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Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 12, 2012

9:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 11:30 am

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    • I’ve looked for President GW Bush’s schedule several times and always come up empty. But, a few months ago someone posted a link on here for President Reagan’s library website where they had his schedule for every day. I compared several days to Obama’s (the exact time periods) and the difference was staggering. Reagan’s schedule was so jam packed every day, I was tired just reading it. Truly no comparison to BHO’s life of leisure. Reagan accomplished more by noon than BHO does all day (sometimes even all week).

      Here’s the link – choose a year and day, then click on the PDF for the detailed schedule:

      • Snark, thanks for that link! I looked at a few of Reagan’s schedules and some days they were 3 or 4 pages long. I don’t think the current President could possibly keep up with such a schedule.

    • Probably some secret campaign meetings and phone calls, followed by a long nap.

      The Preezy clearly feels entitled to take the day off since he plans on spending Friday and Saturday campaigning.

    • That shows how his Imperial Presidency has gone he’s taking them for granted so he can just move on with the Hollywood elite and wealthy.
      He is so desperate to be one of them and if he’s not elected again then
      he will no longer be included and just be a blip in memory for the wealthy. Both he and Michelle are desperate to be part of the in crowd
      and if he weren’t president they would be invisible.

    • Why bother? He’s got Eric Holder working that angle for him (poll tax) and I’m sure we’re hear more about Teh Racism of republicans and Romney and how blacks are going to be denied to vote, etc.

    • Obama knows AfAms will vote the gene pool or sit out the election in a self-congratulatory pique of moral outrage. Either way, Romney’s not getting their vote.

    • Maybe Barry & Mooch will give a “shout out” to their most loyal constituency during the interview. He could convince the NAACP this CBS interview was scheduled months in advance, but if there wasn’t a conflict he’d for sure be there with them. He’d be there preaching to them about how they need to punish their enemies (Tea Party, Conservatives, Republicans) by making “Cousin Pookie” get off the couch, put on his slippers, and go vote to enslave himself and the rest of us to the federal government for generations to come.

    • I imagine it takes him most of the day to get into a “married” state of mind. They truly live separate lives except for campaign and media events.

  1. Hah! An interview with the venerable Charlie Rose is going to require a full day of preparation – hair, make-up, wardrobe, relaxing massage..for both of the grifters. Most of all they will need to rehearse their ‘happy couple’ schtik for the close-ups. Now that is really a hard days’ work! Eat your hearts out, NAACP!

  2. At some point, shouldn’t the name of the “Daily Presidential Briefing” be revised to something like the “Occasional Presidential Briefing”? Since June 12, Obama has had the “Daily Presidential Briefing” a total of 8 times, according to the daily schedules published on the White House website. That is roughly consistent with the number of times he had the “daily” briefing in the preceding several months.

  3. Did Pres. Obama play golf on the 12th? There was really nothing on his schedule and Biden filled in for him at the NAACP. No campain events. What did he do all day?