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Michelle: Barack is “Awesomely Phenomenal”

First Lady Michelle Obama held nothing back in lauding her husband during a campaign event Tuesday in Orlando, celebrating him as “awesomely phenomenal, terrific and handsome.”

She explained:

But I also know that there’s a reason why we’re all here today, and why all of you are working so hard. There’s a reason — and it’s not just because we all support this awesomely phenomenal, terrific and handsome President.  And I will admit, I’m a bit biased — (laughter) — but our President is pretty awesome.  (Applause.)  And we’re not just doing this because we want to win an election — although we do and we will.  (Applause.)  We are doing this because of the values we believe in.

Mrs. Obama often lavishes personal praise upon the president, highlighting what she sees as his sterling qualities and emphasizing how hard he works and how much he cares.

But some might quibble that a little modesty – even if of the false kind – is more appropriate in a nation’s leaders. Those who wield so much power should never get too full of themselves.

46 thoughts on “Michelle: Barack is “Awesomely Phenomenal””

    1. Well, he *does* have to gain weight, right? Wasn’t it last week he was bragging that folks say he’s too skinny?

      *sigh* He’s so awesomely phenomenal.

    1. He works hard at grabbing power and keeping it, ie, getting re-elected, acting as phony as a Kardashian, and lying like a rug.

    1. No as she was a proper First Lady and I can’t imagine any First Lady
      we have ever had saying something so crass and immature.

    2. Perhaps other First Ladies did not have to try real hard to convince themselves their husbands were loveable and worthy of the presidency

  1. Before the election, the ‘vocabulary-challenged’ Yale graduate referred to her husband as ‘so stinky and snore-y in the morning that her daughters would not crawl into bed with him’. Now that Barry has made her the first ‘black queen’, he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    The two low-lifes need to take their act back to the streets of ChiTown!

    1. From that link:

      People have notions of what a wife’s role should be in this process, and it’s been a traditional one of blind adoration.

      Apparently, she’s back to blind adoration.

  2. “Awesomely phenomenal” – forget whether it’s true or not – my grammar conscience is recoiling. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

        1. She’s delusional.

          Either that, or she so desperately wants four more years of the empress life-style.

          There is no way she thinks that way about him.

          If she does – shudder. That’s really frightening. Our leaders, and their spouses, shouldn’t be so full of themselves.

          1. she’s just a beard and showpiece. Kind of like a less-than Hillary. (who by the way, has gone to the female secretary of state beauty college for a makeover. Why do the dem SOS look so unbelievably hideous? (Madeline Albright). I always thought Sec. Rice looked pretty well put together. Don’t get me started on Debs Wasserman-Schlitz.

  3. “…awesomely phenomenal, terrific and handsome President.”

    The cult of personality isn’t gonna pull this slug across the finish line this time around. The real Barack has shown his true character and it ain’t a pretty sight. In my opinion he’s an ugly, petulant spoiled brat who has always gotten his way by stomping his feet or throwing a hissy fit.

  4. You know who else was awesomely phenomenal? Kim Jong Ill. That’s who.

    Obama’s going to have to improve his golf game, though, if he wants to reach those levels of perfection.

    1. Do you remember the website that was dedicated to photos of the little dictator looking at things? He always had an audience looking on at him in reverence. Reminds me of President Kardashian on his road trips…

      1. They certainly set everything up to make him look the best.

        Politico actually had an article – yesterday I think – critical of the “pretend” atmosphere of the little news presser Obama did announcing his tax wants- staged, etc. OF course, they had to say BOTH candidates are doing staged events. that’s the only way they could be critical of Obummer.

    2. Perfect!

      You know, I really do wonder if, following his election defeat in November, we’ll witness dozens of clips of his supporters tactically moving into the view screens of anyone operating or holding video cameras, and then publicly wailing and crying?

  5. Keith, please consider that you have time with these nauseating headlines and become used to them. When we at home have “Michelle: Barack is “Awesomely Phenomenal” pop up on a screen and are unprepared for the revulsion, well, how do you clean a keyboard?

    Second thoughts made me reflect that this sounds so phony. These two don’t spend time together as far as I can see, how convinced can I be that she’s sincere? More like a lady has become used to the spotlight and will say anything to prevent its dimming.

    She has a full life ahead of her as a AfAm celeb along the lines of Al Sharpton, so what’s she worried about?

  6. “Those who wield so much power should never get too full of themselves.”

    A point well made. Although in the case of the sitting president, he’s so full of something unmentionable that there’s no room for “himself.”

  7. I bet she divorces his awsome self if he loses in November. She does not strike me as someone who would hang with a loser. Even though she does not grasp that she and he are cut from the same cloth.

    1. He should ask for her clothes in the settlement after all if he hadn’t been
      Prezzy she’d be shopping at WallyWorld. He could have a great garage sale:)

  8. You can wear gaudy expensive clothes and have many personal attendants at taxpayers expense but remember that shiny apples also have worms!

  9. For pete’s sake, the hag wants to come back as Beyonce in her second life! Worse yet, we are paying for her trips all over the country to co-star with Beyonce! This insanity has to end!!!

  10. Who’s Michelle and does she have the toilet paper roll dispense from the top or from underneath? Bet she goes underneath and even cleans Barry so he can stay pure.

  11. “Those who wield so much power should never get too full of themselves.”

    Um, that horse left the barn a long, long time ago with these two.

  12. Obama’s daily schedule clearly shows that he hardly works at all. This is a characteristic of many Americans: merely having to get up in the morning and having to merely show up for work is a difficult chore.

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