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Press Goes for Wild Ride Pursuing Obama

The White House press pool was engaged in a high speed chase today – with the president of the United States.

This afternoon in San Antonio, the press pool, which generally rides in a couple of vans toward the rear of the motorcade, was separated from the forward part of the procession, which includes the president.

This resulted in a madcap race in which the pool careened perilously through the city trying to chase down President Obama.

From the pool report:

Travel pool was separated for about 20 minutes from the motorcade en route to the next stop at a private residence. This separation resulted in a high speed, wild goose chase weaving through the streets of San Antonio. Led by a police escort, your pool was led up wrong way streets, driving on the shoulder of highways, and so on. Finally, after cars were literally pushed off the highway by the police escort and the three White House pool vans, we had interstate 10 ourselves at a speed of about 85 miles per hour. (Needless to add, it was a crazy ride.)

But the pool was finally able to catch up with the motorcade about 20 minutes into the ride.

While it’s important for the press to be near the president when he’s en route somewhwere – mainly in case something unexpected happens – I’m not so sure it’s so important as to engage in a chase that may have risked the lives of local drivers and pedestrians.

It’s possible, though, that there were vehicles behind the press pool in the motorcade that had a more vital interest in being near the president.

13 Responses to Press Goes for Wild Ride Pursuing Obama

  1. An unintended metaphor: “in his quest to grab more campaign money in RedStateLand, Preezy loses his press support.”

  2. ALERT:
    The WhiteHouse press pool refused to follow the President’s motorcade to another endless fundraising event. They decided to give up any pretense of reporting the President’s activities and to try to regain some self respect.

    As a means of protest against being taken for granted by this adminstration, the press pool veered off the designated route to visit the world famous “BigTiny’sRibHouse” for lunch. A send-to-all e-mail was delivered to the various news outlets who depend on the pool reports, notifying them that the President isn’t news anymore.

  3. Hmmm…I’d get a ticket for going down I10 at 85 mph, or driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Guess when you’re chasing your idol and the local cops are leading the way, the rule of law only applies to the little people.

  4. I’m surprised Shepherd Smith didn’t cover it :D Always love his *live* high speed chase voiceover snarkisms for those car chases. I’m easily entertained.

    Speaking of fast lanes and stuff. I read in one of the UK papers that they just opened the London Olympics VIP lanes so the locals can get used to the new traffic patterns. These lanes are for the athletes and dignitaries *only*. The first day caused a 32 mile backup in one area :( Just wait til MrsO gets there with her 12 car motorcade, heh.

      • uggh… Shep Smith gets his panties all in a knot over coverage of local-yokel, who-cares ‘news reports’. Why do I care about a local car chase or some local missing white girl on a National cable news network?

  5. How could that happen? With all the police escorts, closed roads, etc. It’s simply not possible for the motorcade to “loose” some cars. Was he purposely trying to ditch them again?

    And I agree with others, why bother showing up to the fundraiser when you’ll be left sitting in a closet or in the van for the whole time. We’ve seen enough pictures of him walking and waving.