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Campaign Intrudes on Obama’s Golf

President Obama is way off his usual pace of golfing, getting out on the links barely half as many times as he did last year.

According to a White House Dossier count, at this point in 2011, the president had played 17 times. This year Obama has made only ten appearances on the golf course.

In 2010 by this date, Obama had been golfing 13 times.

And what caused the drop off? Weekend negotiations with Congress on vital legislation? Meetings with economic advisers on ideas to fix the economy? Urgent discussions with world leaders about various world crises?

Of course not. It was his reelection effort, particularly his rampant fundraising.

Obama this year has held more than 100 fundraisers, some three times as many as George W. Bush had done by this time in 2004, the year he waged his reelection campaign.

Obama is so relentlessly focused on his reelection that he made a rare move during his most recent outing Sunday to mix work with golf, bringing along as part of his foursome political adviser David Plouffe.

When asked what gets deleted from his schedule because of campaigning, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, not intending to be humorous, said “foreign travel.” He might have added to that meetings with members of Congress – there are almost none – serious legislative proposals, any sustained effort to pass tax reform, cut the deficit, or take other measures that might improve the economy, and so forth.

And golf.

Obama today is headed to Texas for four fundraisers. He will return to the White House at 1:20 am.

22 thoughts on “Campaign Intrudes on Obama’s Golf”

  1. I’ve come to the sad realization that Obama’s golf outings, as offensive as they are to those of us who don’t like Obama, are not even on the radar of those who love him. It’s a non-issue to Obama’s followers, like his lack of leadership. Like his dirty campaign tactics. His legions have a response for everything he justifies doing, or not doing. Not that I don’t love reading all about it here Keith, you do a great job, but the man has had a life of never being called to the mat except on conservative blogs that get read by conservatives.

    It’s like the Kerry Kennedy case. She has people. People saying she’s wonderful mom. People saying this is a bad time for her. People saying she had a seizure.

    Just one more person who can get away with everything because they have adoring minions. It’s sooooooooooooooo wrong.

    1. Have you noticed the new excuse for DWI is “had a seizure”? If I ever am in a predicament like those people,thats what I’m going to pretend.

    2. Good post. I started to mention to an Obama follower about Obama’s lack of leadership, arrogance, golfing, etc… and they started cursing me out as a “Racist!”

      It just proved my current theory that too many ‘Americans’ today are just too stupid & lazy to be allowed to Vote… (if you want to Vote; have proper ID & pass a ‘civics/current events’ test…)

  2. Here’s my contribution to the Romney campaign, a couple of videos from 2010 … remember Obama’s non-leadership during the BP Oil Spill crisis? Surprised his eco-supporters didn’t dump him then :( Watching the timeline proves he’s either an imcompetent leader or just didn’t care, and still is and doesn’t. Note it mentions fundraisers from 2 years ago. Sigh.

  3. After posting this, I plan to contact our governor to see if we can declare the great state of Texas a disaster area for one day — today, since BO is going to be here fleecing the flock. The nature of the disaster will be the tsunami of lies that will be iterated by BO and Mr. TelePrompter. Today is not a good day to be a proud Texan.

    1. What really scotches me is Obamao will more than likely fly on AF1 from San Antonio to Austin, LESS than 50 miles fer cryin’ out loud! Thank God San Marcos’ airport is too small for a 747. I would dearly love to see a law that requires ALL incumbent presidents, or their campaigns, to pay the FULL cost of each campaign trip. With not one teeney-tiny “official” act to circumvent the law. I have a better chance living to age 200, even with a bad heart, than seeing such a law passed.

  4. A more thoughtful or rational man would reconsider running full-tilt for another four years in the WhiteHouse. He hasn’t captured a majority of Americans to his policies or even for his re-election. He has no hope of a Dem majority in Congress and a staunch opposition to anything from the WhiteHouse from the Repubs. So, what’s the point, if he believes that he can do something positive if he only has four more years?

    If the polls are correct, he will most likely lose (unless some unforeseen event gives him an edge). He should be using the remaining months to plan his retirement, choose a new home and gather his notes for the inevitable book that will explain just how GWBush, the Repubs and all of the racist sub-groups torpedoed his grand plan for America.
    He can then golf to his heart’s content, and take his family on excursions anywhere they choose, but, sadly, he’ll have to personally pay for all of it.

    1. I think he’s going to lose too srdem. Especially when he went off TOTUS and told freedom loving Americans that they couldn’t have earned what they have without government help. He’s starting to unravel into full tin pot dictator mode and the only people who can’t see the forest for the trees are his true believers, and the takers who don’t have the courage to escape the government plantation…

  5. Not to worry – the Fraudster-in-Chief will have plenty of leisure time for golf after he steals his second and final election. Wish I could be as optimistic as others about the outcome of this looming disaster – but I’m not.

    Keith, do you happen to remember way back to the first week or two of Obama’s reign of terror when he told his handlers that he didn’t want to be
    ‘cooped up in the WH – he wanted to be ‘out amongst the People”? It was just days before both of the grifters shocked everyone by showing up an a minority inner city school – cameras rolling. It was the day MO told the little 5 year olds that ‘they escaped from the WH’.

    I knew that we were doomed from that day forward. He/they have never spent one full day in the WH – they have been in our faces, 24/7 every day since the Inauguraton.

    Obama never once met with Senate minority leader, McConnell, during his first 2 years. Instead, his mantra was “I’m going to take it to the People”. This was always followed by a ‘Press Conference” where no reporter was allowed to ask questions.

    He is diabolical, this Kenyan! Every penny of the Trillions of $$$ he has squandered has been to buy votes. Every penny! The last two weeks have been brazenly corrupt – amnesty for every illegal under 30 and the gutting of the Welfare Reform Act. Why Boehner & Co. have not initiated some sort of Congressional investigation, I will never know. Seems like a criminal offense to me – disregarding the U.S. Constitution.

    The entire Presidency of this thug is questionable. He may just turn out to be the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on this country….and he’s getting away with it. Hugo Chavez looks like a Saint compared to this crook.

  6. Carney was right about the Foreign travel. Why isit and bow before the Muslim Brotherhood when the MBs are more than happy to have a photo-op with you in the WH.

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