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Obama Returning to DC; Pulls Colo. Attack Ads

Updated 11:28 am ET

President Obama addressed the Colorado mass murder this morning during an event in Fort Myers, Florida and is now headed back to Washington to monitor the situation.

Obama canceled a scheduled campaign event outside Orlando.

“He wants to be back in Washington to get further updates on this, and I think you can expect that he will upon arrival,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign will pull its attack ads in Colorado for the time being, though the process may take some time, according to Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

The Fort Myers event, which had also been scheduled to be a campaign appearance, was shortened and turned into a venue for a statement by Obama on the tragedy.

From the pool report:

President Obama spoke for about 6 minutes to a convention center full of supporters. There was an american flag and bunting, but no campaign signs with the now familiar “Forward” campaign slogan. There was no music and the mood was somber.

Obama said: “This morning, we woke up to news of a tragedy that remind us we are always united as an American family.”

He said, “We may never understand what leads anyone to terrorize their fellow human beings, such violence, such evil senselessness is beyond reason.”

But, he added, “We do know what makes life worth living. People in Aurora loved and were loved.”

“I’m sure many of you are parents who had the same reaction I did when we heard the news. My daughters go to the movies. What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater as so many kids do each day?”

He led a moment of silence five minutes into the speech.

Mitt Romney will also use what had been scheduled to be a campaign event in New Hampshire to talk about the shooting. His campaign is pulling its ads in Colorado.

Obama was briefed this morning a 5:26 am ET on the shootings by Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan.

Carney, who appeared to choke up during a briefing for reporters aboard Air Force One, indicated that the shootings do not appear to be related to terrorism.

50 thoughts on “Obama Returning to DC; Pulls Colo. Attack Ads”

      1. Obamao didn’t cancel his Colorado fundraiser for any reason other than he wants to get back and plan strategy for using this sad tragedy against Romney, the Tea Party, and conservatives in general. Let the gun-grabbing onslaught begin.

  1. Only flying back to DC because it would look callous if he continued fundraising. Would not surprise me if he creates an executive order banning gun and/or ammo sales effective immediately.

  2. A horrible tragedy of course but I guess it will soon be used politically.
    By the way, the Norwegian massacre on Utöja happened almost exactly a year ago ( July 22 ). Could this poor lost soul be a Breivik disciple ?

  3. It’s either a revelation about me or a correct assesment of MrO’s true motives, but I don’t believe he gives a rat’s patooty about the dead and injured, but rather means to use this incident as another political ploy to call for disarming the public.
    No matter how many Americans are killed or wounded in Afganistan, or how many Black children are killed or wounded in Chicago and elsewhere, he didn’t cut back on his parties, golfing excursions, or his fundraising, so the question is why this tragedy is different.
    Prediction: a major speech is planned at a college/venue in Colorado by the President, just like he made the tragedy in Tucson a political event for himself.

  4. My thoughts exactly, srdem. The first thing that came to mind was AZ. The huckster-in-chief couldn’t wait to run his skinny legs back to the WH to start working on The Speech! The WH must be buzzing with excitement – Obama was so excited this morning – he was stuttering throughout his phony ‘condolence’ message.

    As I said previously, I hope the citizens of Colorado run him out of town on a rail when he shows up!

  5. “Carney, who appeared to choke up during a briefing for reporters aboard Air Force One, indicated that the shootings do not appear to be related to terrorism.”

    Carney choked up thinking about a chance for four more years if all goes well for his boss in Colorado!

  6. Call me cynical, but Obama using a “stage” falls into the “vote for me” category. “What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater, as so many of our kids do every day?”

    Chicago (one of his many claimed home towns) has yet to hear a word from its former senator.

    201 of the 259 homicide victims as of the end of June were African-American.While blacks make up about 33 percent of the city’s population, they accounted for nearly 78 percent of the homicide victims through the first six months of 2012.

  7. The shooting is not about guns. The man was able to obtain guns because we have the right to bear arms.

    The question is why mentally unstable people are allowed to roam freely among the population UNTIL the prove themselves a danger by killing someone. The issue should be the way that we treat our seriously mentally citizens, which is essentially asserting that there is nothing wrong with them. I had a friend murdered by his son, and one time passed on the sidewalk an obviously angry and insane woman who a few weeks later went to the local mall and gunned down people. Why did my friend’s son and this woman’s mental illnesses give them the “right” to plan and execute murders? That’s what it came down to essentially.

    We need long-term, even life-long restricted residential care facilities such as existed in the 1980s before “mainstreaming” planted the seriously sick among ordinary people and disallowed the ordinary people any protection because of the “rights” of the mentally ill.

  8. “He wants to be back in Washington to get further updates on this, and I think you can expect that he will upon arrival,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

    in no way intended to diminish the horrible tragedy, but isn’t carney always telling us that the president is able to stay in touch/communication/involved in all matters, “no matter where he is”?

    1. Good point. He’s probably going back so they can plan his next stop on CO to milk this situation for political gain. I suppose there will be a memorial service next week and BO and Mo will be in attendance.

      As others have pointed out, never a mention of the unbelievable amount of murders in Chicago.

    2. Yes Carney did say Obama’s always working, even on vacation.

      I think in this case, it’s the optics of partying with his cash cows that may have been the deciding factor.

      I don’t think really knows more than we do, but so far, the shooter is being treated more fairly in the media than George Zimmerman.

  9. On CNN’s web page, if you click on the “photos” link for this tragedy, the first 2 pictures are of the annointed one’s rally today, then you actually get to what you had expected. Even in a situation like this, the MSM has to keep Barry first above all else. Amazing…

  10. What? No shout out to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow first before addressing the shooting?…like he did for the Ft. Hood shooting?

  11. The difference between the two candidates is like night and day.

    His favorite words I, me, Mine were alive and present. There seemed to be little warmth, compassion, or concern except for “his” children. His moment of “prayer” was disingenuous at best. He not only embraced their calls for four more years but lingered to shake hands and accept kudos.

    Romney, on the other hand spoke compassionately, not as a candidate, and inspired a sense of American unity. At the conclusion of his remarks, he immediately left the venue.

  12. I watched Barry’s message of condolence today and I was sickened by both him and his acolytes.His words amounted to nothing more than his generic campaign speech.He;s talking about the mass slaughter of innocents and the Obots are clapping and cheering ‘four more years!’
    He posited:what if Sasha and Malia had been in that theater?
    I wish they had been-their secret service detail would have dropped that murderous scum before he could fire a second round.
    colorado is a swing state.Anybody wanna bet he has a memorial service there like he did in Tucson and Fort Hood so he can be the star?

  13. As horrible as this tragedy is, Obama simply cannot let this crisis go to waste. I’d bet my last dollar that he’ll make an appearance at a memorial service next week and most likely there will be t-shirts for the victims and families. Those people wanting memorial t-shirts that weren’t given a free one will be able to buy t-shirts from Obama’s website, thus boosting his sales, which have fallen sharply. There will be many photo ops and talking points that will be replayed over and over in the Obama-bot media as they tell us how guns caused this tragedy.

    Since I’m on the downhill slope of life, I hate to fritter away any time remaining that I have left, but November cannot get here soon enough.

    My prayers and sympathy to the victims and loved ones in CO.

  14. O seemed sincere enuf, but his comments were flat and self-important. Why did he have to mention the daughters? He has no shame in using those girls for political purposes. Very disappointed, but then again, I don’t have even minimum expectations for this organizer-in-chief. I feel bad for the country.

  15. It is a horrible tragedy!

    that said I don’t remember the fort Hood massacre by Nidal Hassan stopping the country in its tracks and 13 service people died there-did obama have a moment of silence then?

    1. a statement he made

      “On Friday, Obama opened his remarks at a brief press conference in the White House Rose Garden in which he warned the American public against “jumping to conclusions” over the motives of the shooter.

      “This morning I met with FBI Director Mueller and the relevant agencies to discuss their ongoing investigation into what caused one individual to turn his gun on fellow servicemen and women,” he said. “We don’t know all of the answers yet, and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all of the facts.

      Read more:

      he also gave a shout – out to someone at a speech before making remarks on the day it happened


  16. “What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater…”

    WELL, there would have been probably a dozen of your SS troopers sealing all the exits (on the Taxpayer’s dime), so it wouldn’t have happened WOULD it, Obie?

    1. They were not there – they are still ALIVE you jerk!

      how dare he make it personal when these people lost their lives and their families are devastated !

      what a horrible man

  17. I hope since 0 left and went back to the WH, he was able to get in 18 holes of golf. Surely he did. Might as well be doing something productive on a pretty day.

  18. “He wants to be back in Washington to get further updates on this, and I think you can expect that he will upon arrival,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

    So we’re to believe Obama is continuously in the loop and updated on National Security events while playing golf, vacationing or traveling abroad, but suddenly he needs to be in Washington DC to learn about a mass murder in Colorado?

    This is strictly a public relations move and anyone can see that, how would it look to have Obama out campaigning while the Nation is grieving.

    I don’t expect Carney or Obama can be honest with the public.

  19. Very, very tragic.

    No matter what side of the political fence, you are on….for a message (unfiltered by the media), go to YouTube and search for The Best of America by Mitt Romney.

    This is who we are….however many challenges we confront as Americans.

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