the country and to individuals from these leaks,DiFi’s walk back was particularly disappointing. And given the obvious talents of Mr. Booker it is also disappointing to see his political choices. Were we talking about “truth”?

        1. My mistake — apparently the “Cory Booker” statement came out of the Romney campaign and is being used as a general description of DiFi’s walk back, incuding Catherine Herridge who I admire and whose name I massacred. Yikes. Sticking to my day job.

  14. ‘Truth Team” translated is Obama’s truth, not THE truth.

    What an idiotic statement to make ! It’s all about race — in her mind !!

    1. Just replace the word “truth” with “agenda” when a dem is talking. It will be more consistent with their actions.

  15. I have one question: Is there anyone here who believes Obama was the legitimate winner of the 2008 DEM Primary? Please raise your hand.

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  18. With 90-odd% of blacks voting for BO, where do they get off playing a race card? Blacks are the most racist segment by a wide margin. Thankfully, some have realized he is a lawless, unprincipled, faithless and petty thug who is a mere pawn of corrupt Chicago cronies. I’ve noticed he has been getting pretty buzzed alot lately. Can we require him to submit to random UA’S as a govt employee? He could surely use some character and integrity rehabilatation! Houston

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