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We are Building a Religion

During the Democratic primaries in 2008, I asked a liberal friend of mine whether he was going to support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He thought for a second and casually responded, “Obama.”

I asked him why he would support Obama over Clinton, given that they had basically the same proposals but she had more experience and we knew so much more about her.

His answer, in essence, was: “Obama!”

H/T to one of our readers, Janice, who videoblogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

19 thoughts on “We are Building a Religion”

  1. Keith, did you buy stock in some liquid cleaner producer or a paper towel manufacturer? First the “Awesomely Phenomenal” story and now this? Sales of both products are going through the roof thanks to you!

  2. I must ask. Exactly what prior experience did Hillary Clinton have that qualified her to be president or secretary of state? She was a lawyer, but there are millions of lawyers in the United States, myself included. I would not argue that our legal background alone qualifies us to hold either of these two positions and many of us practice in fields more involved with national and foreign issues than Mrs. Clinton’s legal practice. She had no personal experience in the executive or legislative realms. She had not been a leader on any national issue, other than helping her husbad be elected. What did she do that qualified her to run for president???

    I am not suggesting htat President Obama had any expericence that qualified him to run either. But I do not see how being Firt Lady and meeting/greeting people provides the knowledge, skills or temperment to be president.

    1. Sadly, mo1, she was one of our Senators here in NY for a brief time. That and pillow talk with Slick Willie qualified her to run for President. I do NOT disagree with your comments but, I do think the pillow talk gave her more qualifications than Barry the First.

    2. To answer the question of MrsClinton’s qualifying experience: she lived at the WhiteHouse for eight years and knows her way around the building.

      MrObama’s qualifying experience: he read and wrote some books, and he once lived in a building that was painted white..

      1. And Barry did vacation at a variety of Howard Johnsons although we did just hear about that…….I wonder if he liked the fried clams?

    3. mo1 – Apologies to the others, but I agree completely. Notice I carefully said “more experience” than Obama but didn’t say she had the experience to be president. She simply had more experience than NOTHING.

  3. Back in 2008 the choices we had for president were two Alinskyites (Obama and Clinton) – and a progressive Republican (McCain). Sarah Palin was the only ray of hope for conservatives in that election.

    In 2012 we have a choice between a Marxist with a proven record of failure, and another progressive Republican. Because this election is so pivotal to the future direction of America, and the lesser of the two evils promises to repeal ObamaTAX, I’m going with Romney.

    By the way, Romney gave a speech before the NAACP this morning where he was promptly booed for saying he will repeal ObamaTAX. Did he really expect anything different?

    1. In Houston, Ann Romney could have been beside him naked and they would still have gotten booed. A deck loaded with narrow minds is how I would describe the IGNANTS there. Mayor Porker included.

  4. If the ‘cult’ of Obama “wins” in 2012… It will be, as Levin said; “national suicide” (USA: 1776-2012…)

    I should figure out my own suicide by then.

  5. Kudos, Granny Jan!!! Awesomely phenomenal!

    Looking back, I wonder if there would have been such a cult-like hysteria over a mixed race candidate named Barry Soetoro. It’s all about Obama, the Singular.

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