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Obama Invokes Truman’s “Buck Stops Here” Quote

Excuse me, I was just starting to write, but I realize I need a large glass of scotch.

I’ll be right back.

Okay, I think that’s about a triple shot. I should be okay. Now I can handle this story.

Children, BTW, don’t do this at home.

Not at my home, anyway. I’ll get in trouble.

President Obama said today in an interview with a local Washington DC radio station that as presidents go, “Harry Truman said the buck stops with you.” Meaning he thinks this applies to him.


Obama was using the Truman quote to suggest that Mitt Romney is responsible for what went on at Bain Capital, even if he was CEO in name only and not involved in operations.

From the pool report filed from southern Virginia, where Obama is campaigning instead of working:

President Barack Obama tells ABC7’s Scott Thuman that GOP challenger Mitt Romney should answer questions about Bain Capital and his time there. Here’s a transcript of the interview.

SCOTT THUMAN: What about Bain Capital? It’s a big issue for the past 24 hours right now. Mitt Romney’s campaign says he left in ’99, yours says it’s 2000, there’s a significant difference, is he being dishonest with the American public?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Well, here’s what I know, we were just talking about responsibility and as president of the United States, it’s pretty clear to me that I’m responsible for folks who are working in the federal government and you know, Harry Truman said the buck stops with you

Now, my understanding is the Mr. Romney attested to the FCC, multiple times, that he was the chairman, CEO and president of Bain Capital and I think most Americans figure if you are the chairman, CEO and president of a company that you are responsible for what that company does.

Ultimately Mr. Romney, I think, is going to have to answer those questions, uh because if he aspires to being president one of the things you learn is, you are ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations, but again that’s probably a question that he’s going to have to answer and I think that’s a legitimate part of the campaign.

SCOTT THUMAN: And you think he should answer that soon?


I think I’ll chase this thing with a beer.

54 thoughts on “Obama Invokes Truman’s “Buck Stops Here” Quote”

  1. OBLAMA needs to answer quite a few questions, His school transcripts, why he was living in Hawaii and has a Connecticut Social Security Number, and honestly his birth. The SSN rings of Illegal Alien never mind an Immigrant

    1. Hey Kofler–

      Before we get too far away from the incident of that White House correspondent who interrupted the president in the manner of an asshole, which you may be sure is what an entire half and more of the country saw it as, let me ask you a question…

      What did you PERSONALLY think of Neil Munro’s actions? To hell with official condemnation from your people, the Gang that Blew the Iraq Call. Is this the shape of what you are going to be turning the press corps into? Fox News, where a microphone is always a pitchfork, where no one has ever NOT been spoken over, where no voice has ever NOT been raised in anger?

      Hey, here’s a story: Chase Bank. The 2 Billion dollar gamble they just blew which just turned into 5 billion? And now LIBOR.

      How about a stronger critique of THAT shit from the conservative press?

      1. yes, let’s dig into that LIBOR situation concerning Tim Geitner.
        But as far as a non-gov’t entity like Chase losing money, not sure why that is news, What IS news, is losses by companies funded by taxpayer dollars.

        1. Well then you just described JP Morgan Chase. The gamble in question, where Chase began by taking out insurance (“hedging”) on some of its transactions, which later morphed the activity into a straight-up night at the craps table for the sake of raising profit. The dice came up snake eyes, and the result is a loss to Chase that may actually exceed 5 billion dollars.

          Why is this relevant to you? Because Chase is one of those oft mentioned Too Big to Fail banks that were protected, then enlarged, by the bank bailout. The money Chase just lost in that dice roll? That is federally insured money. This is a return to exactly the behavior that preceded the Crash of ’08.

          Meanwhile, Chase CEO Jamie Daimon has lobbied intensively to prevent the enactment of the Volcker Rule which is designed to protect the taxpayer from being on the hook for occasions like these when Jamie Daimon takes his depositor’s money to the casino.

      2. Either your liberal selective memory is eminently effective or you are far too young to recall how REAL journalists, more interested in getting at the truth than covering for an ineffective president, operated. But then maybe this cream puff of a leader-of-the-Free-World really can’t take it.

        1. I am going to bet $5 billion of Chase depositors’ money that you never actually watched the exchange between Munro and Obama. This was not reporting, merely heckling.

          Even funnier was Munro’s chickenshit attempt to weasel out of it afterwards:

          “I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States,”

          This is a lie (Keith? Can I get the umpire to weigh in here? He’s one of yours after all). No one watching that presser would believe that Munro didn’t know that the President was still in the middle of his statement.

          And what was the all-important question Munro made a jackass of himself to put out there?:

          “Why’d you favor foreigners over Americans?”

          Translation: “They turk our jerbs!!”

          Does anyone still want to suggest that this was a Woodward and Bernstein moment and not just a reporter throwing his shoe?

      3. Obama has developed will-o-the-wisp, disappear-o, fawn slipping into the woods avoidance to the press to the point where reporters such as Munro have to guess at the moment when they might surprise the President into answering a question that wasn’t planted by his staff.

        That’s what I saw — a man trying to do his job by asking a question of a President who thinks he’s above answering questions — and that’s what I think personally of what happened. The blame goes on Obama and all his staff and kool-aid drinkers prissed up hissy fits over the “rudeness” of Munro is just another desperate attempt to distract and put themselves on the high ground.

        And I agree with Navyvet1994: “OBLAMA needs to answer quite a few questions, His school transcripts, why he was living in Hawaii and has a Connecticut Social Security Number, and honestly his birth. The SSN rings of Illegal Alien never mind an Immigrant.”

        And I add that I’d like to know if he claimed to be a foreign student when he was in college and if he received financial aid on that basis.

          1. That’s the best you can do, DR? Well, at least you got paid for another post. And, yes, I did watch the exchange between Obama and Munro.

          2. Anonna-

            This is the part where I’d really like to drill down and explore “what you really saw”, and thus also marks the point where I commit to an act of futility. Nonetheless, since you demanded more:

            1) Okay, let’s look at the press conference objectively. Obama is delivering a speech. If he is going to take questions, it will be at the end of the speech. And if he is not going to take questions, that is his prerogative too, same as any president. They don’t always take questions.

            If you are going to suggest, then, that Munro had some special right or need to get his licks in at that moment, in that way, then I ask you to define why it did more good than harm.

            2) Let’s also reflect on what Munro actually said. I mean, if a reporter is going to make a spectacle of himself, if the need is that great, then the question should be a real slammer, a question that the rest of the corporate media doesn’t have the balls to ask.

            Munro’s question: ““Why’d you favor foreigners over Americans?”

            Anonna, is this a real question or an asshole’s question? Is it a question of substance, a question that a real answer can be given to, or is it just something that a crank would ask?

            No, don’t call it “gutsy” just yet. Does the question actually have any meaning? How is Obama “favoring” foreigners OVER Americans by establishing a moratorium on deporting the children of illegal immigrants? Is Obama also deporting American children and in this way not giving them a fair shake? Does Munro perhaps mean that Americans that are dying in drone strikes are being disfavored by Obama’s military policies, and his question is an ironic commentary?

            This is WAY more analysis than the issue deserves, but I want to lay bare your biased thinking. Munro is a rude, partisan asshole. His breech of protocol reveals THAT about him, not his intrepidness.

  2. The smartest man in the room can’t even get simple quote right; it’s the “buck stops here” and isn’t about private enterpise, but government responsiblility. The bank president doesn’t go to jail if a teller steals money out of your account, nor does the CEO of GM have to pay restitution to some injured with a faulty vehicle.

    If, on the other hand, he means that he endorses and approves of that slogan, then he, BarackObama, is responsible for the leaks to the NYT of NationalSecurity secrets, the Fast&Furious murders, the failure of our StateDepartment to stop Iran’s nuclear program and all the rest of the bad deeds and incompetence of our current administration..
    Can’t have one without the other, what’s good for the goose….just sayin’

      1. well, you know how it goes. ‘What’s good for the goose…’ applies and so does the usual lib mantra ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

        If the buck really stopped in the oval office, it wouldn’t matter that much, he is never there.

    1. It’s like Ground Hog Day – just trying to get it right with do-overs. “Which lie will work, hum? Eventually one will hook the suckers…”

  3. It’s only 4:00 here on the Left Coast – otherwise I would be joining you in that triple scotch, Keith.

    Harry Truman must be spinning in his grave! The audacity of self-rightousness coming from the mouth of the most corrupt president and administration in history is stunning! Romney has more character in his little finger than the 150 pound Kenyan has in his entire body of corrupt flesh!

    Romney is giving interviews on several networks today – he needs to hit back hard – put ObamaMao on the defensive. He needs to use the “L” word for LIAR. No time to waste!

  4. Well my head exploded again and I can’t drink! The deluded God complex
    this man has could fill a whole new book on mental disorders. Does he think
    we believe him? it’s bad enough he lies repeatedly he can’t even do that without screwing up and his continual condescending remarks are getting
    really old. Everyone drinking have one for me Scotch straight up no water
    or ice. If he’s elected I’ll probably fall off the wagon:(

  5. Keith, you yelled the same thing I yelled when I heard this. I think Obummer is starting to really panic and become unglued. Watch guys…we ain’t seen nothin yet!!!

      1. Lizzy, I yell at the tv and radio in my car! This guy is using Chicago style politics and it’s going to get nastier…just wait.

        1. I thought *I* was the only one! although recently I haven’t been yelling for the reason that I now change the channel when Obama’s on–I can’t stand the sound of his voice anymore.

    1. Lisa, could not agree more. What will he be saying (or doing) come October? Maybe he will steal Ronald McDonald’s outfit for an address to Congress? Wait……they might like that……..

      1. Not to worry. Woody Johnson, owner of Johnson and Johnson as well as the NY Jets, is a big Romney supporter. He will help us with bandages

      2. I think we need to remember to tie numerous Ace Bandages around our heads when reading/watching the news. And perhaps that lovely double scotch everyone keeps mentioning – for medicinal purposes.

  6. He is one insane motherfucker. He should be in a rubber room with a straight jacket on and receiving 3 x a day shock treatments. Then he should be lobotomized.

    1. I think a lobotomy is now listed under mandatory preventive care for Christians, conservatives, and all critical thinkers. Liberals are also able to get lobotomies, but those are included in the colonoscopy.

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  8. The smartest guy ever….pfft

  9. “Harry Truman said the buck stops with you”

    This guy is something else. Even when he’s butchering a piece of history he inserts his narcissistic attitude into the equation. Harry Truman’s deskplate said “The buck stops here”. Truman meant he was responsible for the policies and actions of his presidency. Unlike President Kardashian who has never taken responsibility for anything in his life from what I can gather.

    I agree with srdem. Since he’s responsible for all the “folks” (i.e., federal employees) under his command let’s start laying the blame for all their horrific acts of corruption, espionage, gun running, and tyranny right at his feet. Brian Terry’s family may rest easier knowing someone in the federal government is accepting responsibility for their loved one’s death.

  10. Notice how the buck doesn’t stop with him though? This guy is disgusting. I can’t even listen to his voice anymore. When I watch TV, I mute him.

  11. like I said before, these people have raised projection to an art form. whatever they accuse Romney of you can bet they’ve already done it “writ large.”

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