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Video || Rice and Romney

I thought this was cute.

You know it’s not going to be Condi, right?

She’s pro-choice. So forget it. And she doesn’t want it. And there’s been plenty of criticism from even Republicans about the job she did for Bush as NSC director and Secretary of State.

Ironically enough, it takes Jay Leno to pinpoint the main reason for all the speculation about her, which the Romney camp probably loves because it makes everyone think he might actually choose a black woman.

I mean, he might, but not this one.

H/T to The Political Commentator.

7 thoughts on “Video || Rice and Romney”

  1. I thought the commercial was funnier; “my child is a winner because I forced him to drink some pumped up chemical-laden junk, and your child is a loser because he ate french fries, and your daughter is a fat donut with a hole in the middle of her stomach that can’t stop a soccer ball” nah nah

  2. Love it! Reminds me so much of my early years with Mr. Girly 1 in San Francisco. He praised my Rice-a-Roni ‘culinary skills’ to the high heavens…and to this day I would not trade it for all the Wagu beef in the world. Love conquers all!

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