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Michelle Taking on Major New Campaign Role

Michelle Obama is expanding her role in the Obama campaign, heading up a new effort designed to get mass numbers of individuals to take small actions each to boost Obama’s prospects, according to the Associated Press.

And also, BTW, to get them to donate.

The effort marks an unusual role for a first lady, moving beyond the traditional speechmaking and fundraising that usually mark the effort of the president’s wife during reelection time.

From the Associated Press article:

The Obama campaign said Mrs. Obama would lead the “It Takes One” effort, which will include digital media, advertising and grassroots organizing. Campaign officials said Mrs. Obama would be the face of the effort and personally participate in many “It Takes One” events as she travels the country, recruiting neighborhood team leaders, speaking to groups of women to ask them to volunteer and stopping by voter registration events.

Michelle sent out an email to supporters announcing the initiative:

You’ve probably heard Barack say that this election will be a lot closer than the last one — and it’s true. This could all come down to just a few votes per precinct in key states.

That’s why I want you to be a part of “It Takes One” — a new effort we’re launching today. It’s simple: We’re asking folks to commit to doing just one thing to help build our campaign right now, whether that’s registering a new voter, pitching in at a local office for one hour, or recruiting one friend to volunteer.

The campaign has also constructed a video, starring Michelle, to introduce the “It Takes One” campaign.

The Romney campaign has given Ann Romney a more nebulous role, touting her as a kind of ambassador for Romney to women.

H/T to Jammie Wearing Fools, where I first saw this.

73 thoughts on “Michelle Taking on Major New Campaign Role”

  1. She, really, really, really, doesn’t want to have to give up those vacations and little jet junkets too soon now does she.
    Both she and her husband are a stain upon the offices they hold.

  2. I have to say . . . I have seen enough of her to last me a lifetime. I am so looking forward to their move back to Chicago.

    1. All I ever hear about this tragic phony is how popular she is, and how much people love her. (Ask thhe queen of England about that one.)
      But I have never seen any info on favorable/unfavorable sort of thing. Probably afraid to publish the truth.

    1. She’s trying to show the strength of her emotions about the subject, but being no actress she just looks strained and strange.

  3. Since nothing I could write here would be complimentary, supportive, or even very nice, I’ll follow my Gramma’s advice and say………………………………..

        1. Well, even if you do ONE beneficial thing for Romney, I suppose that theoretically would cancel out the one thing someone else did for Obama.

          Maybe that explains why Eric Holder is working so intensely to kill all of the state voter ID initiatives, ones which would help to ensure that the people who are casting ballots are legitimate voters.

          After all, for each and every unlawful vote that is cast for Obama (‘dead man’ voting, felon, illegal alien, multiple registrant, etc.) that will cancel out a lawful vote cast for Romney.

  4. In addition to all of her major and minor facial surgeries, I bet Team Obama had to hire an elocution coach. Who could ever forget all of her wild-eyed, screeching, strident stump speechs (which have subsequently been scrubbed) on the campaign trail four years ago. In fact, she was pulled off the trail six months before the election for being too abrasive.

    It’s hilarious watching her try to speak and act like a lady…she comes off as a clown! Sorry, Mooch, Mrs. Romney has you beat by a country mile!

  5. Michelle is beginning to realize that she will never get another glamorous vacation again if her husband doesn’t get re-elected. And no fashion designers will want to give her free clothes any more. She’ll have to start paying out of pocket for all those boob belts. She’ll no longer have a staff of 38 servants waiting on her. No more Stevie Wonder concerts. No more celebrity dinners. No more lobster and wagyu tenderloin.

    So Michelle is going to do what Michelle does best. Michelle is going to do what’s right for Michelle.

    1. …I bet the Obama’s will still be living it up after LOSING in Nov. 2012…I can see them living like the Clintons; being given Millions$ by the left-wing donors just to give empty speeches and keep being the “Obamas”

      1. I don’t think that will be the case. Bill Clinton is a fascinating talent that can speak for hours on end from the top of his head without teleprompter or notes. Not so with Baraq.

        Look back at his days at Harvard. Past presidents of the Harvard Law Review could always count on a top clerking job for a US Supreme Court Justice. But not so with Obama. He did not get a single offer from even a federal appellate court judge or a top NYC law firm. Instead, he takes a job as a lecturer at the University of Chicago. And twelve years later, he still hasn’t been promoted to Associate Professor.I think the Obama’s know deep down inside that the gig is up. Bill Clinton went out as a winner after two terms. The Obamas will go the way of the Carters as those who lost the Democrat hold on power, except in Carter’s case, he had a Physics degree and some basic construction skills. And Baraq Obama? Not so much. No law license. No real world experience. If I was a business owner and saw his resumé sitting on my desk, I would not have a position for him.

          1. He sure was qualified to con Oprah. I saw a tape of her refusing to endorse or not endorse him this time — but she made it clear that she would help if asked. Guess no one asked.

        1. Excellent Point;
          Why did Barack & Michelle “give up their Law license”…???

          (of course NO ONE is allowed to question/look into the “background” of the Obamas…)

          1. I do not know if this is the reason they gave up their licenses. But to maintain one’s license one must take Continuing Legal Education Classes and pay fees (annually or biannually). if you are not practicing law and do not intend to, it may make sense to give up the license. Suprised she did it, because she had at least practiced for a while.

          2. Michelle was court-ordered to surrender her license, or the court would have her disbarred due to insurance fraud.
            Barry surrendered his license due to fraud on his bar application, which was later found out.

    1. I’ve seen some of these on the women they were designed for that would be very young very thin girls and young women and they don’t
      look bad. She’s so vain tht some of the dresses had sleeves and were a bit more modest and she had the designer change them so we won’t
      miss out on the glory of her toned arms. These are made for 20 to 30
      year olds not women of her age or fighting weight.

      1. I also noticed that they alter some of her dresses and make them look worse. I really have to question what MO’s aids are thinking when they let her out in public in some of those outfits. And she (we?) pay such a high price for some of the most outlandish outfits! Seriously, I could have shopped at a garage sale for a 1950’s tablecloth and made a nicer looking sundress than her striped $1200 something dress.

        I miss the decorum of Laura Bush and other First Ladies. Instead, we have MO, who doesn’t know how to sit like a lady, exercised with Biggest Losers and rolled around sweaty on the WH carpet, sack raced and hula hooped inside the WH, wore tight pants and see thru top for a children’s show awards ceremony, and on and on. I am so looking forward to the quiet dignity Ann Romney will restore to the position of First Lady.

        1. Yes I too miss Laura Bush for so many reasons. Her job as First Lady should almost be a guidebook for future ladies who will fill
          this job. Michelle Obama would be never do any of these things or
          dress in a way that does not represent her position as an
          ambassador for America. MO is all me me me look at me shameful
          is this the example she sets for the girls?

  6. Their campaign staff have no idea how much she is despised in the heartland of the country. Their egos are only outdone by their incompetency.

  7. Sorry you traveling hussie. You and barry are OUT IN NOV!!!!
    What are you gonna do without your 28 “assistants” when you have to
    do everything yourself??

  8. Obama has inserted herself completely into the campaign. She has opened herself up to any and all criticism and can no longer hide behind her ‘First Lady’ facade. She is as much a campaign operative as Axelrod.

  9. Great, more exposure of the beasts face.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so sick of that pushy, stupid, racist, bitch I damn near hurl every time I catch a glimpse.

    Hey, you fugly beard, stay home!

  10. It seems there’s a really big, empowering difference between taking individual political action on behalf of Barack Obama, and individual productive action by engaging in business.

    Yep, it’s something about the difference in the power of the individual in those two circumstances . . .

    She says, “It takes one …” and she means that, for example, if you registered just that ONE person, why that could make all the difference in getting Barack Obama re-elected.

    Yet, he already told us that individual action doesn’t work in business:

    “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

    ~~~ Barack Obama, July 13, 2012, Roanoke, VA

    1. Yeah, I think she means Bararck is going to win by one vote in November. I bet this will be the case. And that one vote will have been cast by an illegal alien signed up by one of Michelle Antoinette’s followers.

      1. And, yes, you’re right. One person can make a difference if it’s to help BO. But one person never makes a business achievement on her/his own. Somehow this makes no sense, but that never bothers Democrats.

        1. “. . .
          Somehow this makes no sense, but that never bothers Democrats.”

          Yep. No matter how much of a mess or a slog they’ve created, they just rally around some catchy slogan . . . like “Forward” . . . and blindly march on behind their latest Dear Leader.

  11. Oh my, who thought putting Michelle “I hate America, you f’ing crackers” in front of a mic is a good idea? Maybe they’ve managed to calm her down, but somehow I doubt she calms or takes direction well.

  12. I wish this tiring woman will go out the door soon dragging her “husband” in a firm grip and end the charade.
    I look forward to the convention when the pretty, feminine Mrs Romney will appear looking stylish next to her handsome husband. Oh, to have this couple representing the US , many in and outside the audience ( including the media ) will think, I am sure. And hopefully start listening to them too…..

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  14. Whatever happened to “Yes WE Can”?? From the ‘collective’ to ‘one’.


    Ominous portent re: the ill health of the re-election campaign, yes?

    Or, could it be that they are catching on: America HATES their now not-so-covert socialism?

    1. The enraptured ones don’t really listen to what these two grifters are saying. They are too busy bowing at the alter of the chosen one.

      Mark the calendar, July 13th, 2012, which just happened to be a Friday the 13th, President Kardashian made his first try at kicking the TOTUS habit. That is when he took off the mask and told us what he has planned. The words that will live in infamy will be – “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” That is when America woke up.

      Hopefully we can turn this around if Romney is honest about what he is telling us. Hopefully there are enough real Americans left who aren’t willing to sell the liberty and freedom of their progeny for 30 pieces of silver…

      1. Sadly, there are millions of people who think that all business’ are cheating them, that wealthy people are crooks who stole the money from honest poor people and that only the “connected” get ahead.
        They believe what BO told them, they think their only protection from the evil rich comes from the government, and to some extent, it”s true.

        There are whole groups of people who think they’ll never be properous, who believe the deck is stacked against them from birth, and throw the blame on those who seem to get all the breaks or were born with that ‘silver’ spoon. That’s who BO is speaking to with his class warfare; he’s telling them that he will even it out by taking the money from the rich and giving it to those who deserve it.
        He’s said that over and over and they’re buying it.

  15. Roanoke will henceforth be known as Obama’s Waterloo….but combined with Friday, the 13th – it could also be called ‘Nightmare in Roanoke”.

    Look for Obama’s first post-Presidency autobiography: “My Life after Roanoke – How I Learned to Live on My $400K Retirement Pension”.

  16. Moochele has taken NO CLASS to a new low (or is it a new high?) All my 61 years I’ve heard the expression about giving one an inch and they’ll take a mile. The Obamaos do that so well.

  17. What has Michelle Obama contributed to her country ? I’m not counting Let’s Move and her Faux Love the Military .gov email harvest sites and reasons for her pay-cations, what has she truly inspired for her country?

    What has she done to make us want to be better people putting country before party ? I don’t see any difference in her whole FLOTUS term and officially campaigning now.

    There’s no comparison to the Clintons who worked well with others across the aisle to benefit the country. Maybe disagreed with their politics, but I liked them as people and patriots.

  18. Let her speak. The more she flaps it, the more independents she will alienate. Just like hubby when he’s off his teleprompter.

  19. Does anyone watch Wheel of Fortune and/or Jeopardy? If so, have noticrd how even those shows seem to be pandering to MO? During military spouses week, MO talked about her support of military families. And Jeopardy had an entire category that MO did.


  20. Michelle, who dumped uninsured patients from her hospital and got a $170,000 dollar raise and spoke to blacks and told them stay in their community and don’t go to work for corporate America is preaching again – but living large-same thing Rev. Wright said as he moved to the gated almost 100% white suburb. YOU been played again, brothers!!!

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