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NY Times: Romney has Slight Edge in Poll

A new poll by the New York Times gives Mitt Romney a slight edge over President Obama, as Americans’ disapproval of Obama’s handling of the economy grows:

With job growth tailing off since spring and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, wondering aloud whether the labor market is “stuck in the mud,” the poll showed a significant shift in opinion about Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, with 39 percent now saying they approved and 55 percent saying they disapproved.

In the Times/CBS poll in April, when the economy seemed to be gaining momentum, 44 percent approved and 48 percent disapproved.

For all of the Washington chatter that Mr. Romney’s campaign has seemed off-kilter amid attacks on his tenure at Bain Capital and his unwillingness to release more of his tax returns, the poll shows that the race remains essentially tied, with 45 percent saying they would vote for Mr. Romney if the election were held now and 43 percent saying they would vote for Mr. Obama.

There seems to be little chance of improvement in the economy before Election Day.

So look for more attack ads from the Obama camp.

30 thoughts on “NY Times: Romney has Slight Edge in Poll”

  1. It’s pretty scary when the head of the Federal reserve sounds less like, well, the head of the US banking system, and more like Bobby and Ron from Lizard Lick Towing.
    “This economy is jes stuck in de mud, Chuck.”
    “What!?! It’s a votin’ year! Yeh cain’t be stuck in the mud, Bernie.”
    “All I is saying Chuck, is I’m standing nex ta the economy and its in mud up to da doors!”
    “Shoot, the doors, huh?”
    “Jes Right.”

    1. In the next segment, the truck driver, a Perfessor from the school of Ivy, explains that a Cowboy told him to drive down that muddy road, so it wasn’t his fault that he got stuck..

    1. I agree. I didn’t see the breakdown of dem/ind/rep for the poll, but they do tend to skew the polls with a higher percentage of dems and lower percentage of republicans. Historically, I’ve tended to subtract about 4 points from these polls for the democrat and add 3 to the republican and come out pretty close on election day.

      I’m playing with a map right now and just waiting to see who the VP’s are going to be. If Romney picks someone exciting, like Rice or Rubio, or will he pick someone really boring white bread will affect the outcome; same if Obama dumps Biden and picks up HIllary. I’m looking at FL, SC, NC, VA, OH, NV, and MI as going Romney right now and he might possibly pick up some others like WI, PA. I’m betting unless some major thing occurs, which scares me the thought of a false flag, that Romney is going to win big on the electoral vote and may do four or five on the popular. Depends what Paul voters, Tea Party, blacks and hispanics do.

  2. When CongPelosi advised her fellow Dems to stay away from the convention to concentrate on their own races, it was as if she waved a white flag of surrender on MrO’s re-election. If the Dems can’t reclaim the majority in Congress, the it doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office.

    1. So King Putt is going to have a big party where he’s the center of attention for three days, and hardly anybody is going to show up to kiss his ring? Who is going to fill Bank of America Panthers Stadium to cheer during the coronation of the king?

      I’m really not all that surprised at Nancy’s advice. There’s an old Texas saying – If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there. Nancy took a look back and saw the herd was mighty thin…

      1. I am totally stealing that “Texas saying” … my next favorite is one I grew up with — “rode hard and put away wet” — which I hope to be able to use to describe obeyme come November …

        1. my favorite, not that I’m saying it applies to Obama mind you, is “he’s so stupid he couldn’t pour piss out of his boot if you cut a hole in the toe and put the instructions on the heal”.

          Sometimes, I miss living in Texas.

      2. Susan, there will be plenty of Rent-A-Mobs there, I’m sure. And since so many people are not working they’ll have plenty of time to go. Oh, and another benefit will be the slight uptick in employment for three days…

  3. Romney was on fire today in Ohio! The campaign must be reading this blog, Keith. He really put Obama on the defense – even mentioning Rubio and the fact that, as immigrants, his parents never once begrudged their wealthier neighbors their success…and they never would have dreamed of taking govt. assistance. For the first time, I have hope!

    1. I agree! I just finished reading the Romney biography — “The Real Romney” — and if there’s one thing this guy’s good at, it’s saving failing enterprises — companies, Olympics, etc. And as far as I’m concerned, America is looking more and more like a failed/failing enterprise …. of Olympic proportions … Romney’s perfect to take this one, with our help … I also gathered from the book that Romney has a real vicious streak — he just doesn’t resort to it until pushed to the wall … at this point, I’m thinking obama is that wall, and we’re going to see more direct fire from Romney in that direction …. if Romney focuses on that, and the rest of us push hard on all the other issues (he can’t possibly deal with everything), then we’ve got one heck of a chance to take back this Country … add in a whole lot of prayer, and we may have one heck of a victory party in November…and then the really hard work will begin — tracking down and eliminating the rest of the cockroaches that have almost taken over our kitchen …

      1. Yes, well said, Spike, and Girly1, those words would make a great bumper sticker.I wonder if anyone outside the Washington and New York media circle really cares about Romneys tax returns given the state the US economy is in. Also , it is Romneys money, it´s legal ( I assume IRS has accepted it ) and it is still a free country so what´s the problem ? But to dump a lot of complicated documents ( oh yes, tax law is tricky ) for the Democrats to lie about would be an unnecessary problem for his campaign right now, I think he is right there. Just focus on the economy because it is this great big elephant that Obama is trying to hide. Among all the other things.

        1. I have to add this. I just read on PJ Tatler ( Bryan Preston ) that “Barrack Obama never built a business but he has created a good campaign shirt…… for Mitt Romney.”
          And a nice shirt it is. Great slogan.

        2. I am much more interested in BO’s medical and school records — and his promise to put legislation online so citizens could examine it — and his promise to … you name it.

          Romney’s tax records are just b.s. designed to give the Obots a focus “issue” with which to smear him.

        1. Although it’s possible, one typically doesn’t succeed at the level Romney has without having some degree of “SOB” in them, Mormon or not. I don’t mean that to be derogatory, it’s just a fact of business at the upper levels. Obama, watch out!

  4. Well said, Spike. Perfect analogy…. America is a ‘failed enterprise”…and Mitt is the guy to fix it. Would make a great bumper sticker!

  5. Well said, Spike. Perfect analogy…. America is a ‘failed enterprise”…and Mitt is the guy to fix it. Would make a great bumper sticker!

  6. I actually don’t think disapproval with the economy is growing. I think recognition of Romney as a valid alternative to Obama is growing, and people are turning to him. The economy people are pretty well upset about already.

  7. THAT’S A LIE, ONLY A STUPID UNEDUCATED IDIOT WOULD THINK THAT A bum rat Loser named romnoy was any good AT ALL, HE IS A STUPID UGLY CRIMINAL! yes and he was arressted for disorderly conduct a few times, disrespectful to police, Now he Disrespects My President Barack Obama everyday as if that ‘s ok but it’s NOT.

    1. You sound really classy. Smart too!
      I would like to personally express my overwhelming disrespect for YOUR ‘President’ Barack Obama.

  8. When is Romney going to make the case for Capitalizm vs Socialism. There is no doubt that our economy has evolved into a blend of both but voters need a good and objective case made for whether we should continue moving more towards a European Entitlement Socialist Big Government Agenda and its probable/inevitable outcome (Greece, Spain, Italy etc., etc.) or whether we should adjust back towards more of an American Self-reliance, Personal Responsibility and less Big Government Free Market Agenda. As long as Democrats refuse to acknowledge that Obama and his Agenda is “Socialist”, too many Americans don’t really understand the differences. If this education doesn’t take place, how can the majority of voters even begin to understand the differences/outcomes. This is the most important election in our life times and it appears that too many Americans get confused with all the obfuscations and political talking points/sound bites and will be voting somewhat blindly. Please educate American voters and they will make the right decision. Of course this will never come from the Politicians so maybe we need a Nationally Televised rational and civil debate (perhaps a misnomer) concerning the differences and the historical outcomes. No Politicians allowed!!!!

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