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Obama Takes Down the Rest of His Ads in Colorado

Looks like there’s a lot of positioning going on to make sure each candidate seems appropriately mournful of the events in Aurora, Colorado.

The Obama campaign just put out word that it has pulled ALL its ads from Colorado markets. Earlier, the campaign said it was taking down only the attack ads.

From the pool report:

From a campaign official:

“We have asked affiliates in Colorado to pull down all of our advertising for the time being.  Not just contrast spots.  It takes time for stations to be able to do this, but we are making every effort.”

This follows word that Romney had suspended ALL advertising in the state.

11 Responses to Obama Takes Down the Rest of His Ads in Colorado

    • doubt that he will do that, he doesn’t have to be public about it, since things are moving along quite nicely with others picking up the mantra. He has set things well in motion by reversing previous US stance towards the UN Gun treaty, which will likely be accepted this week…and even if the Senate does not ratify it, will according to my understanding have some binding impact. Hillary is the front line operative there.

  1. The left wing cartel has already politicized this heinous act of a mass murderer. This man’s murderous act should have nothing to do with politics.

  2. So far in July, 19 people have been murdered in “gun-free” Chicago. Why doesn’t’ Obama pull his advertising in Illinois?
    I don’t get the logic behind this decision, unless the candidates are afraid there is gun-related language in the ads (target, battleground, job-killer) that could be used like Sarah Palin’s scope sites to blame them for the shooting.

  3. What got lost in Friday morning’s murderous rampage was the release of the report on the Fort Hood massacre. While Major Nidal Hasan sits in the comfort of a hospital room, still receiving his military pay and growing a beard against military regulations, our elected representatives (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and Mike Rogers) continue to stick their head in the sand about the threat of Islamic infiltration into every corner of our government…

    One of the reasons Nidal Hasan was able to carry out his jihad is because of political correctness (aka cultural Marxism).

  4. Wish he’d take them down in my state (OH)–can’t turn on the TV without seeing his ugly mug! Can’t tell you how many times we’ve come close to throwing something at the TV because we can’t stand to see his face or hear his voice and we can’t find the remote fast enough to change the channel! Then, we return to sanity and realize that we’d only be hurting ourselves if we broke our TV (unless of course, we could get a new one with Obama money!!!)
    Please Barack Hussein Obama–just go away!