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The New Obama Handshake

Many of you were probably unaware of the new Obama handshake. It’s now the only one the president uses, and White House staffers are required to employ it with him, each other, and White House visitors who come to meet with them.

Seems silly to me, but so do a lot of things I see at the White House.

41 Responses to The New Obama Handshake

  1. So much of what President and Mrs. Obama do and say is drawn from the conduct of people the age of their daughters. Is it that the adults want to be cool? Or that the adults do not know how to act like adults? Is it that many of their aids are in their 20s? Just not sure, but it is embarrasing.

  2. Reminding liberals of his “blackness”? A subtle form of one-upsmanship?
    Remember: he has to benefit (in some way) by everything he does.

  3. “….and for a campaign contribution of $30 or more, you can be entered into a raffle where you can win a personalized 10 minute class with Barack for him to teach you this worldly urban greeting technique!”

  4. Becareful Keith! The WH will send the IRS and other agencies after you. Next you will have him wearing a hoodie, a handful of Skittles while doing the handshake. Borderline racist if you as Sharpton! P.S. I like it, it made me grin.

  5. It’s really too complicated for me. I am but a simple man.
    If this weren’t a silly spoof, I might not chuckle quite so hard. Oh, by the by, fist bumping? Still silly. I am waiting for the Call Me Maybe version from ol’ PeeBo. All the moron kids seem to like that song, and thems voters, ya know.

  6. It’s fake. But his new bite your bottom lip (it’s cute) swing your arm out like a right hook and REALLY shake that democratic donors hand is not. Self-described students of body language like me notice this stuff. (see presser w/ Netanyahu)

    • I saw that, too. It seems to be an aggressive alpha male move that causes the two hands to slap together rather than just slide into each other.
      He also uses the left hand as an aggressive/possessive move by placing it on the other person’s shoulder as he shakes their hand.
      MrsO compulsive-like hugging is also an aggresive and intimidating move.
      They probably see these moves as a friendly gesture to a stranger, but most people shy away from those who invade their personal space.

      • There’s no evidence that she hugged strangers before she became the FirstLady, so it is probably a calculated move to show that she really “cares” about others in her self-assigned “Mom-in-Chief” role.. In reality it’s intimidating, almost to the point of an assault, on others much shorter or smaller than her.

  7. It’s the “down low” “fistbump”.

    High held fist is too obvious as to being radical.
    (Think OWS, NBPP, and variety of commie/Marxist posters).

    He likes things “under the radar”, this is pretty symbolic of that.
    Plus, he can get the “us / them” feeling that he loves so much.

    So very middle-school.

    Until you recall that Hitler demanded his own salute, too.

  8. Fake or not, isn’t this attractive for the President of the United States? I don’t know if my heart is going to make it until November. The world must be seeing all this on the net and thinking “what has America come to?” Can you imagine how effective talks would be with foreign leaders when they know they are dealing with a man who would be a teenager rapper?

  9. Yep faked for sure. Look at how his head is looped over and over. You make us conservatives look bad when you post things like this.