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Biden Plays the Race Card in Vegas

Vice President Biden this week engaged in some of the most egregious race baiting of the campaign, charging that the policies of Mitt Romney and Republicans with respect to Latinos were the modern equivalent of xenophobic and discriminatory practices of the past.

The clear race baiting, largely ignored by the mainstream press, came during a speech Biden gave to the National Council of La Raza in Las Vegas.

Biden went so far as to suggest a parallel between the Republicans and the 19th-century Know Nothing Party, a sometimes violently anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant movement that flourished briefing in the 1850s:

Then as now, it wasn’t  just those seeking to come who got the brunt of this xenophobia, it was those who had been here for a long time, like my Irish Catholic family. The same kind of backlash – that kind of backlash – is not new in American history.”

Biden indicated that GOP-backed initiatives to counter illegal immigration and to enact voter identification laws were animated by a dislike for Latinos and fear of them because they are “different” and growing in numbers:

You, the Latino community, is the fastest-growing population in America. You now make up 16 percent of the population of the United States of America.

But there are voices among us who fear your inclusion.  But that’s not new in American history. There’s always been a fight between the voices of inclusion and the voices of exclusion. Between those pushing forward and those who continue to try to pull us back.

Between those appealing to our hopes, and those who continue to appeal to our fears. People fear what they don’t know. People fear that that is different to them.

Biden framed support for Obama’s immigration policies as a rejection of discrimination and intolerance against Hispanics, saying those who agreed with a recent Obama executive order allowing the children of illegal immigrants to remain in the country were responding to “the better angels of the American people.”

Biden lumped in what he termed “attempts at voter suppression” – the voter ID laws – with early education, Pell Grants and affordable health care as issues where Republican policies were menacing toward Hispanics.

Biden’s attempt to stoke racial fires comes even amid a boomlet of support for Obama from Hispanics in the wake of his executive order.

A Wall Street Journal poll released late last month found that the number of Hispanics with a “very positive” view of Obama leapt by ten percentage points to 41 percent, and that Obama now has a lead among Latinos over Mitt Romney of 66 percent to 26 percent.

60 thoughts on “Biden Plays the Race Card in Vegas”

  1. Other than Obama is there a person with two brain cells that can look and listen to Biden and ask is this the man you want a heartbeat away from the
    Presidency? Perhaps there’s a point to let folks know you get Biden again if
    you vote for Obama. Do you really want tose two sending us backward to fight
    another race war? Obama and Biden are not good for America.

    1. Biden could have been the Presidential candidate of the “Know Nothing Party”. Each time he opens his mouth, he defies belief. He speaks to the NAACP Thursday. Can’t wait for those clips!

      1. Gosh, going back to past dem libtard speakers like Gore and Hillary who put on their black preacher or oppressed woman voices, wonder what Joey is going to sound like? All the good stereotypes have been used. But Joey being Joey, I have no doubt he’ll come up with something appropriate that is pandering, demeaning…even though the audience and media probably will not notice.

      2. joe biden. the male nancy pelosi. there is no more vile, divisive, race/class baiting weasel anywhere. of course, the MSM does it’s usual bury-the-hachet job, and no one hears the story. this country is so f’ed, and above all the feckless liberal media is to blame. journalism in the US is a vile embarrassment….

    2. Please, Joey—keep playing that race card. You are just going to reduce your karma come November when you finally realize that it has long since expired. Because you dwell in an elitist bubble, you may also be unaware that a silver lining from our current ruling despot is that the foul contagion of the “White Liberal Guilt Trip” is dying out.
      That’s a “fundamental transformation” we can live with!

  2. “But there are voices among us who fear your inclusion.”

    I personally fear the desire of latinos to NOT be included. Their wish to introduce a foreign language into our culture instead of learning English and their success at putting this idea into place because businesses fear the race card and crave any additional sales that can be gotten from the “growing group” who just doesn’t care to learn the language of their new homeland is what makes me view them with suspicion and dislike.

    Am I racist, Joe? Or am I person who knows that the members of a society must use one language in the main stream of daily life?

    1. I recall a time growing up in the Bronx, NY when a friend of mine, an Italian-American kid, had us at his house. He said something in Italian to his mother and his father slapped him in the face. “You’re in America! Speak English!” said the father, in halting, broken English but he was proud he could say what he did.

    2. The young woman who cleans my house every other week is originally from Costa Rica and is here in the US legally, She’s very proud of her status as well as her good English. She is a Latina, but doesn’t consider herself to be of a different “race” from me (my heritage is Norwegian). WTF is up with the democRATS and this “race” crap regarding so-called “brown” people? My husband (of German heritage) is browner than our Costa Rican cleaning woman. In fact, every summer he’s browner than Obummer. Even with my Norwegian background, I could get a summertime tan making ME as dark skinned as Obummer

      Again, WTF is up with Joe Bite Me?!? He’s the stupidest man to ever hold any office…I think his brain aneurysms and subsequent surgery have left him impaired. I’ve had the same medical problem and am not unsympathetic to the after effects, but I don’t want a VP who’s so impaired that it’s obvious.

      1. That’s a very good point. My wife was a social worker and always said she has always been white and never considered herself a “minority” or of another race, yet the young women she worked with considered themselves “not white.”

        Democrats are good at labeling groups and ascribing traits to all the members of the group. Republicans recognize individuals, not groups.

  3. It’s sad to see where Joe Biden has allowed himself to go in the service of, not America, but Barack Obama and the extreme left.

  4. In front of LA RAZA (“The Race” -no problem there) VP HairPlugs actually anecdotally relayed wonder at how his parents were able to do ‘it’ in a house full of close and distant relatives because as everybody knows, Hispanics have a house full of Hispanics!!! I expected him to say they all got in the same car to go to the store too.

    -or euphemisticly refer to marital relations as the “mexican hat dance”.

    He’s a chimp and BHO is Cleopatra.

  5. Joe Obiteme hides behind his “middle class roots”. He has media cover for being the crazy uncle. I know Joe Biden and Ted the swimmer (RIP) from the Clarence Thomas hearings. Despicable statements and behavior from both of those despicable men…. Obiteme is detestable and has lived on goverment largesse his entire working life. Someone please tell me, how a public servant can have such a low or minus net worth after working for the government for over 30 years …. The preeeeezie´s first executive decision was to choose Obitemen as his running mate …. He is not a crazy uncle. He is deranged.

  6. Is this the same conference where Biden talked about how he grew up in a home where the walls were so thin he wondered how his parents “did it”? He has some stereotypical idea that minorities live in tenements and breed like rabbits. Unfortunately, the idiots in the audience, who believe they are owed something in life, have absolutely no clue he is insulting them as they clap and laugh like trained seals.

    RickW mentioned the NAACP conference tomorrow. Biden will be addressing the group instead of Obama, who evidently is too busy to talk to “his people”. It’ll be interesting to see how big a fool Biden makes of himself. I’m sure the NAACP won’t even notice that Romney has more courage than their hero. At least he looked them in the eye and told them how he plans to turn the country around, despite their negative reaction. President Kardashian is taking them for granted by sending his stooge to do his bidding. He doesn’t even have the guts to face them.

      1. Exactly right, Susan. Damned if he did or didn’t so make a respectful appearance, tell ’em what they needed to hear 40 years ago, don’t apologize for telling them and if they still don’t get it, they have defined “insanity”.

  7. Call this xenophobic if you choose ( and call me on FLAMING if you choose ) butt I rather doubt anyone who is not a native speaker of English even knows what xenophobia is….just sayin”
    ( waiting for keith to bang me for being a flamer )

  8. Here I sit, the grandchild of White European immigrants, a parent, a grandparent, a great-grandparent who worked hard, paid my taxes, and obeyed the law, but because I object to foriegn nationals sneaking into my country illegally, my President and his minions call me a racist.
    Because I want my government to follow the constitution that created this great country, certain members of my government call me a terrorist and a danger to democracy.
    I’m tired of it all.

    MrRomney speaks before an audience of NAACP members and the press calls him courageous as if he was addressing a coven of the Taliban.
    He’s White, they’re not, so the meme is that they won’t vote for someone with White skin if a Black man is running on the same ballot.
    That’s racism. In fact, it’s the very definition of racism.
    And, I’m tired of it, too.

    If the people of Spanish heritage want to consider them a new racial group instead of what they really are, then, good luck. If they choose not to learn to speak English, then, lots of luck getting a good job, or attending college, or running for public office.

    1. You bring up a lot of good points as usual, srdem. And is it not racist that Obama assumes every illegal in this country is hispanic? I recall reading that we have others sneaking in, people from China, middle east, etc.

    2. “If the people of Spanish heritage … choose not to learn to speak English, then, lots of luck getting a good job, or attending college, or running for public office.”

      The problem is these people create the need for bilingual speakers on jobs in fields that deal with latinos. And the necessity of speaking two languages in order to work means Spanish is established beyond eradication.

    3. I actually saw a tv program the other day in which a reporter enthusiastically reported that Asians were becoming more active politically as a racial group and bemoaning that unlike latinos, Asians spoke several different languages and couldn’t segregate themselves into a single group as easily as the latinos have done.

    4. Great points, srdem. This is the lowest form of politics. I can’t believe the press isn’t taking note.

      Okay, I can believe it.

      I’m reading a book right now on the origins of the financial crises. This was EXACTLY the problem: “What? You don’t want to ease terms for loans for minorities and others who can’t afford them and don’t qualify? Are you against giving a piece of the American Dream to people who are different than you?”

      And now, those who signed up for subprime mortgages are living the American Nightmare in Foreclosure Hell.

  9. I sometimes wonder if Obama’s strategy was to pick Biden as VP, for insurance purposes. Nobody would want Biden as Preezy, hence nobody would impeach Obama… just saying…

  10. Biden is a disgrace to the human populous. I have more than had enough of these assholes who call themselves leaders being stupid, self-centered, and divisive. Watch out Dumbocrats, your time has come. Stupid, stupid Neanderthals.

  11. “And now, those who signed up for subprime mortgages are living the American Nightmare in Foreclosure Hell.”

    And those of who invested wisely years ago – expecting the averagel 3% annual rise in property values – have seen much of our appreciation wiped out! Adding insult to injury is the fact that most of our property taxes here in Kalifornia are going toward educating and medicating the very people who broke our immigration laws! Everything went downhill in the early 90’s when Prop 187 was passed and then overturned by a liberal 9th Circuit Court judge – giving illegals the right to a free education, The floodgates were opened.

    Fast forward to 2012. We are in a state of lawlessness. We have an illegitimate Preezy who openly advocates for law breakers – bestowing a back-door amnesty for every illegal under 30 providing they can meet certain ‘requirements’ (easily forged), sues sovereign states of FLA and AZ, closes down 9 Border Patrol stations, hog-ties our border agents, and tells hispanics to ‘punish their enemies’ at the voting booth’!

    One question…why does this guy still have a job???

  12. and wheres the “media” on this? (then again the arrogant liberal air-heads who read the news in today’s media are too stoopid to know what the “Know-Nothing Party” was…)

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  14. Biden only reads the speeches as best he can. He doesn’t write them. He apparently has no thought process, and since his aneurism has developed a sort of mini-Tourettes syndrome where he just blurts out whatever pablum appeals to him.

    He’s a lifer pol from a tiny state with one pathetic town masquerading as a capital that was totally ignored until it started allowing banks to charge high credit card interest and protecting corporate managements from takeovers.

    Joey issued one of the most appallingly racist statements about Obama ever made (the one where he thought Barack was “a dream” because he was “clean and articulate”), yet he was the best Barack’s people could do for a VP because? What? He was white and had been around DC and a woman was out because the Hillary people would have gone stark, raving estrogen mad at the convention if Obama had gone all chromosome on them.

    Biden is such a joke that Osama seriously thought that an assassination of Obama would spin the West into chaos with Joey in charge. Quite a judgment, even if by a psychotic mass murderer. Our VP is so clearly incompetent that meglomaniac religious fanatics hiding in caves on the other side of the world view him as a useful idiot. You can’t make this stuff up.

  15. Mr. Biden is there strictly as the best life insurance policy Mr. Obama could possibly have. He has been a national joke for 30 – 35? – years. He was a doofus back when I subscribed to Time/Newsweek/USNews, and that was a long, long time ago.

  16. Dear Hispanics,

    Take a long look at the economic and living conditions of blacks in the U.S. This is your future as envisioned by Democratic policies!

    Servitude, poverty, higher crime (murder), single parent, multiple father families.


  17. I doubt that there has been any administration in history that has been as divisive as the current one. Four years ago, sure there was some racism but for the most part, I never saw it have a real effect other than some individual being picked on for being an xxxxx which was just an excuse as no good reason could be verbalized. And there will always be the insecure who look to gain stature by knocking some group. Now, groups are being created to get knocked.
    Now, we have real racial and ethnic prejudice being fostered by the “leadership”. Differences are being rubbed in our faces and groups are either supposed to feel guilty or picked on.

  18. Here’s one — Obama wants to make the “minority” people his slaves. They will be forced to depend on him for food and housing as lord forbid, they should be free to start a business, succeed and become one of “them”.

  19. Democrat Vice President Biden plays the race card.

    Now there’s a “Dog bites man” headline if ever there was one.

  20. Biden really should push that — Live is great as a slave (or prisoner): Free housing, free food and free medical. Of course if you want more — watch out, you may become one of “Them” and remember the sad tale of Herman Cain who made it.

  21. Did Joe Biden give credit to President Lincoln for his “better angels” phrase, or did his speech writers simply plagiarize it? See the last sentence of President Lincoln’s first inaugural address, March 4, 1861. “The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

  22. In the spirit of full disclosure, let me state that I am an American woman who happens to be of Hispanic heritage — the first of my legal immigrant family born in America. My mother worked service jobs like crazy to give me and my family a decent shot. La Raza does not represent me and never has represented me. I’ve been to some of their functions in the past — in Las Vegas — and I was insulted by their Mexico-centric, anti-American attitudes. The racism was all one way — directed at anyone not of la raza…. Anyway, I am so sick of a racist Democratic party playing up stereotypes and lumping all Hispanics together. Joe Biden is a deplorable, divisive character and his continued presence in the Naval Observatory is an insult to the American people, no matter the color of our hair, the language of our mothers or how much pigment we may or may not have in our skin. Romney represents America, not some hyphenated, divided, pandering and oppressing Democratic view of Amerika.

    1. Also am Hispanic and I second this comment. La Raza can’t possibly represent all Hispanics since they are so Mex-centric. They are inherently left since it is an identity movement that seeks to establish an intellectual ghetto for Hispanics – something that suits the left just fine. Attach another minority group to the gov’t’s teet.

  23. I don’t fear Hispanics’ “inclusion” in the US, I fear Hispanics’ self-imposed exclusion and the Democrats’ pandering to racial blocs with promises of special treatment for political loyalty. Take a look at the Balkans or modern Lebanon to see where that road leads. Mr. Biden is only worried about the next election not the possible fate of the country as it degrades and devoloves into a disparate collection of interest groups based on race and ethnicity, competing for the government’s largess..

  24. I have been a Republican all my life, even before I could vote. As a child I literally cried when Carter beat Ford. I have never identified myself as such but I am also of Hispanic origin – second generation. While I believe voter ID laws are necessary I am disenchanted by the GOP’s other moves. I had a regular middle class life; parents had a home in the burbs, two cars, parochial school the whole deal. That being said, I am brown and whenever I rode my bike through an affluent neighborhood to a friend’s house the cops would follow or stop me to question my intentions. I got so used to be being tailed by security at the mall that I knew some of them by name. Which is why I am disgusted that a faux conservative such as Mitt Romney, unable to show off his conservative credentials from his record as governor, staked his nomination run by invoking his support for Arizona type laws. I don’t support illegal immigration but let’s be honest, who is going to be asked for papers? My blue eyed, blonde haired cousins or myself? You say I shouldn’t fret because I’ll be ok since I have nothing to hide and I say screw you – why the hell should I be pulled over. I got pulled over enough as a teen for “looking suspicious.” I don’t agree with a thing Obama has done so I can’t vote for him but I’ll be damned if I will vote for Romney.

  25. Democrats playing the race card towards Latinos, a group they have failed? Who would have known it! Democrats are like little kids, their act grows old real fast. Romney 2012!

  26. Nice try Biden, but I’m a Republican and so are my Hispanic wife and kids. Much of our social circle is Latino. I have no problems with people of any race or ethnicity, but is it too much to ask them to enter our country legally?

    Why do Democrats always equate enforcing laws with racism?

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