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Obama Cleans Up His Act, for the Moment

The Obama campaign may be signaling a shift in its approach, putting up a new ad that not only fails to show a grainy video of Romney with blood dripping out the side of his mouth, but which makes the president actually look presidential.

In this latest campaign ad, the president is talking about  . . . I don’t know what he was talking about, I don’t feel like playing it again. But the important thing is that he was talking about issues, and not smearing his opponent.

Now, I’m not under the illusion that the Obama team had a teary eyed come-to-Jesus session over pizzas in the Chicago headquarters and decided the low road was a reprehensible path to travel.

But they must be getting some blowback from focus groups telling them that Obama’s 2008 brand is completely ruined and he seems more like a Chicago ward captain than a president.

“Sometimes politics can seem very small,” Obama says toward the end of the ad. Well, he certainly should know.

This may just be a little counter-programming – people can only take so much negativity – that will soon give way to a new round personal attacks. But if Obama wants to elevate the tone and present himself as a leader, he deserves some credit, and it may well benefit his campaign.

40 Responses to Obama Cleans Up His Act, for the Moment

  1. Keith, given your article below about Obama’s surrogate playing the major race card, could it be simply that O has decided to take the high road while his surrogates do all the dirty work/heavy lifting?

  2. Bain didn’t work, MrsRomney’s horses didn’t work, racism is counter-productive, you didn’t build it was a disaster, outsourcing went nowhere, the wedding registry idea was horrible, so….let’s pretend to be “Presidential”.

    MrsObama’s upcoming photo ops at the Olympics and her “Let’s Move” program in England will be viewed as pushy and undiplomatic. We can look for some bad press when we find out how many friends and relatives we sent along with her on AF1.

    The Obama campaign is off-key, and nobody or anything seems to work to their advantage. They lost their mojo.

    • Don’t forget that the ad of Romney singing “America The Beautiful” probably only made people realize that Oblamo probably doesn’t know the words to it. My guess is he doesn’t know the Star-Spangled Banner as well.

    • Yes she’s going to be in for a surprise London won the right to the games right after the 7-7 bus bombs. So,they are really doing a great
      job and making this a very special year for London and the Queen’s Jubilee.
      So she will go in trying to take over the spotlight and the British will be
      less than pleased. The papers will be fun to read;). She’s going to make
      a fool of herself as always…sorry MO it’s not about you or your fat campaign!

  3. The elevator music in the background and the sincerity act isn’t going to sway any voters. Surprised he got through that commercial with a straight face after all the lies he spewed in that one minute performance.

  4. Yep….when all else fails, let’s try to ‘act’ Presidential.

    The difference is that Romney IS Presidential – Obama is running scared. There was a noticeable change after the Roanoke disaster, but Obama is still out there exacerbating the situaton by accusing the big, bad Republicans of taking his words out of context. Team Romney should do an ad with Obama’s remarks about ‘You didn’t build that’ in their entireity – from now until Nov.

    Obama is desperate! For the first time in his life …he has a ‘record’ that isn’t sealed. It is, however, great sport to watch him twisting in the wind. Romney should take heart – he is, as Anoona once said, living rent-free in Obama’s head.

    Even the DEMS are giving him h*ll!


      • I don’t get their “out of context” argument…when you hear his entire statement (“in context”), it’s even worse! Not only “You didn’t build that,” but also crap like…

        “I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something – there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.”


  5. He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy…to reduce the debt (how can the debit be reduced if the government keeps on spending?). He wants these taxes to fund education.(to give out more loans so students can dig a big financial hole for themselves, perhaps?), .,for manufacturing (I thought that is a function of private enterprise) and for home grown American energy (why not just allow the energy companies drill with investor’s money? Look at North Dakota.)

    It is his same old deal….bigger and bigger government..

    • I would like to see what type of “Economics” classes Barack Hussein Obama took at Columbia (how did Obama learn about the “economy/economics” since Obama has never worked in the real-world economy) and what grades he got -LOL

      • I think most people have begun to see this president for what he is. He cannot run on his record and has as Dick Cheney said been an unmitigated disaster.Obama is toast in November as he has lost alot of the jewish vote because of his stance on Israel, lost alot of the blacks because the Christian ones know he is not a Christian and supports gay marriage and abortion. He has lost the white vote because he has shown he hates us, he has lost the middle class by running up our deficit and the lack of jobs. A president put in office with no redeeming skills to be the leader of the free world.

  6. Like I always say: it takes two to tango, three to eat a mango, and four wheels to move a Dodge Durango. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, I am ball point pen … of emotion. Such is the irrelevance of the Obamanator himself, the biggest Obamanation that has swept this great nation since the end of creation. This advertisement should be illegal. It be important for the government to regulate free speech in order to keep OBAMABINBOBANA off the airwaves. Such is the essential fact of life: it is full of trife … and strife. YIKES! I’m wheeping like a little tiny TyKE.

  7. He does look tired, worried, and exhausted – but it’s not from worrying about the country. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has a meltdown before he gets to the finish line.

  8. ABC is reporting that this ad was filmed in the West Wing. Isn’t it illegal for Obama to use the WH for campaign purposes? At the very least, it’s unethical IMHO.

    • improper , but not illegal. Even if it was or even if unconstitutional, does anyone believe that would stop Obama? He has already proven it wouldn’t.

      • Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was thinking about the map room video controversy and thought any video was illegal… I’ll blame it on oldtimers. LOL

      • Actually, it is illegal to use the White House for campaign purposes. It is paid for by the taxpayers. and therefore is not available for partisan political uses. You can’t hold fundraisers there and you can’t make commercials there. You can hand out pics of yourself sitting at the desk, being president, but no film or chat. The White House is off limits for campaigning.

  9. He’s a desperate man and will resort to any means possible to remain in power. He can’t tell the truth because you (peons) don’t understand the truth.

    VOTE ROMNEY 2012 or literally DIE.

  10. He is using the WH Chief of Staff’s office in the West Wing. It is legal, but hardly proper.
    Not only that, he does not once look at the camera to speak with the public. If you watch the video you will note he does not.
    There is a choice — for the sake of America it must be ABO.

    After an unending force fed diet of the Obamas, the only thing that would suffice is the video of them leaving the WH forever in 2013.

  11. So when John Gotti used to put on a fireworks display here on Long Island you were one of those who called it an attempt to help his tarnished image? Puhlease.

  12. “Asking the wealthy to pay a little more”

    Under communism, if you have one more grain of rice than your neighbor, you’re “wealthy” and that grain of rice will be taken from you and redistributed. For hoarding that extra grain of rice, you will be sent to a re-education camp where, through hard labor, you will be cleansed of your greedy inclinations.

    For now, he quantifies wealth at $250,000/year. After 2012, what’s to stop him at putting the number at $25,000, or even $25?

  13. I don’t care what this man does, he will never look like a leader. You have to be a leader first. He “leads from behind.” That IS NOT a leader. That is a follower.