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Obama Offers Strong Show of Support for Israel

Updated 8:28 pm ET

The White House today offered unconditional support to Israel in the wake of Wednesday’s murder of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, a possible sign of a toughening U.S. stance toward Iran and tightening ties with Israel.

Obama, who has had his share of run ins with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and been criticized for harboring too much empathy for Israel’s enemies today lined the United States up firmly behind America’s closest ally in the Middle East.

Perhaps this represents some evolution in Obama’s view of Israel and a recognition that the Jewish state is the one ally the United States can count on amid the upheaval, instability, and violence among Israel’s hostile neighbors. Perhaps this is a recognition of the need for Jewish votes during an election year.

But either way, it’s a commendable response by the president.

Obama made a point to call Netanyahu Wednesday to offer support, express condolences, and offer to help find out who is responsible for the crime.

But speaking to reporters today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not cast doubt on the Israeli assertion that it was Iran that perpetrated the act:

I would note as a general principle that Hezbollah has backed, and Iran has backed terrorist actions against innocent people in third countries in the past.

Pressed repeatedly to say whether the United States was concerned about Netanyahu’s determination to retaliate against Iran, Carney declined to issue a call for restraint:

I think that we will work with and provide assistance to both Israel and Bulgaria in the effort to find out who was responsible for the attack in Bulgaria and to hold accountable the responsible party or parties.

But Carney didn’t suggest any other suspects, and vowed continued pressure on Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program.

25 thoughts on “Obama Offers Strong Show of Support for Israel”

  1. Call me a skeptic, but I suspect the WH sees the Jewish vote slipping away, little by little, and they felt the need to do something to try to get it back. I hope they are sincere with the words, but……

    1. Unfortunately, I concur. This is the first instance of violence where Obama has offered any support, verbally or otherwise. —- less than five months from election time — purely political.
      He has relentlessly demonstrated his lack of compassion for anyone but his immediate circle or those he feel benefit him politically or personally
      He talks a good game but we have enough windmills.

  2. He did it for votes only, he could care less. Cause those pesky settlements are causing there to be no peace with the Hordes of pedophile worshippers….

  3. I have to disagree with you, Keith. There was never an ‘even-handed’ approach to the ME with Obama – he has always been pro-Palestinian and has always put more pressure on Israel – settlements, 1967 borders, etc.

    What could have been more telling than Obama’s words last year when he told Netanyahu “I have your back”…and the next day he backed off saying he meant it only in an historical context! ( Note the arrogance of this statement – I have your back – not WE (the U.S.) have your back.

    Sorry, this is the same guy who humiliated Netanyahu nearly 3 years ago at the WH – forcing him to find his own way to the door while he. Obama, went upstairs to dine with the family. He also refused to allow an official photo of himself and Netanyahu….while there were plenty of photos with Obama and Abbas!

    With 100 days left until the day of reckoning, Obama will probably convert to Judaism!

    1. good one, girly! but he might as well convert: he already knows more about Judaism than any other president, ‘memba? (and we know that’s true because he said it himself.)

  4. here Keith, I rewrote your first graf:

    The White House today offered unconditional support to Israel in the wake of Wednesday’s murder of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, a possible sign of polls that show Romney within 1 point in several swing states, and dipping fundraising numbers in Hollywood and other enclaves of liberal Jewish donors.

    there! all better.

  5. You are too generous to him Keith. Did he voice his support or was it one of his assistants who issued the statement? Doubt you would hear words of support for Israel coming from Obama’s lips. He despises Israel almost as much as he despises America. Besides, what makes him think he deserves a pat on the back for supporting one of our staunchest allies, something that should be a given for every American president?

  6. Let’s see, the President is in Florida raising money. He offers strong support for Israel. Gee, what a shocker. Now, had he made this speech, in, oh let’s say, Texas, or Idaho, THEN, and only then, might I believe his words were sincere. Sorry, but this sounds like nothing more than pandering to the Jewish vote.

  7. I’m a cynic on this he made one decision squeezed between fundraisers? I
    bet someone else did and he made the statement for votes. He won’t do a
    thing for America or our dwindling allies anymore unless it comes with votes
    or money. Sorry I don’t give him credit for this. It was politics not genuine
    goodwill and concern he’s not shown any interest in being President why now?

  8. I’d trade Obama and every one in this country that supports this muslim POS , For Mr. Netanyahu to be our leader. This is a man of honor and courage and understands what he is fighting. And Obama and everyone who is of like mind with obama is the Enemy!!

  9. He’ll support them in a vague way until after the election and then will immediately turn his back on them. Knows he is losing some of the Jewish vote….and didn’t he tell Netanyahu to hold off on attacking Iran until after the election? Why? Because he didn’t want to have to show U.S, support to Israel against a muslim country.

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