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Matt Lauer Corners Obama’s Best Flack

Gotta give Matt credit for this one.

Obama hitwoman Stephanie Cutter threw a lot of blather at his questions, but he wasn’t fooled, and I don’t think anyone else was either.

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22 Responses to Matt Lauer Corners Obama’s Best Flack

  1. Well, it is true he pointed out some discrepancies in Obama’s words and actions. But to conclude she answered his question was giving another wink and nod to Obama. Its an improvement but still not fair, objective reporting.

  2. In the end, I don’t think he handed her hat at all. BTW, I just read somewhere that the Obamas have around 450K invested abroad.

  3. Ms. Cutter can certainly wow ’em with bullcrap. Sadly for the Obama administration, and Ms. Cutter, it doesn’t take a genius I.Q. to discern the speciousnous of her arguments. Her defensive talking points could only appeal to a group like Occupy Wall Street, or the lowest common demoninator voter, or an avowed Marxist.

    Matt Lauer couldn’t be any further up Obama’s rectal cavity.

    • Yikes. Unfortunately the lovely Steffie is well educated. But then again, Obama went to Harvard so it’s never really the education it’s what you do with it.

  4. Cutter is every bit as despicable as Axelrod and Obama. They lie, ignore questions and keep spouting the same weary talking points over and over.

  5. I wonder how much Obama is paying her? Since we know that men make a lot more then women on his team….I wonder if she is worth the money?

  6. Where’s the dirt on the criminal the “felon” eh? Come on, Stephanie, show the world what a big bad meanie Mitt is, how he robbed the bank, took the infant, pillaged the downtrodden.

  7. Just like the rest of the Obama hit squad if their lips are moving its a lie. Ms Cutter is just a really good example as she’s not been in it long enough to be a bit better at BS. If you watch it repeatedly she’s like a programmed robot can’t
    answer because she simply repeats what she’s been given to read. I’ve had
    Barbie dolls smarter than that!

  8. Think about this: Obama has the same resentment of success that all
    academics have. An academic may think, “Geez, I got 800s on my SATs, I went to Harvard, I published papers in my field, and some college dropout from Podunk, New Jersey becomes a millionaire in the private sector.”

    You hear that echoed when Obama said that businessmen may say they became successful because they were smart. Then he says, to paraphrase, there’s a lot of smart people around (he said angrily meaning himself), and they were successful not because they were smart but because someone (the government) helped them.

    What academics can’t seem to grasp is that it isn’t about Harvard (or any
    academic institution), SAT scores, or a 4.0 GPA, but what are you able to
    accomplish with what God gave you. And what God gave you didn’t come from Harvard. Academics hate that, and want to crush the success of millionaire Joe Blow with a high school education because it makes the intellectual class look silly.

    Do you think Obama would be successful in the private sector? The only way Obama could find success is through affirmative action and sucking off the government teat. So Obama wants to bring down all the people who found private sector success without affirmative action and despite the

  9. Keith, I beg to differ…She speaks uninterrupted from 2:27 and then..Matt being Matt.. right at the end “I believe you have answered my questions”.

    She hijacked well over 2 minutes of a 4 minute interview

  10. It appears to me that Matt Lauer set her up for her blah, blah, blah. However, I think that most people who have more than 2 brain cells don’t fall for that garbage.