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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 13, 2012

9:40 am || Departs White House
10:40 am || Arrives Norfolk, Va.
12:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Green Run High School, Virginia Beach
2:40 pm || Departs Norfolk
3:05 pm || Arrives Hampton, Virginia
4:25 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Phoebus High School, Hampton, Va.
5:30 pm || Departs Hampton
6:20 pm || Arrives Roanoke, Va.
7:25 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Roanoke Fire Station #1
8:50 pm || Departs Roanoke
9:55 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

36 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, July 13, 2012”

  1. Two public high schools and a fire station (public employees). Guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the public union angle…

    1. Denise – They’ll shut down the road to normal ‘folks’ until the ‘one’ passes. Expect total gridlock between Norfolk and Hampton this afternoon so the one can talk to his public employees. I hope they have the cajones to boo him.

    2. Hampton to Roanoke in under an hour is not doable either. He must be employing both of those outsourced black Canadian buses. One C-17 was used to fly one into Roanoke while another C-17 was used to fly the other into Norfolk. The Norfolk bus is then driven to Hampton which explains the 80 minute delay between the President’s arrival in Hampton and his appearance at Phoebus HS. That’s one heck of a carbon footprint and all on the backs of the taxpayers.

      1. Over an hour to get from Norfolk to Green Run High School. Must be flying into the air station? On AF1 then? Doubt he’ll hop on one of those C-17’s with his bus.

        It’s Virginia for heaven’s sake, he could have hopped on one of those buses at the WH, left at 4 a.m., stopped off at Hampton, then VaBeach, then motor back up the western part of the state back to the WH.

        In 2008 he used VA convention centers for his venues, my have times changed.

        1. I know I’m kind of late with this, not sure if you will see it, but it looks like Obummer was helicoptering around VA all day:

          10:40AM THE PRESIDENT arrives Norfolk, Virginia
          Norfolk International Airport

          12:55PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a campaign event
          Green Run High School, Virginia Beach, VA

          2:40PM THE PRESIDENT departs Norfolk, Virginia en route Hampton, Virginia
          Norfolk International Airport

          3:05PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Hampton, Virginia
          Langley Air Force Base

          4:25PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a campaign event
          Phoebus High School, Hampton, VA

          5:30PM THE PRESIDENT departs Hampton, Virginia en route Roanoke, Virginia
          Langley Air Force Base

          6:20PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Roanoke, Virginia
          Roanoke Regional Airport, Roanoke, VA

          7:25PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a campaign event
          Roanoke Fire Station #1, Roanoke, VA

          8:50PM THE PRESIDENT departs Roanoke, Virginia en route Joint Base Andrews
          Roanoke Regional Airport, Roanoke, VA

          9:40PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews

          I got the info here:

      1. The beauty of appearing at a high school is that it has that appearance of concern for Teh Children™ AND it’s a smaller venue that he can (hopefully) fill.


  2. is this idiot a for real jerk more campaging again does nothing but this people our outraged but thr liberal media does not report this lazy no good BUM

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  5. Wonder if Team Obama sets up secret voter registration booths at the high schools. I can’t imagine Obama allowing the little teeny boppers slip through his fingers.

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  7. All thats missing here is for a 911 call to come in while he is at the fire station. His handlers will have him jump on a truck and lead the fire fighters into an emergency situation, saving various members of target constituencies.

  8. I live in Roanoke, they have been shutting down downtown streets since yesterday. Pain in the butt.

    BTW, its no longer an “active” fire station

    1. How can it be that Obama’s goon squad chose an inactive fire station? Do they have fire trucks parked there still or are they planning to drive some in from elsewhere? I can’t imagine him giving a speech without fire trucks and firefighters used as props.

      1. LOL They have a few fire trucks made in Mexico in their vehicle pool, AZ. They change the lettering as they move around the country. Then they go to a temp agency and hire a few dozen people, dress them as firefighters and take credit for Jobs Created

        1. Good theory, Rick! I really like the idea of them hiring from a temp agency. That way the prop pool is always changing and we won’t see the same faces at each speech. Only thing is, with his campaign dollars declining, I wonder if they’ll have to start using cardboard cutouts? LOL

  9. I hope the President’s advance team does an extraordinary job of stageing the Roanoke event. I know the people of Roanoke, they are smart and tend to have conservative views. They will show the Southern hospitality, but don’t be fooled: They can’t stand his politics.

  10. Obama shut down the highways for hours today. Hubby took 2 hours to get home from what would have been a 20 minute drive. The local news is orgasmatic Obama Was Here, but the peons were greatly inconvienced. Heads up for those who expect MrO to visit your areas this campaign season.

  11. why not go campaign in in Kenya were you were really born please stay away from my state Connecticut the tide is changing here looks like Obozo will not win that easy here alot no most of us here have had enough of this CLOWN we need a leader who is not affaird and willing to call a Terrorist a terrorist President Romney we welcome you to Connecticut any time

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