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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10:15 am || Departs San Francisco
11:40 am || Arrives Portland, Oregon
1:50 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Oregon Convention Center, Portland
4:10 pm || Attends a second fundraiser; Oregon Convention Center
5:05 pm || Departs Portland
5:50 pm || Arrives Seattle
6:15 pm || Attends a third fundraiser; private residence, Hunts Point, Washington
8:15 pm || Speaks at a fourth fundraiser; private residence, Hunts Point, Washington

All times Pacific

48 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 24, 2012”

  1. Mark Knoller tweet tonight…

    By my count, Pres Obama’s 3 events tonight bring to 185, the number of fundraisers he’s done since filing for re-election last year.”

    Just imagine how many cross country trips on AF1 we’d be paying for if he didn’t have that laser focused on turning the economy around. What a laugh. If memory serves, he has been spending less and less time in the office than he does on the road selling his snake oil to the useful idiots.

      1. Thank you for keeping the stats on his fundraisers, Shofar. At the end of each month you do a recap of his travels and AF1 cost estimates that I spread around. It is having an impact on his support. We’ll never change the mind of a Obot, but thanks to your stats some are swayed when they see how little time he actually spends doing his job.

        1. He was my first vote looking back as bad as being impeached was
          nothing compares to the non existent ‘president’ we have now.

          1. My first was for John F. Kennedy. Would you not love to know what he would think of Obama?
            I also voted for Nixon and looking back, he was a saint compared to Bam.

  2. Has there ever been one day in the last 3.5 years where the WON has not appeared in front of a camera? He has never stopped campaigning. Ironically, he has done himself in – familiarity breeds contempt! He needs to go into the witness protection program – the jig is up!

  3. You would think even the jaded leftwing followers of Obama could see the man
    is not doing his job. They must have friends and family who are suffering due
    to the fact this country has no working government. No budget in 3 years old
    Harry won’t allow any kind of vote to reach the Senate even knowing if it was passed and BO didn’t like it he’d just go rouge again. This country has no
    functioning governing except at the state level and only some. They should be
    carpet bombing Sparky daily with the fact we have no President but all I hear
    are crickets.

  4. Just curious; does he HAVE to be at these fundraisers or else the wallets remain shut?
    He’s on the road so much that it seems the job of President can be handled on a part-time basis.

    1. Didn’t Carney tell us he’s Preezy 24/7 on AF1 ? Yet, he had to rush back to DC last week after the theater shootings “to monitor the situation”. Huh?

      I do think he’d rather be out and about enjoying the perks at our expense rather than do the job he was hired for.

      What’s amazing, people are still giving him buckets of money when the race is so close.

    2. No he just thinks his job is to party to hell with America after all it’s not
      his fault. He must think we work on autopilot cause he’s not worked except to crush the country with Obamacare a costly albatross!

  5. Obama told his handlers in no uncertain terms that he would not be cooped up in the WH – he wanted to be out ‘amongst the people’. According to the world of Obama, the Presidency is merely a stage – and all of the players are nothing but props. He pulled off the greatest con job in history – I only hope he is treated as a pariah when this farce has ended. It really is a
    Shakespearian tragedy – something that we all should chronicle for our children and grandchildren. We certainly can’t leave it up to the so-called ‘historians’ such as Doris Kearns Goodwin et al.

    1. You’re right Girly. There is something rank in Denmark or is that DC?

      A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
      William Shakespeare
      (I knew that English Lit degree would come in handy one day!)

    2. There is no way he will be accepted amongst the “glitterati” when he leaves office. He will be of no use to them. He’s squandered any political capital he earned as president so he would be useless as a lobbyist.

      1. Agree Robin. I was thinking of Barack and Moo come say February of 2013 and the opening scene from Ghostbusters 2 came to mind,,,,Where the boys were entertaining at a kid’s birthday party since there was no need for their “services”

  6. The only nice thing I can say about the schedule…there’s no return trip to DC. Any chance he can keep going west from Washington? The Pacific is a big ocean.

  7. this lying idiot makes the USA look weak and has his party other than the rich and the ones who live off of us seen thru his act Meaning the hard working liberal democrats they must be feeling the pinch of his wayward taxes and lack of leadership by now hope they really see this CLOWN for what he is a lying low life BUM and vote against him in November even they are not that stupid 2 of my gym rat buddies b oth Liberals said they would never vote for this liar again so talk,talk,talk it does get the word out

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  9. My sources tell methat up to 18 to 29 % of the richest Americans will be giving up there US citizenship if this MORAN wins in November so go out and get every one to get rid of this butt head Obozo and Mooch cannot blame them ,I have a freind who is worth 140 million and he and his wife are ready to go if Obozo wins to another country and give up there Citizenship why fear of this Moran taking there hard earned money they have 3 companies and started with nothing now Obozo wants it all Frank is ready to go

  10. just spoke to a High ranking GOP member and Romney is getting ready to hit back very very hard on Obozos past his ties to sneaky people and other businesses,this is gonna be good get ready for the show ,Mooch is in Ohio who pays for that shes not a elected offical GOP is ready to bring all of this forward this week and expose Obozo for using taxpayers money for his wifes fund raising parties the shit is about to hit the FAN

      1. Oh I just read that hello they should be made to pay the $38,500 to the
        taxpayers to replace the stolen funds Obama gave them! How many
        more bundles are in effect giving Obama our money. Too bad we have no Attorney General to investigate.

  11. Perhaps we should compare the fiscal practices of Obama’s campaign and Romney’s. Obama’s campaign spending is a good example of his reckless approach to the nation’s economic woes: take a lot of other people’s money, throw it around, go into debt, don’t pay the bills, and then dare to decry Romney’s apparent careful stewardship of his own money, and apparently, the funds of his campaign. This seems to be a very public disparity between how to manage money, both public and personal. I would rather have Romney invest my money than Obama, any day!!!!!

  12. So, BO is screwing up rush hour traffic in Seattle (with a game between the Mariners and the Spankees) to raise money in the extra-rich area of Hunts Point? Oh, that will go well with the people who would like to get home or get to the baseball game tonight in Seattle.

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  14. The Mothership Michelle (Let’s Move) Obama will arrive in London tomorrow
    evening 7-26-12 to be sure the 2012 games will be all about her! Her schedule is in the Chicago Sun Times.

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