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Obama’s Remorseless Attacks Having Little Effect

Weeks of vicious attacks by the Obama campaign assailing Mitt Romney’s character and making questionable charges about his stewardship of Bain Capital have yielded the following result: the latest national poll, released by the New York Times, shows Romney with a slight edge.

With little record to run on, an economy mired in slow growth, and unemployment stuck above eight percent, the Obama team must face the possibility that it is unloading some of its only rhetorical ammunition without result. And after burning through $100 million of his money on campaign ads, Obama has failed to establish a lead over his rival.

The poll suggests an extraordinarily dangerous possibility for the Obama campaign: that concerns about the dismal economy trump all other issues and provide Romney with a teflon coating with which he can deflect the bullets of the grinding Obama attack machine.

The poll puts Romney slightly ahead, 45 to 43 percent. But perhaps even more serious for Obama is that only 39 percent say they approve of  his handling of the economy – compared to 44 percent in April – while 55 percent say they disapprove, up from 48 percent.

Meanwhile, Obama’s overall approval rating, which had been flirting with a rise above the crucial 50 percent barrier, stands currently at 46 percent, according to the daily Gallup tracking poll. The New York Times puts Obama’s approval at 44 percent.

The barrage against Romney from the Obama campaign has included charges – widely questioned by independent observers – that he presided over the offshoring of jobs as head of Bain Capital, as well as suggestions that he may have cheated on his taxes.

The unrelenting attacks by Obama may also be having a subtler deleterious effect on his campaign.

The president is having trouble meeting his fundraising goals and must log countless miles traversing the country to try to fill his coffers. The financial shortfall is reflective of the depleted enthusiasm for Obama among his supporters, who have watched as he has unintentionally rebranded himself from the 2008 candidate of hope and change into a crude politician willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his political survival.

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  1. Has anyone else thought that the reason the Obama Administration decided to change the welfare laws by executive order NOW, was simply to get the people on welfare, OFF the unemployment rolls in order to bring those numbers down?

  2. Its the political equivalent of Rope-A-Dope. Obama comes out swinging with everything he’s got, expends all of his resources and Mittens comes out with a knockout punch on a hobbled Dope this fall. Doubt me at your own peril.

  3. All of the pundintry aside; emprically thinking, does it not make sense that nobody who voted republican will switch and vote democrat, however, many who voted for Obama will either sit out or switch (primarily independents). That has to bode well for the “Get rid of Obama” campaign.

    1. “All of the pundintry aside; emprically thinking, does it not make sense that nobody who voted republican will switch and vote democrat,”

      True but you’re assuming that everybody who voted Republican is going to vote for Romney and simply not the case at this point. Romney still has a huge credibility problem with the conservative base of the Republican Party and he’s yet to address it. Further more with virtually every name mention thus far as a potential VP pick, with one or two exceptions, he threatens to make the problem bigger by slapping them in the face with his pick and convincing them there’s no good reason to vote for him.

      If the election were held tomorrow, me, wife, our adult kids and many of the steady Republican voters we know and discuss politics with simply wouldn’t vote because we’re unconvinced Romney offers a meaningful change in course from the present administration.

      He’s got little over three months to convince us otherwise, we don’t need anymore to convince us of what a bad man Obama is and if he makes the wrong choice for VP he’s going to lose as we stay home.

  4. “… into a crude politician willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his political survival”

    He has ALWAYS been that. Many of us knew that all along. Thankfully it’s becoming painfully obvious to everyone else. What I don’t understand is how he polls as well as he does. I’ve not heard one person say that they’re going to vote for him. I’ve been paying attention to Presidential elections for 40 years, and I’ve never seen absolutely no one that I know support the incumbent candidate. This has the makings of a Reagan/Carter landslide for Romney.

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  6. This poll provides hope that the American people aren’t as stupid as Obama and his Chicago thugs think they are.
    After 3 1/2 years of takeover legislation, governing by executive decree, and attack after attack on our economic freedoms the people who actually make America work have said, “enough already”.

  7. It’s been bad for Obama for a couple of days: Another of his pet Green Agenda closed in Nevada (more of our money down the drain); news that his Jobs Council hasn’t met in 6 months (because “he has a lot on his plate”); and one of Obama’s bundlers was running Bain when GS Tech was closed. And that last one is why anyone in their right mind should ever believe anything Obama says.

  8. This was a great little game by Dick Morris,explaining the “undecided ” vote on O’Relly last night.

    MORRIS: Among those who do vote which is the likely voter poll, Scott Rasmussen today has it at 47-44 Romney. Now, when 44 percent of the people are voting for Obama and even in some of these swing states as much as 47 percent are, that means he’s going to lose the state.

    Let me play a game with the people at home watching this. If you are going to be married to the same guy next year, same person next year, raise your hand. Ok. Hands down. Undecided? What does it say when you’re undecided about that? I think that whenever you have an undecided voter they are predisposed to vote against the incumbent.

    Read more:

  9. $100M for negative ads? Thomas Paine opined, “a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” Other competent observers of the human condition have deduced that lies oft repeated eventually become indistinguishable from the truth.

    Modern politics in the US is no longer about the selection of honorable representatives intent upon the protection of liberty. It’s about acquiring power over others. I think it was Saul Alinsky that suggested that it’s all about winning. Lie if you must, then lie about the lies. If that proves ineffectual, change the subject.

    That $100M was the ‘lying budget’. Pick a topic and hammer it until the desired effects are achieved . . . or else pick a new topic. Winning a political race is about having enough money to propagate the lies.

    We’ve had some pretty rich candidates who were not successful in their bids for public office. From this I perceive that it is insufficient to simply have a lot of money . . . ya gotta be good at lying too . . . that takes special talent.

  10. “The president is having trouble meeting his fundraising goals and must log countless miles traversing the country to try to fill his coffers.”

    do you think he cares if you have a job or not? He’s had over 100 fundraisers since the beginning of the year. The only butt he cares about is his own!


  12. Obama + Democrats = The end of the United States of America.

    Don’t let this happen. Get out the vote this November.

    This is a war between We the People and the freeloaders that Team Obama has bribed (redistributed) with our hard-earned taxpayer money.

  13. The democrats accusing ANYONE of not paying their taxes is the height of hypocrisy. Is there anyone in Obama’s cabinet/staff who DID pay their taxes? Yeah, keep it up, morons. How about you try to talk about dogs some more? Or who’ is rich and who has more money than who.

    You liberals are so stupid it would be funny if it weren’t so damn destructive.

    1. very, very good point — and — I have not seen anyone (political or reader) anywhere make this point.

      we have forgotten about the reprobates in the obama administration, people who think they are smart enough to rule over us, but do not have to abide by the same, laws, rules and regulations that we do.

      throw them all out.

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  15. Well well well, I’d say that was money well spent by Obama after the fashion of all our tax dollars he flung around – those billions accomplished absolutely nothing too.

    Now that’s political Karma baby!

    and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  16. Actually, Obama does have a ‘record’ to run on, but it’s nothing that will get him elected. Still, 44% approval record only shows how many Americans are on the federal government payroll for handouts (even food stamps commercial in Spanish). just shows how bad Americans are fed up with the D.C. (District of Corruption).

  17. Now that is what I call a redistribution of wealth!
    The RICH democrats give money to the ONE he gives it to the MSM and the MSM gives it back to the goverment in income taxes got to love it!

    Yeah I know the repubs do it also but we are going to WIN!!

  18. “The barrage against Romney from the Obama campaign has included charges – widely questioned by independent observers – that he presided over the offshoring of jobs as head of Bain Capital, as well as suggestions that he may have cheated on his taxes.”

    Never mind that the president presided over multiple bailouts to GM who builds the imported Chevy Camaro and Buick Regal with outsourced labor, and has no plans to bring production back to the USA.

  19. There is just one little thing bothering me about Obama’s shameless run for a second term. If he can’t sweet talk us, if he can’t con us, if he can’t simply run down his opponent enough he will attempt to steal the election and fall back on the democrat’s last line of offence.

    This tactic is best understood by the phrase:

    “Everybody votes democrat and nobody gets hurt”, they say while holding the proverbial sawed off shotgun to our heads.

  20. Hilarious! The cluelessness and bankruptcy of the Left is truly astonishing. They live in a parallel world of pain and frustration, deeply unhappy with themselves and their fake president. Now the emptiness of their hate-speech is exposed. I love it! Spend more, girls, more hate, more vitriol, more dirt. People are tired of Obama’s 90 year old class-warfare rhetoric and failed social programs.

  21. Mr. Koffler,

    I think Obama’s unsuccessful attack is actually having the opposite effect.

    Barack Obama’s attack on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital experience is that voters are focusing on the fact that Romney has been a very successful capitalist and saying to themselves “Yea, I want to be successful like Romney.”

    Where Obama and liberals see that as a negative, Americans who have worked to be successful themselves are not reading it as negative but a positive. Obama and his henchmen are ironically pointing out just how successful Romney has been. American’s loves a winner. Obama is a loser, Romney is a winner.

    With Obama’s statement that shows his hatred of business, “you didn’t make the business successful, someone else did” it is an example of his hatred of America. Voters are rejecting his hate speech and by November the numbers will put Romney up by 8 to 10.

    Today’s job numbers will begin to turn with no way out for Obama who really has no clue how wealth is created.

  22. Obama is unfit to be President. He was unfit to begin with and continues to violate the oath of office. Interesting that Congress does as well and all should be subject to removal or impeachment.

    Obama is only being propped up by the slobbering press corps. What’s odd is how do they profit by being so biased and wrong when the results of Obama’s efforts are in plain sight?

  23. They will have an impact, of that I’m sure. Many Americans are too stupid to understand that Bain wasn’t in business to create jobs. They took in investor money to buy, fix or split and sell companies for hopefully an obscene profit. Romney was fabulously successful at doing that. Obama’s job has been to facilitate a climate in which the private sector can thrive. Threatening tax increases on the $250K earners will impact 1/2 of all small businesses (the backbone of the economy). This has been a constant theme from 1600 PA Ave. Launching a massive new entitlement during a monumental downturn with all kinds of unknowns for larger businesses was just insane. Combined with his statements about spreading wealth around or “you didn’t build that…somebody else built that” has the free enterprise system frozen as if the news from around the world isn’t enough of a downer. Obama is a monumental failure.

    1. I have rarely seen so many people, though, who are fed up with the media pablum…now a rock solid 45%…..they have fled the mainline media propogandist machines…….one interesting aspect is seeing the differences between Fact and Fantasy, Lies and Distortions, Left and Right become more and more apparent. The Left is being pushed into more and more extreme mortis…the danger is in their dangerousness. Will the Left seize as much power as they can, if faced with ruin at the polls? Or will they trust in the principles of our Republic, wait for another chance at the polls, and cede power?

  24. For Communists and Socialists, attacking business and successful entrepreneurs is a natural way to. Did anyone notice that whenever Obama is not using his teleprompter, he can’t help speaking from his heart and it always sounds like Socialist.

    1. And I like hearing what someone really thinks! Obama should be proud of his Communist roots, Socialist upbringing, and Universal quai-Christian Islamic orientation. And I would really, happily vote for him as President….of a commune in Antelope, Oregon.

  25. Negative campaigns lower popularity on both sides. Obama’s CREEP made a fatal early prediction that they were somehow “above” the gravity of negative campaigning….just another tide they cannot lower. I’ve never “liked” Obama: he was too much about Barry…but I did have hope. No more. So Democrats for Romney in 2012…and maybe an Evan Bayh, in 2016.

  26. “Romney’s Teflon coating”??? Maybe it’s because all of the team Obama accusations and allegations are 100% FALSE? Even many NON-conservative sites that fact check the charges give him (Obama) 4 out of 4 Pinocchioes. Meaning, HE LIES!! while his own record of operations stinks to high heaven, and he’s guilty of the very things that he accused Romney of.

  27. “Eat your peas!” – President Obama

    July 12, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    Yesterday you told us to eat our peas. You even told us to pull off the bandaid in the context of raising the debt ceiling, and spending more money we will never have on “Obamacare.” I cannot fathom a President in my memory speaking in a manner that you have chosen to. I guess it is just a barometer of how bad our standards have fallen. I see it all around me, cars can’t be fixed because children have been taught that fixing them is beneath them. Adults like you act like infants at microphones. Then there is The Forgotten Man, people like me, who just want everything to get back to normal without having to take the next historical step to get to that point.

    Why is it so hard to do the right thing at the federal level of government? We all know as individuals what to do when faced with the same concerns. Yet, when we kick it all upstairs for some, what we think, is some wise and reasoned solution, all we get is garbage upon garbage. Mr. Obama the American people are tired of your garbage. They are tired of the liberal democrats garbage. They are tired of being told that they can’t build, drill, or work. They are tired of wars fought for one side of the same muslim/arab coin. They are tired of paying taxes to a government that wastes every dollar we give it on things that no sane citizen would ever agree to in light of all of the other priorities that we face. Common sense has been dead for a long time. But when you were elected it ended all hope of a revival.

    In 2010 it made a small comeback. It is now trying to work it’s will through the byzantine halls of the Federal Government. As I watch citizens like Rubio and West and Palin work their magic I sit in awe of their will to do that work. I find it humorous that the guy who said he was going to save us from the rising water, you Mr. Obama, is actually throwing all of us bricks, while telling us to eat our peas. You may have the best of intentions, but they are based on a lifetime of lies, so how good can they be? Well Mr. Obama I’m not the Forgotten Man and like Jim Croce once said “I’ve got a name.” You may not know it. Even if you did you certainly don’t care about it. I frankly cannot understand how anyone can believe that you leading a bankrupt federal government can solve their problems only by spending more of someone else’s money!

    How’s that working for you? Because it’s not working too well for all of us.


    Joe Doakes

    1. . . . true . . . but we are then going to have to force everyone we elect to do what we want . . . no one said ending a con would be easy . . .

  28. @65 and….. I was floored watching MSLSD (Chuck Todd) w/ 3 panelists and one of them stating its good news for Obama that Romney is only slightly ahead, even as the sitting prez…… Where’s the Kool Aid….. Was laughing my Arzz off. After last weeks comments about Government being RESPONSIBLE for the success of small business, he is toast….. I have no idea who He thinks he is preaching to……

  29. I have never, ever, posted a comment on any website before…..but after reading J. Dubs post about Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romey, I must tell you that I absolutely believe that folks all across this nation need to read it. It is powerful….and no, I am not a Mormon….but rather, a lifelong very Southern Baptist believer, and I love this comment from J Dubs.

  30. Obama batting a 1000! Not getting credit for getting bin Laden, no bump in the polls from Obamacare and now this…Now what??? Guess I will just have to vote for the other guy…………….

  31. For the last few weeks the left has been congratulating itself on how effective the Bain and tax return attacks have been. I’ve seen countless leftie pundits speak of the attacks’ effectiveness without citing any polls. Up until now, they really believed they’d run away with this election. It’s hilarious watching the panic set in now that polling data actually exists.

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  33. I think voters are smarter than the O-force gives them credit for.

    Voters know that they need to be basing their vote on major issues, such as the economy, national defense, fiscal policy, health care, abolished liberties, and so on. This election is NOT about decade-old securities filings, and voters are smart enough to know that.

    Mitt Romney’s role at Bain Capital, and this whole parlor game of when he was or was not doing what, seems to be devolving into the left’s version of birtherism.

    What Mitt Romney put on his SEC forms back when “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was all the rage is not going to lower the price of gas. The confusion over titles on decade-old securities filings may make for intriguing Beltway gotcha games, but it won’t create a single new job anywhere in the country.

    Voters understand this, which is why this line of attacks isn’t working. I’d submit that voters also resent having their intelligence insulted by such a blatantly obvious red herring.

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  35. “unintentionally rebranded himself from the 2008 candidate of hope and change into a crude politician willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his political survival.”

    What scheiss! Obama is what he always was — a rabble rousing agitator who only know how to piss people off. Obama was NEVER a uniter. What crap. The lamestream media fed us this lie. Just a look at his “work” history would reveal this. Obama only wins fixed elections. And the ones in which the opposition takes themselves out of the race, like John “Pop Gun” McCain. For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my president.

  36. President Obama in Roanoke Virginia July 13, 2012 ‘If You’ve Got a Business — You Didn’t Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen’ If You Are A Socialist Or A Communist Then You Are Rejoicing That Obama Came Clean And Is Out Of The Closet. Obama: “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist professors.” ~ Barack Obama (Dreams From My Father.) Obama, Commie mother, commie father, commie grandparents, commie mentor, commie friends …… commie Barack. Not too difficult to figure this out.
    Election2012 Capitalism or Socialism. Your choice.
    Obama 2008: “Yes we can”
    Obama 2012: “No you didn’t”

  37. Is there “any” strategy Obummer puts forth that is useful to America?

    Libt@rd Hint: Answer is two letters long, and end in O, as in your tiki-idol lizard-legged messiah.

  38. Even Obama is cashing in on Bain’s success, An Obama campaign bundler and supporter by the name of Levine runs Bain now and has been for some time…

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