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Romney Seeks to Win Presidency Through Timidity

Careful, careful, careful. It’s the guiding principle of the Romney campaign.

Mitt Romney should have a little faith in the American people. If he puts the facts out there about himself, They’ll divine the truth, and they’ll probably like it.

The Obama charges that Romney was actively involved in running Bain after 1999 are without evidence and have been refuted by independent fact checking organizations, as well as Bain itself.

The attacks suggesting he lied or did something illegal are without made without evidence and, in the latter case, reprehensible. But while they push the envelope, they’re not far beyond the usual shenanigans of the paid liars who inhabit campaigns.

Romney should get out of his bunker and start promoting Bain. What could voters possibly want to hear more about than a man who has experience taking failing, money-losing enterprises and turning them around?

Because they know one such enterprise:

The U.S. Federal Government


People will soon tire of Obama’s Bain attacks, but if Romney doesn’t start turning Bain to his advantage, it will remain a negative in people’s minds planted by the clever Obama campaign effort to define Romney before he defines himself.

What’s more, if Romney wants to get his wealth off the table as an issue, he needs to to release five or six years of tax returns. The Obama people are already gleefully comparing him to Richard Nixon. And frankly, I’d like to see what’s in those returns too.

People get that Romney is rich, and they can deal with it. Two of the most beloved presidents of this century, John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt, didn’t hide their wealth.

And Americans know that, yes, that rich people do screwed up things with their taxes to avoid paying them.

The American People Aren’t Stupid


If Romney has half half his money sheltered in a piña colada stand in Belize, he should get it out there and let everyone know. They can deal with it, and they deserve to know as much about the man who would lead them as possible.

Eventually, people will get the distraction game Obama is playing. They’re not going to vote to continue to let the economy sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean just because Romney has monogrammed socks.

If Romney wants to be president, he should embrace who he is – the hard-working realization of the American Dream – and tell everyone that he has a plan to give them the opportunity to get there too.

36 thoughts on “Romney Seeks to Win Presidency Through Timidity”

  1. Agree, Keith.
    Obama is fighting dirty and Romney must not be timid. It did not work for John McCain to “play nice.”
    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.
    Hit him back hard for every lie the Chicago Thugs throw out there.

    1. LMAO = “Barack Hussein Obama’s” “college records”…

      I am a veteran and I apply for a job cleaning toilets for the Federal Government and I have to go thru a “Security Clearance/Background check”.

      Yet a guy like “Barck Hussein Obama” WHO HAS NEVER gone thru a “Background check” is allowed to be a ‘US Senator’ & ‘US President’…???

      Could someone explain that…???

  2. Like most LDS people I’ve known, he’s a nice family guy. Doesn’t drink, smoke, or swear. He is obama’s antithesis.
    I do agree that he needs to take the gloves off. Romney’s closet is squeaky clean…whereas obama’s…not so much.

  3. “Axelrod! I just read that Keith Koffler said Romney has half his money stashed in a pina colada stand in Belize! Lets get a position paper out on that to the press right away!”

  4. I have a different read on Governor Romney: he is a gentleman.

    And guess what? His dignity stands tall over the gutter tactics of his opposition.

    As you well stated, Keith: The American people aren’t stupid.

  5. Disagree. Romney better stop playing McCain. The only thing that got McCain any votes was Palin. Romney better get a VP who can fight, attack and is fast on their feet. Hope it’s Gingrich, he would clean up the floor with Obamista’s. If it’s some milk-toast he will lose to the worst president in our history. People don’t care about Bain. Obama does. it’s all he has. People care about the economy, jobs, their families, their freedom, their religion, their rights. They are sick of working to support over 50% of the population that thinks they deserve to be supported. Romney better stop pussy footing around he is fighting street smart thugs who will do anything to win.

    1. The American people are tired of the thug tactics of the Obama administration. Not to mention the lack of actual work by the president, the lavish spending of taxpayer dollars on themselves by the Obamas, and the lies and broken promises of Obama and his minions. The American people want a nice man with good family values who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. With Mitt Romney, you get what you see, with Obama it’s hard to tell what you are getting because the picture keeps shifting between his lies and the truths that keep popping up. I prefer a president who is what he say he is, not one who says he is something he is not. Romney gets my vote.

  6. Keith, your faith in the people, those of whom you speak today, and the audience of the NAACP the other day, is admirable. So, Romney should toughen up, open up, own it, and let the people decide. Sounds good. But this is not a fair fight. With barely a Romney toe in the water, the leadership of the NAACP has pretty much roundly bought into the MSM and liberal line about Romney’s appearance. Yesterday the ambitious Steffie–who sharpened her knowledge of criminality hanging with Kennedy and Edwards– said perhaps Romney is a felon and today Axelrod said something about the Republican Congress in its opposition to the President was like the “reign of terror”. And we all know now that Obama’s biggest mistake was not telling the right story. Sometimes your opponent can win the fight for you or bruise himself so badly that it is better to wait to move in for the KO — yeah, I guess that is rope a dope. With so many dependents (military family — that’s what we call the family) increasingly in the deceptively comforting arms of the Obama Entitlements I can be on board with Romney’s approach so far. He owns that he is rich and hard working and doesn’t apologize for it. He could go further without offering tax returns or moving his money. Of course, it helps that he has surrogates like Sunnunu out there and some pretty good ads courtesy of Obama’s narcissism. 2 cents.

  7. Need to add something. When Obamanista’s attack his family and wealth. Romney needs to respond with: Obama’s Father, Mother, Step-Father and adoptive Father, Mentor Frank Marshall Davis, his advisor, most of his friends were all Communists. Obama was adopted and raised in Indonesia as a muslim during his formative years. Spent most of his teens and early 20’s on drugs. The list goes on, and on, and on.

  8. Romney is allowing Obummer to define both the race and Romney. There is nothing to be ashamed about concerning Bain, but you wouldn’t know it by the way Romney is campaigning. This election, I believe, is Romney’s to lose. And damned if he isn’t doing to best to lose it!

  9. I’m going to be a broken record here – no one but political junkies is really paying attention right now and if you don’t believe that, then you aren’t working in the private sector – I can’t speak for government employees, but most of them, at least in California, we know where they stand. People simply are not engaged. A huge percentage of people don’t watch the news (any), read any internet news, they record their favorite shows to advance past commercials (we do that!) – the list goes on.

    Romney is going to need every penny he can muster to fight the Obama machine after confirmation of his nomination. I would prefer he continue to be a gentleman, and I am confident he will make the necessary transitions. I’m going to agree with Martha at this point – he is a gentleman and people know that and it is important. We really aren’t stupid and when push comes to shove – the fence sitters are going to have plenty of opportunities to see both candidates in action. I am confident he will select a competent VP candidate who will chew Biden up and spit him out very graciously in the debates – all of those we believe are being considered are bright and articulate. At the end of the day – the economy will make the final decision for those who have not yet decided. It does continue to amaze me however – how BAD California is and how angry voters are – we vote down tax increases, etc. but still continue to support the status quo and the state has no chance of going Romney – unfortunately. Boy – wouldn’t that give hope to changes in California! Keith I know you are in the midst of all this engagement and I wish it were so for the masses – it simply is not.

  10. The worst thing about establishment Republicans is they are too timid and won’t fight back. Probably has to do with skeletons in the closet when it comes to progressive ideas. It’s hard for Romney to criticize Obama for supporting liberal policies when he has supported many of the same policies in the past. I don’t think Romney should get in the trenches with Obama drones, but he does need to let his super pacs loose to do the fighting. There is so much material to use against Obama, it is almost overwhelming. It almost seems like the establishment doesn’t want to win this election.

  11. Obama is getting away with being the most unknown non vetted elusive
    man ever to hold the office of President. He refuses to release any of his
    records health his college records or anything else. And should anyone persure the missing records they are called racist. Romney has nothing to
    hide do I care if he’s got a Swiss bank account no and if you can’t get a job
    or feed your family is Bain your first concen? No.

  12. MrRomney is the Quiet Man, someone who offers hope and redemtion of pride to a country bruised by years of unemployment, bankruptcy, and unwinnable wars. He says “trust me, I know what to do” without shouting or histerics, and we believe him.

    MrObama offers nothing but four years of the same misery, or worse, that has sucked the heart and soul from so many people. He decries his opponent as a monster, a felon, a racist who stole everyone’s money for himself in the most obnoxious manner possible. His minions attack his opponent’s wife and family without shame.

    Americans are basically nice people, generous, too. We help each other in crisis, we donate our money and time to good works and we believe in fairness. What we don’t like is being played for the fool, of being cheated and lied to by our leaders. We want our leaders to be better than we are, to work as hard as we do, and to respect us as we do them.

    1. I so agree with you, srdem. I don’t want to see Romney go on the bombastic defensive. I want him to be cool, on message, comforting and confident. I love the Reaganistic side of him, even his voice reminds me of Ronnie. His values are mine.

  13. Keith, you make is sound like Romney is sitting in a hidden bunker somewhere waiting for it to be safe to come out. Unfortunately it’s not reported that he is still out and about making speeches to real people. Unless his bus is interupting the democrats, he’s off the radar. He’s not officially the candidate yet, so give him space. His PACs have come out with some hard hitting ads. I think he’s doing the right thing, staying out of the way while the Obama camp fires all their rockets.

  14. Started to comment on the subject at hand but, while listening to Rush, a bombshell exploded (via Heritage Foundation. Yesterday, Obama unilaterally gutted welfare reform by eliminating the core of the bill – the work requirement! This, after giving backdoor amnesty to millions of illegals, doubling food stamps, doubling disability recipients, etc….all to buy votes!

    Why is this not considered criminal activity? Voter fraud? Tampering with elections! There are now more of ‘them’ than ‘us’! Romney doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance unless Obama is arrested and thrown in Fed prison~

    1. I think that statement by Obama shows just how delusional and desperate he is. Maybe Romney is right, just let the PACs made the attack ads, address only the real concerns and let Obama implode all on his own.

  15. OMG!
    We, readers of WhiteHouseDossier, can come up with better ‘Obama attack ads’ than the Romney campaign.
    How sad is that?

    1. Yesterday a commenter posted the link to Romney’s website and encouraged people to write Romney. I wish I could remember their name. Anyhow, I took them up on that and wrote first thing this morning. I plan to keep emailing Romney. And you know, I got a nice email back from Romney’s campaign. Of course it was an auto-response, but well written and courteous. I get nothing back when I email Obama.

        1. LOL, Rick. I’m sure all my emails to Obama are deleted before anyone reads them. I just tell my family to watch out, if they see the big black SUV’s in front of my house to just keep on driving and not come home. All it does is frustrate me though, but by golly, I’m an American citizen and I’ll be darned if I’m going to sit still and be quiet while Obama destroys our country.

  16. The diverse group of minorities O appeals to doesn’t have the American dream in their makeup. Romney is using 20th century campaigning techniques against 21st century thugs. He seems to always be on defense. Not good for winning.He will lose this election if he doesn’t step it up.Then America loses & he goes back to his cushy life.

  17. I don’t understand Barry’s obsession with Romney’s wealth. A person HAS to be rich to even consider running for president. Since when is America so “class conscious”? Just another attempt by Barry to unleash a class war, as well as a race war.

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