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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 25, 2012

9:25 am PT || Departs Seattle
3:25 pm || Arrives New Orleans
3:50 pm || Attends a fundraiser; private residence
5:45 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; House of Blues
7:00 pm || Delivers remarks the National Urban League convention; Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
8:25 pm || Departs New Orleans
11:55 pm || Arrives White House

All times Central except as noted

31 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 25, 2012”

  1. So President Crybaby returns back to the WH around midnight. After three days of fundraising, Thursday’s schedule only says “meetings at the White House”, code for resting before he hits the road for more fundraising on Friday, (in Washington, DC and McLean, VA).

    It’s sad that in this entire three and a half years, Obummer’s ONLY long days have been when he’s fundraising.

  2. Hours after a global boycott of Pritzker-owned Hyatt hotels, Obama rewards Chicago billionaire/donor/bundler with a ride on AF One from SF to a Seatte fundraiser. The Pritzkers also catered to MO a few months ago by turning over their mega-million $$$ chalet in Aspen to MO and her entourage…while they moved into a hotel. When does pimping out AF One…and campaign commercials from the Oval office….reach the level of illegal campaign activity???


    1. come give the brother a little more rope and the knot is going to let lose soon the GOP is getting ready to go after him for this maybe today I here showing that he is using taxpayer money to move mooch around to fund raise shes not and elected offical and its suppose to beon theredime not ours but that is going to get real nasty today i here

    2. The most surprising thing about all this is the “surprise” expressed by anyone.

      The American presidency, to the Obamas, is the entitlement to which they feel they are due. Replay all of their speeches and remarks from 2008. You will find the same inconsistencies, same subterfuge, same empty promises, same race, class, and political baiting.
      The only difference now is that they are more open about it and totally unconcerned if their views, wants, wishes, orders, demands, policies, etc offend anyone.

    3. Girly1, thanks for connecting the dots for me. I read that he gave Pritzker a ride on AF1 but didn’t realize it was their home where MO stayed in Aspen. Interesting how she’s such a big bundler and that’s ok, but not ok for Romney to have big donors.

  3. This clown does not give a rats ASS useless if he is not out fund raising he does nothing else America needs to rid itself of this BUM

  4. the onlyone using negative ads is Obozo hes a dirty player and a piece of garbage will say anything for a vote 4 more years of this bum and we will have to take America back ourselfs

  5. So where is Michelle hiding? I haven’t seen her in days and to my knowledge, press has not covered her comings and goings. Is she on some stealth vacation with the girls? I can’t imagine she’d want to be stuck in DC in mid-summer heat.

    1. That makes one wonder what all the ‘folks’ were thinking during the week long power-outage & heat-wave when the lights & air-con were still on in the WH & he went golfing.
      (I don’t know for a fact but surely the WH has it’s own power source.)

    2. I noticed the timing of Obama’s arrival and MO’s departure for London, how convenient for him to have some nag free days to play on the links, watch Sports Center, eat a meat lovers pizza and enjoy his ciggies.

      1. So Michelle and girls are in London???? I heard she was going to represent the USA at the opening ceremony but strange that NO ONE has reported on her departure, where she’s staying, how many went with her.

  6. So obozo pimps out the AF1 and the motorcade to his knee slopping friends has turned the office of the president into a detriot run down neibhorhood probaly feels right at home what a piece of trash he dishonors the WH every day

  7. Ironic that the Preezy will be spewing forth more blatantly illogical economic statements in the ‘House of Blues’ where he will no doubt tell the mindless drones on Sector D (Democrats) of the economic plan that He crafted that has lifted the United States out of the depths of the Great Recession.

  8. As Obama flits back and forth across the country, local citizens have to pick up the tab for his security. Security in Boston has cost them $450,000 in police overtime. Recently a school district in NV just received payment for Obama’s 2008 expenses. It’s outrageous that Obama doesn’t pay his bills nor have any consideration for the costs involved of his campaign trips.
    When you combine the local expenses with AF1 and all the other associated travel expenses, Obama has spent tens of millions that could have been used for other (better) things.

    Boston article:

  9. So he’s already scheduled to fly out to the west coast to schmooz and fundraise with the high rollers, so how convenient that he touches down in Colorado for a couple of hours to make like he’s the soothing, great guy who cares deeply for the little people. Fundraising, campaigning and watching replays of drone killings he has the military record for him to watch is hard hard work

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