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Mitt Needs to Show the Love for Mitt

I was raised to be modest, to say thank you, to let ladies go first, to hold the door, and not to brag.

And then I grew up and moved to Washington and found out that if you hold the door too long, everyone will walk through it except you.

A certain level of immodesty is necessary to propel a career in a cutthroat political town that wants to know who’s up and who’s down, what’s the latest thing, and who got there first.

Not just Washington or journalism, of course. Many other towns and professions.

I’m glad I was raised to be modest, though, because it’s certainly easier to add a few layers of boastfulness than to rein in an ego in love with itself.

Mitt Romney is one of those people you won’t find sitting on a couch at the family Thanksgiving gathering discussing the glories of Mitt Romney. But he’ll have to tell the American people about it, because otherwise, Obama will do it for him.

I’ve written that Romney should absorb the Obama attacks on Bain Capital and respond with not just a defense of his years at Bain, but a celebration of them.

A great piece on Politico today asserts that Romney needs to celebrate much more about himself:

The presumptive GOP nominee is known for his abilities as a salesman. But Romney has made a calculation against selling three major elements of his background to voters. To some degree, the Republican’s campaign has walled off three critical aspects of what makes Mitt Mitt — his Mormon faith and good deeds, details of his experience running Bain Capital and his signature achievement as Massachusetts governor . . .

And he does not talk about what people close to him describe as a lengthy list of charitable works, neighborly help and major donations, in part out of personal discomfort with focusing on his good deeds and, in some measure, several Romney backers say, because it will focus attention on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a religion that’s rapidly growing but about which misperceptions remain.

The vote for president is one of the most personal decisions a person makes. I’m sure you remember the choice you made in every presidential election in which you voted. It’s a decision about who will be your leader. You’re choosing a daddy or – probably sometime soon – a mommy.

And, like a parent, whether you love them or hate them, you can’t escape them. The leader of your country is your leader too.

Romney can’t just make this campaign a referendum on Obama, as he is trying to do. He needs to provide an alternative.

The Romney campaign so far has careful scribbled all over it. He’s playing not to lose, which as anyone who ever watched a basketball game knows, is exactly way to lose.

Mitt, Americans will love you, even if you pull up a leg of your slacks and show us a wart. Hell, Clinton dropped his slacks and people still loved him. The disconcerting elements of Obama’s biography didn’t interfere with the Obama 2008 campaign’s success at presenting a hagiography to the public.

Mitt is basically a good guy, and Americans will sense that. He’s not an easy target to vilify. Unless he’s too modest.

14 Responses to Mitt Needs to Show the Love for Mitt

  1. Romney will NEVER toot his own horn. He was not raised that way and it is not in his DNA. He is a humble and good man. The Super PAC’s need to not only hit Obama hard, they need to toot Romney’s horn loudly.

  2. A modest, well mannered, restrained and intelligent man. Oh I love these traits in a person. You have it, Keith, and Mitt Romney has it. And I am sure these traits will work well for him even in the tough Washington environment. He is the absolute opposite of Obama and people will see it and like it. I still think that media should have patience with him, he shouldn`t “peak” to early. Obama must not be seen as the underdog too soon. For peak he will and then go on to win, I feel very confident here.

  3. You’re right Keith. Mitt strikes me as the kind of man who would hold the door open while everyone else poured in all the while sporting that wry smile of his. I agree that the super packs need to step and sell Mitt and draw the stark comparison with the divider-in-chief. The better choice should be readily apparent.

  4. Better to define yourself than let your opponent define you. There are ways around immodesty, and as the candidate of the Republican Party, his campaign has an obligation to do that, it’s Running For Office 101.

  5. I don’t elect a President in order to gain a third parent. I elect a President to do the job of being President — and personal characteristics are certainly a large part of how the job will be done.

    Thank you, Keith, for this post. You are right. Romney needs to start telling us who he is.

    I’ll vote for a Mormon (and many of their beliefs are pretty strange) before I vote for someone with no belief in a higher power or a need to occasionally produce “Christian” photo ops of a family going to church holding hands.

  6. I’m sure Axeldouche would love nothing more than for Mitt Romney to go out there and tout his Mormon faith. If he does that, the Obot squad has free rein to unleash the torrent of negative ads and stories they have stored up for the occasion.

    If you didn’t write for Politico, I’d never read their articles, Keith. The last people I would go to for advice is an Obama mouthpiece like Politico. I hope Mitt Romney keeps doing what he’s doing. He has been hitting the right notes for the past few weeks and isn’t falling into the leftist traps. Most Americans aren’t looking for a daddy as president; we’re looking for a good steward of our ship of state. Obama has failed miserably at the job, and it is time to give someone else an opportunity to turn this ship around.

  7. Instead of “transforming” Mitt Romney into just another politician, why is it that those who know him and know of his good works are unwilling to speak out? Those with the ability to use the media have the opportunity to do just that.
    Obama, his family, and his administration brag constantly. They have the media, politicians, and celebrities bragging on them. Surely with all the power of the internet, with YouTube available, those supporters of Romney can and should do the same.
    Those unwilling to help that have the power to do so will deserve whatever happens if Obama is re elected.

    • Read “The Real Romney” and “Turnaround” … I just did, and I’m extremely impressed. What a relief it’ll be to have a President, not a “pResident,” who has a virtuous good character, accomplishments and faith in God (yep, even as a Mormon) … not to mention a beautiful, gracious and intelligent wife … and if America isn’t in sore need of a proven expert in “turnarounds,” I don’t know who/what does …

    • Read “The Real Romney” and “Turnaround” … I just did, and I’m extremely impressed. What a relief it’ll be to have a President, not a “pResident,” who has a virtuous good character, accomplishments and faith in God (yep, even as a Mormon) … not to mention a beautiful, gracious and intelligent wife … and if America isn’t in sore need of a proven expert in “turnarounds,” I don’t know who/what is

  8. Here is the issue . . . it doesn’t matter what he says about himself. BO’s campaign will twist and turn it into a mess. Remember how they twisted him singing “America, the Beautiful”?

    I do think the PACs need to emphasize the difference in expertience between BO and Gov. Romney. Even with BO in the Oval Office for the last 3.5 years, Gov. Romney still has a better administrative and business record. Really . . . what has BO does even in the last 3.5 years that shows he has the ability to lead even a Cub Scout trooop?

  9. Never mind the charitable gifts, etc. They are a good thing and show what a good person Romney is, but what the American people are looking for is a doer, not a do-gooder. What we need to get out there is this, when Romney took over the Olympics, they had a $379 million deficit. When he was done and they were over, the profit was $56 million. Think what he can do for our economy with a record like that. That is the sort of thing that needs to be publicized, the rest is just icing on the cake.

    • I liked your post, fldemfem.
      I agree we need a “do-er, not a dreamer” who cannot administrate, and lives in a fantasy world of his own making, which describes Skeletor to a tee. All a community organizer does is gin up people’s animosities, to create unrest and usually some sort of civil disobedience. Four more years of Skeletor will bring LOTS of civil unrest, I am sure of that.
      He would smirk that ugly smirk and lovingly pat his Saul Alinsky book and Moo-Moo’s hand if he could credit himself with class/race warfare.