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Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 19, 2012

10:45 am || Departs the White House
12:45 pm || Arrives Jacksonville, Florida
1:15 pm || Attends fundraiser #1; Prime Osborn Convention Center, Jacksonville
3:30 pm || Attends fundraiser #2; Prime Osborn Convention Center, Jacksonville
4:35 pm || Departs Jacksonville
5:35 pm || Arrives West Palm Beach, Florida
6:20 pm || Attends fundraiser #3; Century Plaza, West Palm Beach
7:35 pm || Attends fundraiser #4; Century Plaza, West Palm Beach

48 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 19, 2012”

  1. I guess he didn’t need the intel brief this morning to see how things are going in Syria and what Israel is planning to do to retaliate against Iran for the Bulgarian bus bombing.
    He’s going for the big bucks in West Palm instead of taking care of our security interests. He really does need to be fired.

  2. I guess when Carney said that sometimes he has to interupt his schedule for important things, all of the international events don’t qualify.

    1. JBH, when one leads from behind, one only needs to know about international revents AFTER those that matter (Russia, China, and our frenemieis in the Mideast) have made up their minds on how to react. So there is no need for an intel briefing until then.

    1. That’s too funny, Girly1. They may not meet in person, but I do know Rush lives rent free right next door to King Putt’s massive ego.

  3. I would ashamed to look people in the eye when he’s not don diddly on jobs.
    But he doesn’t care about anything but a four more year plan on destroying
    America and freebies for the family. Putz!

  4. Politico no longer identifies his trips as fundraisers…they are called campaign events masking the non-stop party on and off Air Force One. The media often rides along in the press section yet dares not talk about this disgrace lest they lose their cushy seats/access…state media anyone?

  5. Jay Carney said the other day that the president has way too much on his plate.

    On Drudge, they put that quote under a picture of Obama drinking beer in a bar.

  6. My family back in San Antonio said his event at the Convention Center last week he drew only about 1,000 at $250 a pop. There were quite a few protest signs outside the Center. Mostly repeal Obamacare. Then he went to a gated community and had about 30 or so at $35,000 a pop. I did not see any reporting about this on MSM.

  7. Barry and Michelle – the Bonnie and Clyde of politics. At least Bonnie and Clyde had the decency to use their own transportation while they robbed banks–Barry and Michelle rob taxpayers to fly on AF One while they try to steal another election. Their accomplices (the Press Corpse) sit silently in the rear – looking forward to another ‘free ride’ in 2013. It’s the ‘Chicago way’.

  8. Obama said in Austin that he wants to be a “pioneer of insourcing” but I’m guessing he doesn’t have a problem with outsourcing as long as those people put money in his campaign cookie jar. Tom Meredith, a former Dell executive, hosted a $25K plate dinner yesterday for Obama. Dell computer laid off thousands of American workers and sent the jobs overseas.

    Four more fundraisers today, more hypocritical speeches, and more travel expenses for the taxpayers. What a sad time for America…

    1. Yes he’s demonstrated the Constitution and rules are nothing to him.
      Imperial President now he thinks the Supreme Court & Holder are in his
      pocket dangerous days ahead.

  9. So… when the phone rings at 3:00 in the afternoon… you won’t have to wonder who will pick it up. The butler will pick it up and politely say, apologies… the president and his crew are in Jacksonville. Please call back when he returns.

  10. Again, I ask, when are we gonna padlock Air Force One? This guy is no longer a president of a super power. He is just another small time poll with small time ideas that start with filling his own coffer abd those of his supporters. Let him pay his own way all the way to November.

  11. When Obama says he wants to be a ‘pioneer of insourcing’….he’s referring to illegals. He has already created millions of jobs by giving work permits to millions of illegals who were either here waiting for deporation…or those under 30 who have the best forged documents stating they have a HS diploma, etc., etc. He has closed down 9 Border Patrol stations and refuses to enforce our FED immigration laws.

    Meanwhile, Americans are flocking to Canada for jobs!

    1. I actually made this comment to my husband the other day which means that the campaign is required to pay the government for all of these side trips because they are not “official”. If they throw an official event in there – they can get away with not reimbursing. What a scam.

  12. The president has so much on his plate that he cannot meet with his Jobs Council. Unfortunately, his plates are all at fundraisers. And jobs for Americans are not.

    I am beginning to think that when the President said he was focusing like a laser on jobs, he did not mean jobs for all Americans. He meant jobs for him and Mrs. Obama.

  13. This makes fundraisers 10, 11, 12, and 13 for July. Considering Obama took off the first week of the month, other than doing a photo-op on the 4th, he has actually only “worked” nine days this month. That works out to 1.44 fundraiser per day. He’s back on track average wise with June when he averaged 1.54 fundraiser ever work day.

    1. I did a little quick numbers crunching for July, and thus far Obama has flown in AF1 approx. 6,690 miles for a cost of $2,210,826. That is only for July.

      Add that to the $33,357,367 already spent through June, and you have a total so far this year of approx. $35,568,193 for AF1 expenses. This is just AF1, and no other expenses related to POTUS travel.

  14. Hey Keith, maybe you can give us some insight here how these fundraisers work.
    I notice that Obama will have two or more “fundraisers” at the same location, back-to-back, as we see from todays schedule at the Prime Osborn Convention Center and then again at Centry Plaza. Each seems to last just over an hour, I assume long enough to get the first batch out and the next batch in, which doesn’t leave much time to speak. And then when he does speak, is it the same speach that he gave to the first group? Why not book a larger venue, big enough for both groups, say the speach once then move on?
    Just wondering.

    1. I am just guessing here, but two funders at the same location but probably not the same room. Two donor tiers and I am sure each tier gets to “keep their forks”.

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